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  1. Bole New Member

    Please do not waste time on a no Boxing server.

    Please Give the 2 servers intanced Raids, this will fix just about EVERY thing that people are pissed off about.

    Please listen to us...
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  2. Hateseeker Augur

    They need to start by load balancing Hate (and presumably Fear). Zone's populated all night long and stuff is dead and picked to the bone. No wonder anyone wanted to charm gank.
  3. Drexll Augur

    Wanting a no-boxing server is about more than just raids, FYI.
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  4. Numiko Augur

    what would be ironic is if the no boxing server got instanced raids :eek:
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  5. Freki Augur

    alright so everyone is all for instancing? oh and load balancing.... ummmm it'd be hilarious if they load balance it to the point that you couldn't muster a big enough force to take out cazic or inny... i guess everyone doesn't include me. i can do without planar gear.. i have one piece of planar gear and that's because i was one of two mages in sky and it was the second drop! I have quest items again many due to the fact that i was there and they dropped. but i'm not complaining about this. why? because i know it's only a stage.

    just realize that the people that talk here are but a minor fraction. in terms of numbers i've seen maybe 200 people here (different, and yes it's a guestimation) and yet there is probably over 1000 individuals on the servers combined. the vocal minority wants something and they've been given A LOT. yet you WANT more and don't give a damn about how the company works or what the company that gives you the opportunity to both play this game and whine here on the forums really needs to do.
  6. Elkay Augur

    [insert ambiguous response to your ambiguous title]

    But yes.
  7. Steampunk Augur

    Instanced raids will only fix raids. Some people don't raid yet. Some people don't want to raid at all. Or, would you like DBG to instance the entire game? Maybe they could completely rewrite it into a single player game with player-controlled companions. Yeah, that's the ticket!
  8. Sebbun Augur

    Some of the other zones have issues even with load balancing. But that is more likely just going to require number reworks.

    Instance raids would go a long way in restoring faith for some of us. If you made instances, you could kill the rotation idea and let guilds compete for world spawns. I think it's a better step than requiring rotations.
  9. Freki Augur

    what world spawns are you talking about? aren't those world spawns just raid targets anyways? so now those zones would have instancing with lockouts so guess what... Gore.... she would make it impossible to go into the dreadlands and do what you need in there. sounds GREAT to me.. NOT.
  10. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Instancing is not what EQ was about. Go play WoW
  11. Espiritun Augur

    either was boxing. Go play with yourself
  12. Sebbun Augur

    How? Someone would kill Gore as a world spawn. I don't think you comprehend the idea of expeditions. We leave the current content as is, and introduce expeditions. Smaller guilds or guilds that aren't as 'hardcore' do the expeditions and leave other guilds to compete for the world boss spawns.

    Either way, Gore won't be up.

    But Gore used to be up a lot in Dreadlands. I am pretty sure it never hurt my ability to do anything? I think you make a non-point.
  13. Sebbun Augur

    Everquest is all instanced now, and for good reason. Thanks for you input, though.
  14. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    And instance-quest is dumb. There is a reason progression servers start to die off when EQ end game becomes all instanced. Limited Instancing is good (ring war, khati sha). Instancing all end game content is bad...alienates the majority of "hardcore" players who feel the need to play hyper competitive pvp on a non-pvp server. Unfortunately, this type of player is the cash cow.
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  15. Freki Augur

    actually you misunderstand my comment. I was not talking about expeditions, I was talking about instancing and being very sarcastic about what it entails. I came back to play eq, not WOWEQ. I want to see content but in the past content was kept from people by these rotations and bully guilds. just like it is now. I personally did not come back to play like it is on the live servers, i could have done that without paying for it.
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  16. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    DGB, I love Wow, but hate Blizzard. Can you please open a TLP of WoW for me. Also maybe a retro zone with pac man as a raid mob. THANKS
  17. Steampunk Augur

    Now you are just being silly. I like that. The world needs more silly.
  18. Mabbu-EQ Elder

    This dude Bole is a good reason to make a new non boxing servers.
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  19. Sebbun Augur

    No, what happens on every TLP server, which I've addressed time and time again, is that by the time you get to the instance content, the casual players have moved to better pastures because of the length of time they've been tramped by the 'hardcore players', and then the guilds 'competing' for content get to instances and decide they don't enjoy it much, and move on to something else.

    I've seen at least 10 people post that that is why they quit on Fippy/Vulak. Perhaps that is not a good sample pool, but it at least shows that it is a valid point.

    I do agree that the 'hardcore' players are likely more of a cash cow for DBG, but that is by design.

    I also don't see "hyper competitive PVP on a non-pvp server." as good. That is why the toxic atmosphere starts. At least on actual PVP servers, you can send other players back to their spawn point. Here, the only way to address it is by name calling. Of course people are going to be aggressive on the forums, and in game. There is no other way to fix issues.

    Now, if you want to hold the argument that Competition is a valid play style, we can have that discussion.
  20. Devante Lorekeeper

    We have a winner. /endthread
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