Dearly Beloved collection in Caverns of Endless Songs..

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tatanka, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. Tatanka Augur

    This is the collection which is supposed to be on land, near sirens, pirates and undead. When I did this on my main a couple years ago, I was able to find them in various parts of the zone. Returning now, with two alts, I have yet to find a spawn in 4 nights of playing there. I find plenty from the other set, which spawns in the water, but not one single spawn for this set.

    I know for some zones, there were collection spawns which were semi-hidden, or just plain hard to find, and that over time, a bunch would all spawn at that spot until somebody cleared them out. Does anyone know where such a spot might exist for this zone?
  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    It's been a very long time, but I'm reasonably sure that's the set I got mostly in the rooms you have swim up into with some furniture or something, and little ponds of water in them (small, round rooms with zombies? or something).
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  3. birdsong_pawn Augur

    Agree, one of the sets tends to accumulate up in those two rooms. Be careful because there is always one see-invis mob that walks past the top of the tube where you swim up.
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  4. Tatanka Augur

    OK, that room doesn't sound familiar, so I guess I haven't found it yet. Hope there's lot of collectibles in there when I finally find it :)

    EDIT: Just saw this map of the zone:

    I was just in the water under those three rooms last night, collecting the fire coral, and didn't even see that there were rooms above if I swam up! (N, P and Q on that map)
  5. birdsong_pawn Augur

    Yeah, it's those rooms (three, not two). Do be careful because you are almost guaranteed to aggro a bunch of mobs when you hop up there.
  6. Tatanka Augur

    Got up there last night. No collects in two of the rooms, but 6 in the third one. After that, found a few others (finally) in other parts of the zone.

    Thanks, all :)
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