DBG Store Error + Block to All Access Membership

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Jenkins, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Jenkins New Member

    I have been dealing with this Error for about 3 weeks now, you guys are telling me this is because my bank declined, which they didn't, since i called to verify.

    Apparently each time i try to purchase and fails it stacks up by 30 days.. with over 21 attempts, giving me an error and telling me to contact support, there is no luck in support what so ever, they are telling me i would have to wait 30 days and that they cannot do anything about it!

    This also prevents me from subscribing to all access, so i can't even become a member because of this BS system you guys put in place, then you go an blame the actually user and say its a bank issue.

    1) I always have money in there so insufficient funds doesn't exist.
    2) My bank doesn't block any transactions i do online, since i have granted for it to be open
    3) I have tried other bank cards just to see if it was an issue with my current card, but no, same problem!

    So what now? I wait 30 x 21 days? So 630 days i will have to wait just to subscribe right? cool.
  2. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Sounds like it's stuck going in a vicious circle with your bank. And with 21 attempts that for sure is flagging fraud. So to get away from your bank what happens if you go buy a visa gift card, activate it, put it in as your billing info, subscribe for 1 month?