DBG: Easy fix to stop boxing violations

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fell, Jun 13, 2021.

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  1. Lilypad New Member

    The only times I've ever had a whole group trained out of a camp is by boxers, not necros. If you boxers dont want to group with other people, play a single player game. Just stay away from me.
  2. Numiko Augur

    The AFK thing reminded me of the funniest thing I ever heard in group chat

    "AFK 5 minutes, husband wants sex"
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  3. Fell Augur

    So, screenshots of some numpads somehow proves you're not using software? ROFL, try again.

    Also, I find it hilarious that you mega-boxers claim that removing commands like /follow would accomplish nothing, because "real boxers use software" to navigate -- then turn around and claim you can easily control your six-boxes without software. Care to try that one again too?
  4. RABKkehhalla Elder

    You're a boxer
  5. wade_watts Augur

    Dude, take your xanax and go back to sleep for a bit.
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  6. code-zero Augur

    I'm starting to get it, you're using the stuff abcess codes and you are one of those who warps from zone to zone and laughs at all the lamerz who aren't as l33+ as you. Probably have a lifetime membership and RMT on P99 for fun
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  7. Bardy McFly Augur

    I still find it funny that you call 6 boxing "mega-boxing". And you do realize how simplistic early EQ is, right? Turn on autoattack, toss some dots, and as needed toss a heal using a target button then a heal button. It's not rocket science. Heck, it would barely qualify for basic math. And what I just described wouldn't even require autoflow once a camp is set up. So removing follow is moot.

    Give it up, bud. Or just keep providing us with entertainment, because that's all this thread is at this point.
  8. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    What boxing one 2 computers? This was completely misunderstood a few times I see.
    The 2 patchers is for live when 3 boxing. 2pc 1 laptop

    I dou on thornblade using laptop and pc.
    Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Loratex The Ridiculous Necro

    How is loading up 2 toons on the same pc on live against the rules?
  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    This is in the TLP forum.

    When he said "if the code is working correctly" he was referring to Truebox code, which is only used on TLP servers, he wasn't talking about Live servers.
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  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Why would anyone using software automation go & spend money on keypads when they wouldn't need them?
    The vast majority of people who bother to buy number pads are those boxers who are purposely avoiding the use of automation software, they are wanting direct personal control - the exact opposite of what the automation software does.

    6 isn't a mega boxer that's just a boxed group which can be run from a single PC. I used to do that with just tab switching between windows on Live I wasn't even using multiple PCs for that.

    On TLP I stuck to 3 boxing myself as I don't have the desk space for more that 3 PCs, with Phinigel now losing the TLP status in today's patch & Truebox getting switched off I might do some 4 boxing.

    Mega-boxing is probably anything using 3 groups or more so anything between 18 & 72 at which point they are usually doing raid content with a box army, and if they have half a brain they are doing that in DZ rather than open world to avoid annoying the rest of the server.

    People using number pads and not the software would be affected by removing the /follow command - unless they purposely use a Magician in their setup to CoH their team to the camp. Anyone who wants to afk for a bio break on a raid and not be left miles behind the raid would be affected as they would not be able to follow a raid buddy for a short time while they do that.

    And those Software automators you hate so much would not even be affected, their software does the movement for them.

    So yes removing autofollow is a stupid idea, it only negatively affects legitimate players and does nothing to stop automators. Removing autofollow would prevent zero cheating.
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  12. Numiko Augur

    I guess if he never tried to box he would not know how incredibly easy it is to do so in EQ.

    Funny seems to me the most ardent anti boxers seem to think that is boxing were eliminated all good loot dropping camps would be instantly open for them 24/7 and they would instantly get a group invite the second they put up the /LFG ....

    But newsflash! all the good camps will be still camped by solo Druids/Mages/Necro's or normal groups and based on the posts of some of the people in this thread I can see why they have trouble getting groups if they carry on the same way in game. Toxic people get a rep so maybe look in the mirror next time you wonder why you have not gotten a group offer all day ....
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  13. Sumoldfogy New Member

    7 pages of folks thrashing the OP.. I like his mindset, but i played since beta and remember what it felt like to earn a good reputation and be looked for, for future groups while those with the couldn't give two F's would not get groups often. So now when people complain of not being able to find groups, thus forcing them to box.. well.. might look into your own online personal behavior?
    ( go ahead and prove me right by adding more childish content as a response to anything I have said )
  14. FinalTidus23 Lorekeeper

    Honestly though you see it from both sides right? How much fun you having pressing 1 button on your wizard playing EQ? JW cuz sitting still and pressing 1 button on a video game SUCKS. For me, 6 boxing is what makes EQ worth it. There isn't a single class that requires 100% of my attention. I've had no problem main tanking Avatar of War while in a CH chain, for example. In fact, I get bored while doing that. I might change a diaper or two, empty the dishwasher, water some plants, clean the area around me, tons of things.

    You choose to press a button now and then and be content, fine. But unless you think we live in a Communist state, you can't just say someone is 6 boxing *wink *wink and whatever follows be credible. It's cringe to see people complain about 6 boxing as if they are not legit true boxing. Sure there are the abusers out there, but when you lump all the boxers into one category of cheaters, it's like the called being prejudice man.

    It's also not clear that since a 6 boxer has a higher individual interest in a camp that they're going to train or more likely. I've seen the opposite. Faceless yesterday in POHate charmed a mob I about killed. They were 6+ actual people and I was 1 6 boxer. Let's just say Faceless left in about 5 minutes after I told them I won't ALLOW it to happen anymore since every minute i waste of mine, they waste 6. Because of that, I moved an entire group of bad manners Faceless out of Hate so the others group could enjoy playing without a bard running around dying training spamming /ooc.

    So if you weren't talking about boxers and were talking about other kinds of people I'd say the same thing too, you sounds prejudice.
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  15. Fell Augur

    That was really the strong point of early EQ, wasn't it? You were so dependent on other players that griefers quickly earned a rep, stopped being able to progress in the game, and usually quit. Interplayer interaction and dependency is the heart of a good MMO.

    To add to your point, the game was designed with a clear distinction between solo, group, and raid content, and the rewards from thereof. But now, soloers believe they have a god-given right to group content, and (some of them) even to raid content. DBG gives them servers where they can do that to their heart's content. Why does the thought of a server where they can't scare them so much?
  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    There are still a lot of players around who played right from the start, I am one of them, though I took a 7 year break.

    It would be fantastic if there were enough players of each class on every single server to allow for everyone to get a group, whether they make it themselves (the best way to get one) or post they are LFG in the LFG tool or the chat channels and be able to do that for the entire life of the server - no such thing will happen.

    In my experience with TLP servers the Pick up Grouping scene is all but completely dead by Omens of War after that point if you are not grouping with your guild on a regular basis you are boxing, because if you don't you won't be able to get any groups no matter how great your reputation is - either there are not enough healers, or tanks or there are simply too many DPS classes around where all the available DPS slots are taken already.

    I try to group as much as possible in the first week or two of an expansion after it unlocks, that's when most players on TLP will be doing their progression tasks - be that doing key/flag quests or working through the Partisan/mercenary/heroic mission system later on. But once that 2 week period is over the groups dry up fast - if you at that point don't have an established friend circle / clique to work through the rest of the achievements etc you are probably going to be outta luck.

    Boxing for many is all about getting the most time-consuming parts of the game done without dragging their guild mates around, how many want to help you farm tradeskill mats, or the plat you need to farm in order to replace your type 3 Augs?

    Mostly I box to fill in the gaps, stuff I missed from the progression groups, side-quests that aren't directly tied to progression etc. but plenty of times when you want a group there just isn't anyone with a spot for you, and making your own group gets you nowhere no matter what you try, without boxing being an option I have then I would have gotten far less done than I have with it.

    And if you play deeper into the expansions, beyond the point where the next TLP has opened up, well it only gets worse, generally the number of players joining your server at the start is all your TLP will get, if it gets any joiners later on they are few & far between so numbers only ever go down as a rule.

    The reason so much boxing is seen on these newer servers is because players know the inevitable downward trend will not spare their new server either, they're just adapting to a learned experience, and being more prepared to be able to be self-sufficient.
    Nobody likes trying to get a group formed for hours and plenty of them will not even last once you get to the camp, lost count of how many times I have made a group only for it to break up 20 minutes later as the tank had to bail or the healer had to log off and you're left unable to find replacements.

    For me as a Berserker it was a necessity, I started on Phinigel only once GoD unlocked, and there were zero groups around for my new zerker, so I had to 2 box with my shaman to even get the levels, I added a bard a bit later on and with that trio I often started groups, I tanked until I found a tank LFG, I healed until I found a healer LFG, I pulled until I found a puller LFG & plenty of times I put my bard & shaman outside the group to allow LFG people into the group but as the content got harder deeper into the expansions, well I had a much tougher time tanking using my zerker, then Underfoot unlocked and I was no longer able to tank on my zerker and so from that point on boxing was way harder.

    Anyway, rambled a bit but just to give some context from my own perspective.
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  17. That Guy Journeyman

    You know, I do admire the OP for sticking to their guns amidst so much criticism, but there is a point where it becomes just plain denial.

    To the OP, "True box" servers are just that, "True boxing". Boxers are not "soloer's", as soloers are single characters, not single players. Big difference. And after 7 pages I submit that you take grievance with players playing more than 1 character at a time, regardless of context or circumstances. 1 Machine, 1 account, 1 character, and still you seem to object. If in theory, someone did have 20 PCs in a dark basement somewhere, and played 20 accounts without any software assistance, no matter how effective/ineffective such a circumstance would be, YOU would still object to it.

    Hate to burst your bubble but, "you" are not the arbitrary judge of what is or is not legal, legit, and fair play. You only have your mere sole opinion, which is one most seem to disagree with, including Daybreak. And unless they come out with a "Absolutely zero boxing" allowed server, then you are just sheer out of luck buttercup. Boxing has been a thing since the game launched, and I can guarantee will continue to be so. And I would stake my character on live that these boxers have contributed far more to the game and community than you have.

    And if you had spent a fraction of the time, energy, and thought you have spent here into actual gameplay, well, perhaps you would have gotten whatever drops you were after that the big meanie boxer "stole" from you.

    Stop trying to control and police others and their gameplay. Report them all you like, but you dont get to set the terms and conditions. Stop being an Everquest Karen.

    Food for thought.
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  18. Fell Augur

    Though you're on the other side of the issue, I give your post five-stars. You point out the real problem. They've put so many training wheels on the game and buffed players so much that there is no challenge remaining. The end result of 20 years of SOE/DBG accomodating the whiners. There is no group content whatsoever that actually requires a full well-tuned group.

    Modern EQ is boring for you. I get that. You address the issue by playing six toons at once. But isn't the real fix to make the single player experience more enjoyable? If we keep moving in the direction we're going, then ten years from now, it'll take you 30 toon -- and 30 paid accounts -- to actually enjoy the game.
  19. Bardy McFly Augur

    This had come to mind but was going to be nice and not say it. But yeah, totally agree.
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  20. dlovin2 New Member

    If you removed /follow I would quit the same day and never come back.

    Follow, even with its massive issues, is not the issue with automated boxers. Automated boxers can make every character run, strafe, mouselook all together in unison and they don't even use follow.

    People like me, with 2 or more actual computers.. we use /follow. However I can't for the life of me actually get /follow to work in some of those twisty corridors dungeons easily. If I hold the forward button on the computer that is following it seems to stay with my main box much easier however its quite the pain.

    The distance you are from the followed character needs to be tightened up if anything.

    I also don't give one F about boxers. Let them farm loot and sell it I don't care. Its easier for me to farm plat to buy some gear than it is to try and break a camp and hope to get it. They helping me out if anything. Also let them keep flooding the market with items so it all becomes cheaper. Win Win.

    Letting a group of 6 create their own unique individual pick would be the best solution.
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