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    After debating on an off for a couple weeks, I've decided that my 97 BeastLord will be my main moving forward, with a pocket druid box.

    My question is for the experienced BST. What is your rotation? What AA's are you using the most, and I need to make sure I have on the hotbar? What skills are you using in every fight? Is there an item or peace of gear that I REALLY must own? Basically, what do I need to know and focus on when maining my BST?

    When I grind by myself, I typically pull with slow, let pet tank, with a cleric merc, and druid just adds a little dps and an occasional patch heal. I know I need to stay current with the EM gear, and I plan to have my epics finished soon (more for the ornaments than anything). Just looking for any tips I need to really be good.
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    Make sure and block the rune portion of the Adrenaline Rush line of heals for your pet, it will overwrite his defensive stance and then as a rune does, immediately fade ;)
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    Probably should put this in the hybrid forums to get the best results.
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    This answer is for all newbish toons. Open your discs. Sort by re use timer. Now look at the highest lvl discs that are on seperate timers. The individual discs of each timer group that dont conflict with each other are your disc line up.
    You will have short disc line up and a long refresh line up. The long refresh line up are your burns.
    Now do the same thing with you AA.
    Pretty much use all the stuff on seperate timers as often as they refresh. As long as they dont conflict. For a bstlrd this means you dont use one that causes agro and one that wipes agro. They are usually block each other with timer groups but discs and AA will not do that.
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    Send Mazame on Xegony and in game email and I will send you something next time I am on.
  6. Mazame Augur

    It not that simple for Beastlords. the quick example is Focus Claw has not been upgraded in a very long time and is used more often then the AE claw that is upgraded each year.

    As for a short disc line up and a long disc line up doesn't work either. For a Bst you need to look more into what disc stack and what disc not to stack Many of our disc can be hit at once doesn't mean it effective. and you also have more then short and log. you have your mash key disc. your short burn, your long burn and then you have filler disc that you use in between your burns to give you the most up time on your disc.

    Spells you have dots and nuke. based on the burn your using you cast line up changes.
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  8. Sycloness New Member

    Beastlord Guide: Updated 11/02/2021 I did this write up for new Beastlords that were raiding with my guild. I have not updated it for ToL, but gives you a good roadmap.

    Spell Set:
    1. Vkjen's Maelstrom (115)
    2. Bloodmaw's Bite (113)
    3. Frozen Malignance (113)
    4. Frostbite Lance (107)
    5. Restless Lance (112)
    6. Endaroky's Chill (112)
    7. Neemzaq's Endemic (112)
    8. Ikatiar's Blood (111)
    9. Griklor's Feralgai (115)
    10. Composite Fury (progression spell)
    11. Sympathetic Warder (113)
    12. Shared Merciless Ferocity (100)
    13. Venomous Coalition (113)

    Spam Skills:
    Round Kick Skill to proc Feral Swipe AA (3000 kick damage)
    Dragon Punch Skill to proc Gorilla Smash (Base damage 150, reduce hate 5000, and stun 118 or lower targets for 1 second)
    Tiger Claw Skill to proc Raven's Claw (150 base damage, reduce hate 5000, and debuff target atk by 250)
    Eagle Strike Skill to proc Bite of the Asp (reduce hate 5000, 10000 damage every 6 seconds for 12 seconds)
    Batter 114 (triggers Primalist's Synergy, which all group members in 100 feet increase melee attacks by 14,400 for 20 attacks)
    Chameleon Strike AA (reduce hatred 7500)
    Roar of Thunder AA (40,000 damage, reduce hate 130000, reduce str, dex, agi of the target by 300)
    Bestail Evulsing 96 (Increase melee damage for you and pet)
    Focused Clamor of Claws 98 (Strikes a single target with a flurry of attacks)

    Auto set combat skills:
    Round Kick, Dragon Punch, Tiger Claw, Eagle Strike

    Spam Spells:
    Vkjen's Maelstrom (115)
    Bloodmaw's Bite (113)
    Frozen Malignance (113)
    Frostbite Lance (107)
    Restless Lance (112)

    Maintain Spells:
    Endaroky's Chill (112)
    Neemzaq's Endemic (112)
    Ikatiar's Blood (111)

    Swarm Pets:
    Griklor's Feralgai (115) (This spell combines Bay of the moon and Growl of the lioness into one cast)

    Glyph of Destruction
    Ruaabri's Fury 98 (Imbues group with damage mitigation, weapon speed, + furry attacks)20m refresh
    Frenzied Swipes AA (Reduce time of kick by 4 seconds)
    Ferociousness AA (+250% accuracy, 120% base damage, min damage +100)15m refresh
    Savage Rancor 104 (Increase you and your pet melee damage)36s refresh
    Bestial Savage 106 (min damage +158, + hit chance 40, 75% accuracy, applies to pet)30s refresh
    Spirit frenzy AA (100% increase to melee speed, +650 attack, reduce weapon delay by 65%)12m refresh
    Spire Savage Lord AA (Increase min melee damage by 62, adds to all group memebers)8m refresh
    reflexive Rending 100 (Attack that grants 10505 end to group members) 10m refresh
    Bloodlust AA (100% weapon procs)12m refresh
    Bestial Alignment/group BA AA (+300% melee damage)12m refresh
    Attack of the Warders AA (Summon 3 pets to attack)10m refresh
    Ikatiar's Vidication 115 (Dot casts add 30% chance for melee attacks) 8m refresh

    Beastie Hot Keys:

    Melee spam key
    /disc bestial evulsing
    /disc batter
    /alt act 11080 (Chameleon Strike)
    /alt act 362 (Roar of Thunder)
    /disc Focused Clamor of Claws

    Spell spam key
    Click alt o (options), click keys, click drop down to spell casting, then set your 5 DD spells (gem 1-5) to the same button. Then when that button is pressed EQ will cast 1 of the 5 DD spells. You can press it until all 5 gems are grayed out and awaiting refresh.

    Burn 1 self
    /alt activate 981 (Attack of the Warders)
    /alt activate 245 (Bestial Alignment - self)
    /alt activate 443 (Bestial Bloodrage - Pet Burn)
    /alt activate 241 (Bloodlust - self)
    /alt activate 1240 (Frenzied Swipes - self)

    Burn 2 self
    /alt activate 127 (Frenzy of Spirit - self)
    /disc Savage Rage (self - pet)
    /disc Beastial Savagery (self - pet)
    /disc Savage Rancor (self - pet)
    /disc Ikatiar's Vidication (Dot casts add 30% chance for melee attacks)

    Burn 3 grp
    /alt actvate 985 (Group Bestial Alignment)
    /disc Ruaabri's Fury (grp)
    /alt activate 1430 (Spire of the Savage Lord - grp)

    Self mana key
    /target (your name)
    /alt activation 1239 (Consumption of Spirit)
    /alt activation 3817 (Focused Paragon of Spirits)

    MGB Paragon
    /alt act 35
    /alt act 128
    /rs INC MGB Paragon Focused Paragon of Spirits

    Click dots to maintain them on mob (Endaroky's Chill 112), (Neemzaq's Endemic 112), and Ikatiar's Blood 111), Griklor's Feralgai - 115, melee spam, spell spam, then start over when dots wear off...

    Break Rotation for:
    1. Melee in your group needing endurance use reflexive Rending
    2. Your turn to apply Venomous Coalition (113)
    3. Apply Composite Fury Gives group HP,mana,endurance and increases your hastes and damage
    4. Your turn to use MGB Paragon
    5. You need mana and use Focused Paragon of Spirits or Consumption of Spirit
    6. Burn called and need to click your Burn keys

    Raid Tips:

    Do not waste a cast on slow unless you are told you are on slow duty, which more than likely never will happen.

    Focus Paragon Use:
    Used extended target window and add the main tanks to the bottom slots of it. I also add a few key clerics/casters just above the tanks. Then when you see they die and just after getting a rez you can use Focus Paragon on them for end/mana regen.

    Group Paragon:
    We never set up a MGB rotation. But what I do is use it when a few ore more casters have died. Or on progression fights we are learning I pair it with a cleric's MGB Heal over Time so you have both of them on everyone in the raid.

    Raid combat buffing:
    Use your already set up main tanks and target them and click Grp fero on them after they are rezed. Then do the same for casters/healers but with the mana regen buffs instead

    Rank 3 spells and where to get them for the beastie:
    96-100 Rain of Fear Raids
    Skill needing upgraded - Bestail Evulsing (96) need Minor Terrormote
    Skill needing upgraded - Focused Clamor of Claws 98 need Median Terrormote
    Skill needing upgraded - Shared Merciless Ferocity (100) need Glowing Terrormote
    101-105 The Broken Mirror
    Skill needing upgraded - Savage Rancor (104) need Greater Essence of Decay
    106-110 Ring of Scale
    Skill needing upgraded - Bestial Savage (106)
    Skill needing upgraded - Frostbite Lance (107)
    111-115 Torment of Velious or Calws of Veeshan
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  10. Szilent Augur

    only one strike attack and one kick attack can be autoskilled.

    /autoskill Round Kick
    /autoskill Tiger Claw -or- Dragon Punch (have to choose one or the other)
    do not autoskill Eagle on raids, the dot it makes is bottom of the barrel dps

    Bestial Evulsing has been wholly replaced by the Bestial Savagery you call out later - it has since been upgraded again to Bestial Fierceness.

    Roar of Thunder is is a huge raid nerf - it blocks every necromancer from using their Grip dot for 6 *million* damage per spell cast.

    the AE claws not only gets incidental damage added to nearby targets, it has four hits instead of three even on one target, and higher hits as well. it should be the default unless there's a specific reason not to use it.
    the technique you describe for spell casting should be used for all of the spam skills, not just the spells.

    Bestial Evulsing is obsolete, as observed above. Bestial SavageryFierceness should be in its place.

    If the skills are lined up on a keybind, instead of buried in a social button, it is trivial to swap in the substantially worse Focused Clamor for those times when the superior Eruption of Claws isn't good.

    Frenzy of Spirit goes with the the main burn.

    Ikatiar's Vindication goes with the main burn (really it should be clicked on-cooldown, but most burns should…)

    Savage Rage and Savage Rancor are on the same disc timer. Savage Rancor is the plain upgrade to Savage Rage.

    Bestial SavageryFierceness is already in the spam button.

    Ruaabri's Fury does not go with shabby 4th-string group burns. It is a crucial part of melee group synergistic burns. When the main burn fires, it should be along with the rest of one's melee group burning. For their burns, the beastlord should run a sequence of CompositeFury into Ruaabri'sRury into CompositeFury into ForceRejuvAA-CompositeFury again. That's a full two minutes of reduced weapon delay for the group along with Flurry boost for the bst (and the group).

    Spire of the Savage Lord's group damage add is junky. Activate on-cooldown for pet procs.

    Consumption is 3 minute reuse; it does not require targeting.
    Focused Paragon is < 1.5 minute reuse
    social-ing these together conceals their availability.
    do not recommend.

    Paragon of Spirits should be on its own button, to pair with Tranquil Blessings near the beginning of battles for mass regen without wasting Mass Group Buff cooldown.

    the primary use of Focused Paragon is on the beastlord themselves, on cooldown. If the beastlord is not starving for mana, the beastlord is not casting as a beastlord should.

    secondarily, if the beastlord is bad and so doesn't need the mana desperately themselves, Focused Paragon could be used on a Ranger, Druid, or Necromancer whose skill at "casting their spells" is high above the beastlord's.

    tertiarily, Focused Paragon could be used on a cle that is on their fourth death but is mysteriously not expected to just take a fifth death immediately(?)

    somewhere below all that is ever using Focused Paragon on a tank.

    Bestial Evulsing is multiple times obsolete

    Ruaabri's Fury requires a Median Terrormote

    Focused Clamor of Claws is a Call of the Forsaken ability, two Captured Essence of Ethernere are needed from CotF tier 1 & 2 raids
  11. Roxas MM Augur

    i'd like to add, remove that last years nuke, it's lower dps then your melee dps.
    On burns, all you do is spam your poison dot while vindication is going for max nuke dps, even touching a nuke will lower your dps.
    in short, hit main burns, load up all 3 dots asap, and then just spam poison on cooldown. it will eat you mana, but it max your deeps. also, why use composite fury? it costs more mana and can fizzle, while the good old dycho fury never fizzles and still gives the same wanted effect, the 100hands, that's all why you are casting it, the rest is just fluff.
    make also sure you have a gina going with your fellow beastlords in raids for alliance, so you dont cast over someone elses, since they overwrite eachother. last if you have a bard in group, he must use quicktime as well on burn and then, only then, you can use maelstrom mixed in with poison nuke spam on burns ( since quicktime will make our nukes and dycho fury instant cast as well ).
    and of course, when burning, use a 2H with an extra proc augment ( so you get max effect from vindication ( 30% chance to get an extra hit ) and bloodlust ( more procs ftw ).
    also dont forget to eyeball closely your aggro meter, and be ready to FD/fade, spamming dots brings a bit more aggro then you think.
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  12. Derd Augur

    /me Grabbing popcorn, love a good beastlord
  13. Iribabh Augur

    Szilent already covered a lot of the guide corrections so I'll leave that be.

    On topic of the strikes (Dragon Punch/Tail Rake, Eagle Strike, Tiger Claw):

    Szilent is correct. Do not use Eagle Strike...really ever. In raid it wastes one debuff slot per beast. In group, at best its like...2k dps, at worst it's an accidental dot that keeps your bard/chanter from mezzing when things go sideways.

    As far as which to use during raids, that's kind of up for discussion. Tiger Claw procs Raven's Claw which is the 3rd? best ATK debuff you can put on a mob and each BST's proc overwrites the other. Unless your raid force leader is asking you to not use it, it's likely the one to use. The damage from all 3 are super negligible.

    There's also a niche case where using ANY of those strikes is a dps loss. When your ranger (our raid leaders give us all rangers, right?) hits Scarlet Cheetah, you should disable all strikes and only have kicks on for the 25 hits that Cheetah lasts.
  14. Alnitak Augur

    Eagle Strike is essential in a group game ... with a second beastlord in the group. Reason - it counts toward Coalition trigger. It's mana free (can be substituted by Endemic at 12K mana per 90 sec, which is equivalent to 130 mana/sec regeneration), and contributes to 105K dps boost per each beastlord.
    In other words - Coalition should be used for it's dps and Eagle Strike should be used for its 0 mana cost (instead of Endemic).
    If you use Tiger Claw instead you must cast Endemic at about 130 mana/sec cost.

    I typically spend 70% of my time in the group with 2 beastlords, so Eagle Strike rules for me.
  15. Iribabh Augur

    You don't need endemic with 2 beastlords and Bite of the Asp does not count towards coalition btw. Both beastlords should be using both poison and cold dots, and our coalition only takes 4 hits to trigger.

    This is why Bite does not count. I put it in red bold. Bite is a level 254 spell. Coalition only works on spells up to level 120.

    [53849/16172] Bite of the Asp XXXI
    Classes: BST/254
    Skill: Eagle Strike
    Target: Single
    Range: 100'
    Resist: Physical -195
    Reflectable: No
    Trigger Spell DS: No
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 12s+ (2 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
    Hate: -8000
    1: Decrease Current HP by 13000 per tick
    Text: You are bitten by an asp!
    Reduces the target's hatred for the caster by 8000 points then deals 13000 damage every 6 seconds.

    [61600/2853] Venomous Coalition Rk. III
    Classes: BST/113
    Skill: Alteration
    Mana: 16717
    Target: Single
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Magic -10
    Reflectable: No
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0.5s, Recast: 60s, Timer: 21, Rest: 1.5s
    Duration: 18s+ (3 ticks) Song, Dispelable: Yes
    Max Hits: 4 Matching Spells
    1: Increase Spell Damage Taken by 52977 (v484, After Crit)
    2: Limit Target: Single
    3: Limit Effect: Current HP
    4: Limit Type: Detrimental
    5: Limit Min Level: 106
    6: Limit Max Level: 120 (lose 100% per level)
    7: Limit Min Duration: 18s
    8: Limit Min Mana Cost: 10
    9: Limit Effect: Current HP less than -3650
    10: Limit Caster Class: BST
    11: Limit Caster: Exclude Self
    12: Cast: Venomous Resolution III Caza if Max Hits Used
    Text: You are targeted by a venomous covenant.
    Forms a venomous covenant over your target, adding 52977 damage to other Beastlord Damage-over-Time spells (levels 106 to 120 that deal at least 3650 damage) that land on that target for up to 18 seconds.
    If 4 spells land in that time, it will trigger Venomous Resolution III Caza, dealing 3123017 damage to the target!
  16. Szilent Augur

    (also the mana cost req)
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  17. Shortina New Member

    Curious the difference you would use solo/group and AA priorities, post the auto grant of course?
  18. Mazame Augur

    Beastlord Guide: Updated 04/25/2022

    Spell Set: Please note I have the Chill Dot listed for the current and the 106 verision I am aware they no not stack. Nukes are listed in the order I cast them.
    1. Composite Fury
    2. Frozen Blight
    3. Va Xakra's Maelstrom
    4. Crystalline Lance
    5. Zelniak's Bite
    6. Polar Roar
    7. Ander's Feralgia
    8. Blood
    9. Chill
    10. Endemic
    11. Ekron's Chill (106) When Spaming Dots for Vidication your not after the Damage as much as you are after the extra attacks . Using 106 spell will still trigger Coalition but use less mana.
    This means you will have more mana to use Vidication more often. The small drop in damage is by farm made up for in the long run.
    12. Shared Merciless Ferocity (100)
    13. Venomous Coalition

    Auto set combat skills:
    Round Kick, Dragon Punch, Tiger Claw, Eagle Strike
    Only one strike attack and one kick attack can be autoskilled at a time.
    You can how ever make 3 hot key to switch between them. When soloing I will do this to put the Dot / Debuff on the mob then switch to stun
    On raids it it depends on your raid make up some time the debuff / dot are unwanted because the take a slot that another class can use to do more DPS. In this case the Stun is the default.

    Glyoh of Arcane Secerets This is my #1 glyph for most all fights the Mana from this will = more DPS over the legnth of the fight
    Glyph of Destruction use only short fights.
    Glyph of Dragon I use this one on event that are AE heavy or when we are do cheese that I know more Damage is going to be inc.
    If your healer can keep you up then Dragon should not be used.

    Burn: have a trigger that let you know when Epics are cast.
    Once you receive FE, Quicktime, and Shaman epic, hit the following:
    1. Bestial Alignment, Spire, Vindication, Frenzy of Spirit, Bloodlust, Bestial Bloodrage, Frenzied Swipes. Use your 2hb for this burn. Hit Dicho for your group.
    When Dicho fades, hit Ruaabri's Fury. When Ruuabri's Fury fades, hit Dicho again so your group gets an entire minute and 24s or the HHE.
    2. When Bestial Alignment fades, hit Savage Rancor. This will fill the entire 2m duration of Frenzy of Spirit with some kind of big hit modifier.
    3. When Savage and Spirit Frenzy fade, swap to one handed weapons and cast feralgia to get the hit modifier.

    When epic are cast again
    1. hit Ferociousness.

    On third set of epics,
    1. hit Group Bestial Alignment.

    * Keep Growl buff on in between any of these buffs, otherwise don't cast it.

    Once refreshed wait for epics and hit.
    Vidication (if done right you can use Vidication 3+ times on most events.)
    When using Vidication make sure to use your 2hander and spam only your poison or cold dot and your Melee spam.

    Filler burns (these can be used as needed)
    Attack of the Warders
    Empathic Fury ( you will need the BP that lowers the reuse time. )
    In place of Savage Rancor you can use Empathic fury it is less damage but with the BP you can use it more often. So it becomes more DPS in the long run.
    You will still want to use in the last 10 min of the event as EF will not refresh before the events over and so you will get more DPS using it at the end.

    Beastie Hot Keys:
    I have my hot bars I use for my spam key set up on page 1 with my AE line up and page 2 with my single target line up. This way I can swap from Focus of claws to AE claws simply by turning the page on the hot bar.

    Melee spam key
    Eruption of claws / Focus of claw (based if AE is not an option.)
    Clobber (triggers Primalist's Synergy) keep it on CD
    Bestial Fierceness
    Roar of Thunder
    Roaring Strike More DPS then Chameleon Strike (when your spaming Dots your building hate anyways so might as well use this and just control your hate with FD)

    Spell spam key
    Click alt o (options), click keys, click drop down to spell casting, then set your 4 DD spells to the same button. Then when that button is pressed EQ will cast in order from top down.

    Click dots to maintain them on mob all mobs
    Blood (poison)
    Chill (cold)
    Endemic (Disease)
    Spam melee and nukes when Vidication is not running / Refresh dots as needed
    When Vidication is running spam you melee and low level chill dot only

    Raid Tips:

    Do not waste a cast on slow unless you are told to for bane on events that require it. (Sham have the best show followed by chanter so you should not be slowing as a focus)

    Focus Paragon Use:
    Use Focus paragon every time it up on your self unless you get a tell from a healer that is low.
    You will be blowing you mana on your burns and will need to keep your self as full as possiable.

    Group Paragon:
    Make a hot key that cast paragon and / tells the raid you are casting it " Paragon Inc" This is to let people know they can dump mana if they are close to full. It also let other Bst know not to cast it.
    You will want to set up and order if you have multi bst or just be aware when other are casting.
    With TB you will want to use it sooner in the fight vs latter for two reason. 1st to start your CD so you can use MGB. 2nd most people Burn at the start of an event. Having Mana regen and HP regen keeps them going longer
    With 3 Bst using TB in a row followed by MGB when it comes back up you will keep it running for most of any event.

    Raid combat buffing:
    TB Fero before an event that gives you 25 min you should not need to refrsh it mid event just focus on DPS.
    SE should be buffed before the event and most the time is not worth it to refresh mid event.
    Yes people die on events but your buffs are slow and come at a loss of DPS for most event the loss to your dps and ADPS for your group is not worth the time or effort to rebuff mid event.
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  20. strongbus Augur

    couple questions

    1, is there a big difference in dps having spells and melee disc on different spam keys or can they be linked together?

    2 I am the only bst we have that raids. so Venomous Coalition is not even worth me casting. anything else i can use in stead?