DBG: Easy fix to stop boxing violations

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fell, Jun 13, 2021.

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  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Were you boxing the camp? Just out of interest.
  2. Fell Elder

    Interesting. Not sure about yours, but my version is from the first 1999 release, which I preordered during beta. Here's the command section, along with a back cover image showing the 1999 copyright. There is no appendix in this version.



    I'm a little fuzzy about /assist, but I clearly remember when /follow was added to the game.
  3. Nilbog_ New Member

    @Fell , i see you havent played EQ for more then maybe 1-2 years? Because you dont seem to have any knowledge of EverQuest and how the game was before Mischief/Thornblade.

    If you bring your EverQuest manual that came with your Ruins of Kunark game box, you can find they explain the /assist command, they also explain how you make easy hotbuttons/hotkeys with commands.

    I only found the Trilogy manual here - https://mocagh.org/miscgame/everquesttrilogy-manual.pdf but you can even see here late 2000, when this came out.

    It was ingame and they even explained here. /assist have been in EverQuest since classic and was added together with /pet taunt command and /lootnodrop era.

    I would suggest you check this manual and see how long many of the commands have been ingame. Before you make yourself to a bigger fool then you are and show how little knowledge about EverQuest you have
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  4. Fell Elder

    No, just one of them. That information was in the very first post of the thread; glad you worked it out after 13 pages.

    And -- to clarify for the 45th time -- I'm suggesting it only for a small subset of servers, even just one. Have you decided yet why that is so frightening to you?
  5. Nilbog_ New Member

    From the picture of classic manual you showing, it even say auto-assist was ingame. https://i.imgur.com/ZKTYJ9U.png
  6. code-zero Augur

    I think the major takeaway here is that those of us who've actually been playing the game for most its 22 year history can't remember a time when there was no /follow command and can't even conceive of a reason why a utility that we will use almost every game session should be removed.
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  7. jiri_ Augur

    Yours looks like the game manual, judging by the page numbers. You don't have any slash commands listed there, even stuff like /who, unless they're on the next page.

    Mine is the official strategy guide; you can see the pg 310 in the screenshot above.

    Here's the back cover with the copyright notice boxed:

    You can see that it's written by Chris Kramer, editor of Voodoo Magazine. Voodoo Magazine was the in-house magazine for 3Dfx, then at the tail end of their run as the name in 3-D graphics. The page before the back cover is an advertisement for Voodoo Magazine, "the only magazine dedicated to bringing you all the information you need for your 3D habit."

    The copyright is tough to read down there, but the 1999 date is visible in the bottom line:

    It was clearly written pre-launch based on the tense of everything having to do with servers, an example of which is found in the quote about the then-unnamed PK server in my previous post.
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  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

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  9. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Yeah I run a six box. Also wow how is this thread still going.
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  10. That Guy Journeyman

    1. I did choose a server, one with truebox rules. Which "you" have the problem with. Ergo, the problem is you, not I. You are the one who wants to change the format of the game, not me.
    2. Daybreak, as in, the host. Cant take you very seriously if you are going to split hairs over a minor spelling error.
    3. Karen isn't a racist term, Karen. Karen has zero to do with skin tone, and isn't a race. It means you obsess with the actions of others, which you do. So stop being a Karen, Karen.
  11. Fell Elder

    From Wikipedia:

    Karen is a pejorative term which [refers to] White women who use their privilege to demand their own way...The term has been criticized for being sexist, ageist, and misogynistic...As of 2020, the term was increasingly being used in media and on social media as a general-purpose term for middle class White women...
  12. Fell Elder

    Interesting, thanks. Well, I won't argue the point on assist, particularly as I'm much fuzzier on it that I am on when /follow was added, and particularly since I wasn't suggesting it be removed.

    Still, the point remains that the hardcore boxers themselves are the first to admit that playing a single toon isn't as demanding and engaging as it should be. That problem should be addressed directly -- not simply ignored as single players create ever-expanding bot armies.
  13. Warpeace Augur

    Best source ever:rolleyes:
  14. That Guy Journeyman

    Yea, except that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, to say anything. Not really a good source or proof there guy. I mean I could change it to say that it means an exotic waffle dish served down in the amazon, doesn't make it right.

    I am starting to think you spend way too much time on the internet and on social media.

    Stop being a Karen. Stop demanding your own way. This entire thread is pretty much against you, and so would be the majority of the community.

    PS - I just couldn't resist, since you want to play the "prove my point game", also taken from wikipedia, from the same page no less -

    Kansas State University professor Heather Suzanne Woods, whose research interests include memes, said a Karen's defining characteristics are "entitlement, selfishness, a desire to complain", and that a Karen "demands the world exist according to her standards with little regard for others, and she is willing to risk or demean others to achieve her ends."

    And -

    The term is generally used to refer to women, but The Atlantic noted that "a man can easily be called a Karen", with staff writer David A. Graham

    And that would be Check, and Mate. Stop trying to trying to change a game over 20 years old over a small issue you personally take personally Karen.
  15. Triconix Augur

    13 pages of this garbage. Amazing.

    Getting rid of a rudimentary and basic function such as /follow will not net the results that OP wants. He needs to learn how the cheat software works to develop a better understanding and request. Period. Thread over.
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  16. Fell Elder

    Except that we have 13 pages of hardcore botters all stating they don't use cheat software. Some of them are even telling the truth.
  17. Captain Video Augur

    Try as hard as I may, I have been unable to /follow your argument. Perhaps if you were to /assist me.
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  18. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    So I'm going to answer this, even though I think I already did somewhere in the previous pages to some degree.

    Why is a server like this so frightening? The answer is, it's a risk. Every new server is a risk. DPG has to be very careful and calculated when deciding to launch a new server. Vox was the last live server launched, AFAIK it's not dead but it's not drawing people in either, so probably on the failure side if a line had to be drawn. No new live servers launched after Vox. They learned that lesson.

    New TLP's have been doing very well, generating bag bundle sales and Krono sales, so those continue. We've now reached the point where a Vanilla TLP is a question, would something like that remain popular if they do it again? Mischief and Thornblade really shook up the equation, we don't know how much better they will retain players post-PoP, if at all. If that's more than a Vanilla TLP would, then the next TLP will likely be hurt by that. Everything has to be considered.

    So let me give you the good news. There are probably people other than you that would play on your proposed server. The question, and hence the risk, is, "are there enough?" The average player probably doesn't need /follow very often, but it is handy when joining up with new people in new places. So newer players would be the most affected, and old returning players (who forgot zone geography long ago). You need those people for a TLP, and we don't know that it would keep them away, but it's a risk.

    The other potential upside is the "game sux before/after Classic/Kunark/Velious/PoP" crowd. They could give a crap what the ruleset is. They just want to race to 50, or hump Frost Giant's legs, or whatever. They would probably play on your server also.

    Realistically, your proposed server would probably launch fine, might not need an overflow server though. Then it would be a question of longevity. Would people who missed the first wave want to go to this server? Would they be able to catch up without options for boxing or paid power-leveling?

    Finally, would it work? I mean we've spent 13 pages explaining how removing /follow only stops the people who actually follow the rules. We get posts here every few days about how the GM's on Aradune can't even recognize mass botters (let alone boxers) to the level that other players can. Why would anyone think that removing /follow would change that? They'll just take following out of their scripts, warp to locations and stay static while one player pulls.

    In a time where AI has reached the point that it can call people on the phone and have conversations, or drive cars, why would we think EQ botters couldn't adapt to little changes like this? I get that you are passionate about this idea, and that from your perspective it looks like it would work. But we have 13 pages of other people's perspectives, all who've played a lot in recent years, telling you it's not going to work. Instead of learning from their experience, you push back and push back. That's the main reason so many people oppose you in this thread. You've stuck your head in the sand and are inhaling that sand as you scream "na, na, na, I can't hear you." We're just sitting here like WTF?

    I've disagreed with many of the people in this thread before, in previous threads. We converse, we work it out, because I respect their experiences as players, and they've shown their opinions are based on reality. This isn't a wall of mass boxers/botters here opposing you to save their playstyle on a server they probably wouldn't even play on. It's just a bunch of people with varied opinions that generally agree that removing /follow, even if just on one server, would end up somewhere between pointless and detrimental in the grans scheme of things.
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  19. That Guy Journeyman

    I wonder if you even comprehend the irony of attaching definitions to a term that sprung from a meme, which in fact, you are proving the meme itself. And that by changing or modifying the origin of a word, you are attempting to control the narrative. Something that is ongoing right now in the scholarly world, which I suspect you know next to nothing about aside from what you read on social media or from someone's twitter post.

    That aside, nice attempt at deflection. Keep crying though, I need more salt for my popcorn. Karen.
  20. That Guy Journeyman

    Ah yes, everyone, without exception, everyone who disagrees with you is a hardcore botter who uses 3rd party software to control an entire raids worth of accounts. It is in no way possible or even conceivable that they are solo account folks, or multibox folks who disagree. Nope! You are the sole voice of truth on the forums, and the only judge, and arbiter of the rules, despite having zero access to their logs, files, or even the ability to use the software that Daybreak does to verify them. Inconceivable!


    News flash. I would bet the majority of people you imagine don't even use the forums. And if they did, they very well likely wouldn't even acknowledge you. You really aren't as important as you think you might be. Stop attempting to control how others play the game with approved tools given and that we have all had the same access to for over 2 decades now. You have yet to prove a single claim, or cite a single source for your innumerable statements and claims. And in fact, been proven wrong numerous times in this thread. And instead of redressing them, you either ignore them or move onto someone else.

    Boxing is here to stay, and has been for quite some time now. If that upsets you to this degree then perhaps it would be best if "you" moved on. The game you imagine where everyone plays a single character, and never fights over camps simply doesn't exist, and it never did. Stop trying to make the game into that. And stop trying to control how others play, and focus on yourself. You might actually find people to group with. But I am going to take a wild guess here and think you get kicked from groups for how you conduct yourself. If you spouted off like this in my group I would sure kick you.
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