DBG is simply inviting hackers and toxic players with krono.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Strawberry, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Sikkun Augur

    What major MMOs had a Krono like system before EQ/All access games? And don’t say WoW because it came 2 years later.

    RMT business was estimated around 800 million for online games....in 2005. EQII experimented with a real money auction server as a way to profit off it. Then next came Krono to literally per their advertising “spend real money for items/platinum”. Now do you honestly think they expected the sellers would never in turn then RMT? They are not that stupid....the choice was join the RMT market or lose hundreds of millions in revenue.
  2. Lejaun Augur

    All the talk about "make items no-drop" to stop Krono sellers. Apparently you haven't been on any game chat channels. "Selling LR to this item" are one of the most common things for sale.
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  3. Strawberry Augur

    Eve Online PLEX is from 2008.

    EQ Krono is from 2012.

    EQ was not the first one to introduce a system where you can trade subscription tokens, they simply copied it from other MMO. EQ was actually prety late to the party implementing it, by 2012 many MMO used it.

    Like I already explained before, the idea behind the system is to get F2P players to play the game with a subscription, by allowing them to leach off paying players who end up buying multiple subscription tokens. The end result is more profit for the company. It's not that complicated.

    But like I said, I think this is not working in EQ, since it is clearly attracts tons of toxic players to EQ.
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  4. Sikkun Augur

    I don’t think you can claim “pretty late” with 1 example for a MMO having a similar system. While your largest MMO didn’t add a system until 2015 and your second most popular MMO still doesn’t have a system.

    The idea of the system was to get people to buy platinum for real money...to get RMT sales to profit them, not to boost subs. This is not hidden information, they fully admitted that they were coming up with strategies to profit off RMT as opposed to it STILL existing and them no profiting.

    EQ had a 90 million sub market in 2005, while EQ RMT market was estimated at 120 million....that’s the money Sony wanted. They tried for 6 years to stop it and they failed.
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  5. Strawberry Augur

    Actually, there was no plat spam anymore by the time Krono was introduced. Steve Clover developed an AI chat filter that turned out to be very effective in blocking plat spam. After a few days of introducting the filter, the filter was smart enough to remove all the platinum spam.

    I did actually play EQ, I wonder if you did.
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  6. Strawberry Augur

    Wildstar C.R.E.D.D.
    Tera Cronoscrolls

    there are many MMO that had tradeable subscriptions before EQ

    for the third and last time, EQ DID NOT invent krono, they copied the system from other games and called it krono

    can you stop wasting my time now and look up stuff that you don't know yourself, thanks (jesus christ)
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  7. Lejaun Augur

    You don't even need defiant gear. Let the newby quests actually be active while the population can actually do the quests and gain a benefit from doing so.
  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Aradune was supposed to have GM's... that was going to solve a lot of issues??

    RMT will always be in EQ and anyone who played back in the day remembers scrolling eBay looking at those uber toons, drooling and gasping at the monster bids.

    The big question is.... since DPG is getting in on the RMT action via krono, why are they not hiring the GM's to combat their undercutting, illicit competitors? It's simply business sense at this point.
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  9. Strawberry Augur

    Right, I (and I'm not alone) have asked to activate the newbee quests right from the start. There is a serious lack of gear and choice at the beginning of EQ, this results in farmers hording camps, krono just makes it worse.

    Random gear drops, quests and instance rewards solve this problem later on, but classic is far too camp focused. And they're not even random spawns in classic, they're mostly static NPC, which is the worst kind.
  10. kit74 Lorekeeper

    Yea EQ was late
    All these games was before EQ

    Eve plex

    Entropia Universe

    Second life one of the 1st 2002

    Dungeon Fighter Online 2004

    Team fortress 2 not an MMO but 2010

    There is more but meh
  11. Strawberry Augur

    I guess that to DBG it doesn't matter, if those krono get resold for $17 or $14 or $1. DBG doesn't care about the second hand market as long as the Krono is initially bought from $17 from DBG, what happens after that doesn't seem to matter to them, they made their money.

    Which then brings up the (valid) argument that some make that DBG is not hurt by krono farmers, but helped by them, because each krono farmer on the server is another krono subscription.

    I think it hurts EQ because it creates a giant pool of farmers who are simply playing EQ to make real-life $, these are the people that will campsteal, use bots, hacks, cause giants queues because they need to log in all their boxes, and basically ruin the server for everyone else.
  12. Sikkun Augur

    I never claimed they “invented it”. Feel free to quote where I did. But wild star came out in 2014...post Krono date. And Teras was late 2012/2013 Feb 2013 was the F2P Switch, but chronoscrolls could have been earlier, not a popular enough game to find good info...which is also post Krono/near the same time. So if you want to get all huffy over someone asking you a simple question, at least try to post games that actually meet the point your trying to make.

    My question was what MAJOR mmo had a similar system, the answer is some niche MMOs came out with similar systems in similar time frames.

    But hey you ignored all the rest of the post because you don’t like that Krono and all other similar systems were made to profit off RMT.
  13. Strawberry Augur

    Tera is from 2011. It already had Chrono Scrolls in 2011 in Korea. Two years before EQ introduced Krono.

    EVE online and Tera are 'niche MMO'?...whatever.

    EVE plex is from 2008. EQ krono is from beginning 2013. How in God's name are those 'similar timeframes'.
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  14. Sikkun Augur

    Literally referenced both games I said had similar time frames. And never claimed EQ invented anything.

    But hey whatever. They are not removing krono, have a nice evening.
  15. RizLoaner Elder

    The krono system is no different than selling plat to support a subscription, which is what many people did for years. EQ get's a bigger cut now and makes more money than a sub off a krono. They've done an awesome job with these new servers, the self sufficient people on one of them and the other server which keeps the forum poppin.
  16. Cydonia Elder

    Krono is also one of the single biggest reasons the game is able to keep running. It’s sucks, but it is what it is
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  17. sirelothar New Member

    Does anyone else ever just look at these threads and wonder if people even play this game? I've been playing this game on and off since 1999 and have never had issues with hackers because for the most part since this game is instanced and I frankly don't give a toot about them hacking raid kills because the fun for me is doing the same thing but with some friends or a guild of like minded people. I personally have zero issues with people selling kronos for plat honestly. Some people don't have the time or patience to go the slow route which I personally enjoy. This is an issue in 90% of MMOs out there and likely will be forever because there is always a market of people who want to enjoy the end game and not experience the slow grind to the top. To each their own I guess.
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  18. Gnothappening Augur

    To be fair, it would probably be plat :)
  19. Machen New Member

    So much wrong with this...

    To start with, which high value Kunark items are no drop?
  20. Drood_Aradune New Member

    These people are offenders and need to be treat like that.

    GM need to do their job and ban theses accounts who are a pain in the game.

    Actually on Aradune there is a bunch of farmers / botters who dont care on the rules.
    We see high levels camping 24/24 items to farm money to farm Kronos and then theses Kronos are going on other servers where they can sell them for real money.

    Benefit for Darkpaw ? Very few in fact

    Removing Kronos can be a solution as only sub people will be allowed to play. This will decrease the population for sure and keep real player who financialy support the game and leave the toxic people from this server.

    They will have still plenty other server to rule their bots/scripts and so .. but not on Aradune.

    Dont forget that Aradune was set in honour to Brad Mc Quaid !!! Where is a the respect of his memory seeking theses bunch of cheaters ???

    The problem also is that kind of people are supported by a part of the players who dont care on EQ itself and see their own profit !!!
    That need to be said !

    So yes Darkpaw need to resolve this as soon as possible :)
    Just my own opinion.

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