DBG is simply inviting hackers and toxic players with krono.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Strawberry, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Strawberry Augur

    Krono allows people to make real life $ from this game.

    It allows those players to buy hacks, bots.

    This money then allows the programmers of those hacks to keep making more and more hacks and bots. And it allows krono sellers to thrive.

    Krono creates this whole circular side economy next to EQ, where farmers running bots, the programmers, and the krono sites thrive. This is your fault DBG.

    Krono also causes all the camp stealing, drama, the messed up economy, it also causes the queues due to those people running tons of boxed farm accounts. They also don't care about being banned because they have tons of accounts they can start for free with their krono.

    Krono is behind most of the TLP's problems.

    You actively cause the hacking and toxicity on your own servers DBG. Just remove krono already, it is not worth it.
  2. Sikkun Augur

    They know Krono is part of RMT, that’s why they made it.
  3. Febb Augur

    Remove Krono and then you end up with plat farmers. Now they end up not getting a cut of the RMT market and less revenue. Does that sound like a smart idea?

    Bots are in any game with tradeable items. Take away the currency, they find another currency to use.
  4. Strawberry Augur

    Plat farmers were never toxic like Krono farmers.

    Plat farmers are actively hurt when their account gets banned. They lose the monthly fee and they lose the money, and their credit card can be banned.

    Krono farmers do not care if their account is banned, they just use another krono to start another account. They also don't lose Krono like plat farmers lose plat when banned, Krono farmers immediately offload the krono they bought to krono selling sites.

    You also can't permaban them because you can't block any credit card, they simply use krono and will keep making account after account.

    Krono is also far more valuable, it is still useful far beyond classic, this is not the case with plat. Plat quickly loses its value beyond classic and become rather meaningless due to No-Drop being on almost every item.

    Plat also does not allow you to buy a monthly fee.
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  5. Strawberry Augur

    Another thing is, if you remove Krono, you also reduce the value of plat. The only reason plat is still worth something when everything become no-drop after classic, is krono.
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  6. Bullsnooze Augur

    Krono is fine, its the ability to use it to play on Progression servers which is the problem.

    If you require a credit card to play on progression servers then you will nix just about all krono farmers and botters... Basically any detrimental play style will be at risk.
  7. taliefer Augur

    If it wasnt for Krono, enchanters would still be doing 20% more damage today. instead they are now garbage tier class and everyone should delete their chanters in protest

    Thanks O'Krono
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  8. error Journeyman

    RMT was going just as strong before krono. Gameplay tokens are just a mechanic for the company running their game to get their cut. Ultimately every krono in the game was purchased from the cash shop at some point, and that's $18 dollars corporate makes without having to provide any service whatsoever until the krono is consumed (which likely never happens for the majority of krono).
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  9. Sikkun Augur

    “ Players receive virtual money, called platinum, through accomplishments such as defeating dragons. The platinum is then used to purchase weapons and other objects within the game. Therefore, bugs relating to items and platinum have the potential to dismantle the game’s economy. For example, a shopkeeper in the game might hand over an expensive sword when a player had actually just paid for a less valuable dagger.

    Recall that EverQuest’s economy extends into the real world, where the truly obsessed spend an estimated $150 million per year—20 percent of the total online gaming underground secondary market—purchasing everything from fully developed characters to rare weapons. Because of the overlap between the virtual and real economies, an incentive exists for cheating players to try to hack the system to duplicate platinum on the fly.”

    Pre Krono....same problems.
  10. RizLoaner Elder

    You must be new, they made krono to specifically dent the plat selling market. Plat actually sold quite well before krono came in. If DBG got rid of krono people would just sell plat for RMT. The market won't go away just because you have dumb ideas while you sit in a queue of your own making.
  11. error Journeyman

    They'd be doing the same thing, just RMTing the plat instead. The reason RMT groups like krono is because it can be easily moved between servers without losing any value, but as long as there's a demand for currency they will farm and sell it. Plat, gil, gold, whatever, there's never been any shortage of RMT in online games with or without game time tokens.
  12. Strawberry Augur

    nope, Krono just exists to sell more $15 subs

    Krono was not invented by EQ, it existed in other MMO under different names before EQ implemented it

    The idea behind the system is simply to sell more subs.

    If you have a pool of 2,000 potential players, maybe 600 would willing to pay a sub, the other 1,400 would move on and go to F2P MMO. But with Krono, you can get those 1,400 on board too, by letting the pool of 600 pay for the subs of those not willing to pay. Now you more than trippled your subs.

    Anyway, that is the general idea behind the system. But I think it is hurting EQ tremendously, because this system attracts a lot of toxic hackers, botters, etc.
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  13. Accipiter Old Timer

    How long have you played this game? You know better.
  14. Strawberry Augur

    (btw, I also believe this is why the EQ population on TLP plummets after classic. When toxic krono farmers can no longer farm because items become no-drop, they leave, and the population implodes. This is also why you have all the queues at the start, because you have a massive overpopulation at the start of farmers, and a rapid implosion after classic.)
  15. Lolthe Journeyman

    as I have returned after 18 years, I am making Aradune my home server. I don't think that the entire population will go poof, there will be many people to run content and raid so. i will get to experience everything up to where it currently is.
  16. error Journeyman

    The low hanging fruit farmers leave after Velious because they can't sell trivially obtainable items for ludicrous amounts of money to people just returning to the game and willing to dump loads of cash on it. Items being no drop has never stopped people from selling looting rights. Mangler still has at least 2 massive box teams farming DZs and OW bosses and selling the drops.
  17. CZ75 New Member

    Let me get this straight, krono costs $17.99 each, and a subscription costs $14.99...and you think people are paying 3 extra dollars to sub? People are paying the extra money to turn krono into in game platinum.
  18. Lolthe Journeyman

    the only downside is the server queue. I work night shift so I can log on and craft or play in a group while I get work done. the main part is playing at home after I wake up (or days off) and have to just sit for 5-10 hours. longest wait ive had so far is 9 hours.
  19. Strawberry Augur


    Selling no-drop items is far more complex than simply selling droppable items. You need to find a buyer before the corpse timer runs out. It becomes more difficult still later on when you have to deal with instances combined with no-drop. Yes you can taskadd in some instances, but now you're dealing with task timers and corpse timers. Many instances also lock when the chest pops.

    I have always said that if you want to stop the farmers on TLP, simply make classic items no-drop or simply add some defiant gear. We had a TLP in the past where mobs dropped defiant gear, there were no farmers on the server, no campstealing, no drama, probably the most fun TLP I played on.
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  20. code-zero Augur

    The OP very obviously has never played on live servers back when there was no f2p and no Krono. General chat and /ooc in PoK was constantly spammed by plat sellers advertising their wares. They banned them as fast as they could catch them and they'd just make another new account with stolen credit cards.
    Krono is one of the best things to come along in EQ in years. You can have your TLP servers because of Krono!

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