Daybreak, please address the AFKers in Rathe Mountains.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bard2019, May 8, 2019.

  1. Bard2019 Elder

    I have sent several petitions and I've been patient. I simply want to do my quest turn in for my Journeyman Boots. But there have been at least 12, sometimes up to 24 necromancers in Rathe Mountains, perpetually AFK with scripts to attack every living thing that comes within range, including Hasten and dispelling buffs from other players and their pets. I have sent tells asking them not to kill him, with no response. Why is this being ignored?
  2. Aegir Augur

    There are actually multiple important quests NPC's from the ph that spawns Hasten too.

    If I were a Monk on mangler rdy to hand-in for Bro Z only to have him instantly killed by AFK botters, I would be very mad.
  3. Nekromancy Elder

    Daybreak still hasn't stopped the people using actual Em Q 2... with auto pulling toons. Auto mez auto buff auto heal. If they can't even ban those people, I can't see them banning the autoclicking / stationary necros.

    You can legit still find someone 12 boxing freeti afk. Sometimes his script will break and he will lose his warrior. So the chanter will just mez 3 mobs over and over. An hour+ of his enchanter mezzing 3 mobs and never noticing their lost warrior/assist.

    It's just as easy to see that it's cheating and yet daybreak has yet to actually punish them.
  4. Kahna Augur

    And yet in EQ2 reported bots get banned rather rapidly, despite the fact that it also requires manpower to confirm. Shocking how they can police one game but not the other. Bots exist in EQ2 as well, but they stay under the radar, and leave the area when real people move in, because they know getting reported means getting banned.
  5. kjempff Elder

    Petitions about any cheating, hacking, botting goes into the petition spam folder, and will never be read.
    Petitions about training an other toxicity is a lottery ticket, they pick 1 of 1000 to investigate.
    Then there is the peculiar thing that certain players seem to have immunity, and can get away with anything, and also get others banned when they "return the favor" - Wonder why that is.....
  6. Bard2019 Elder

    Just a FYI. this is happening on Mangler TLP. But that should be well known as there are already multiple posts. The hope here is that something is actually done about it rather than locking posts.

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