Daybreaks early plan to Compete with Pantheon

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  1. Scorrpio Augur

    Do you HAVE Oculus? I own Oculus Rift Touch and I got to say I fully agree with most points laid out in this article:

    I have a Core i7, 16GB and GTX970, 1TB SSD for OS/Software, and more intensive titles like The Climb have to be run at medium settings. The controls would be an issue. Touch is great for simpler games like Portal or Minecraft, but in both EQ and LotRO, I use a ton of keyboard shortcuts in addition to mouse. The communication part with respect to text is also an issue.
    Oh and while it is fun to shoot a few orcs in Elven Assassin, after doing the bow draw and release motion a couple hundred times in five minutes, I need a break. Not very good for typical MMO grind.

    Then there is the question of exclusion: headset makes me quite oblivious to anything outside, and while some may welcome that, a lot of people like to be able to communicate with family or do other stuff while playing. Let's just say that sipping coffee with crumpets wjile playing in Oculus is a... challenge. Ditto for looking up quest info on 'zam.

    I did try out Orbus. While a fun concept, I just don't see myself getting hooked on something like that long term.

    Until we get the VR tech at the SAO "NerveGear" level, I am afraid VRMMOs will remain a pipe dream.
  2. Geroblue Augur

    .hack//sign had a good idea, anime, you could see your keyboard, but you saw the game and other characters as your character saw it.There was no third person view. Of course, they may have simply shown the character view, and not did it exactly like the player would have seen it.
  3. IblisTheMage Augur

    Just fell asleep to a Pantheon video. I need a softer sofa, quite sure I won’t need a Pantheon subscription. How can they make a game in 2018 with worse aestetics than EQ??? Yes, shiny gfx engine, doesn’t compensate for bad visual design options... nice grass, but ugly architecture....

  4. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    What cracks me up about the videos I've seen (I haven't bothered looking in recent months) was that the devs kept talking about bringing back all the things most players didn't like about EQ in the first place (and which caused most players to move on). Death penalties. Slow grinds. Essentially, they just seemed to say "yes, we'll have that!" to every question posed to them.

    When EQ came out, it's online MMO nature is really what drew all of us together: it helped us nerds vindicate our passions and personalities - there were others like us! We forgave it's simple design, ancient graphics, etc. Most people still didn't even have a computer in their home at the time. Those of us who are still playing EQ appreciate these "quaint" qualities, but there isn't a market for it outside of us. Today's gamer audience wants quick rewards, fast combat, beautiful graphics. I can't think of another game that requires as much down-time, non-action preparation time, recovery time, etc. as EQ does. I've been playing EQ since 1999 and I haven't met anybody in RL who will even give EQ the time of day, since about 2002.

    I believe the EQ crowd is a niche market and that it is dieing off (of old age). I think it would be shortsighted of any company to market a new product to a dwindling audience. I suspect that Pantheon is possibly a viable business: they are probably making a living off of the very expensive pre-alpha access that they sell. But I don't really think it will ever have a large market impact, if it even makes it to market. At least, not in the form they have promised :)
  5. Kolani Augur

    Why should it go to market when they're making more off suckers in pre-Alpha than they ever will when it goes live?
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