Daybreak Maintenance - July 16, 2019

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We will perform routine platform maintenance today at 10AM PT. During this maintenance, active sessions will be lost and players will be kicked from servers (players should be able to immediately log back in). We expect this maintenance to last about two hours.
  2. Ginix Elder

  3. Blight New Member

    Are servers coming down or not?
  4. Blight New Member

  5. squidgod Augur

    Nobody got kicked, but you can't log in.
  6. Jeamus New Member

    I got kicked with main about half an hr ago. Cant get back in. Logged box and rebooted system, now no one can get in.
  7. Magnizz New Member

  8. dpp01 New Member

    So what's the ETA? Yesterday at 10AM, here we are tomorrow at 5AM and its not up...
  9. Brewslayer New Member

    Different maintenance. Today is patch day. Look at the other notice in this forum. Down at 4am for about 5 hours. Should have about 3 more hours.
  10. Soul544 New Member

    It did come back up yesterday. But now today is a patch day
  11. Derd Augur

    Two different things, yesterday was server maintenance, and game was up after it ended. Today is a seperate maintenance plus patch day.
  12. dpp01 New Member

    Oh I managed to miss both the post and the giant red announcement at the top of the page somehow, my fault guys.
  13. kccarnage New Member

    WTH, server maintenance then Daybreak maintenance...nice job DB.
  14. Coagagin Augur

    Server maintenance was probably in preparation for the software patching. Could be something as simple as swapping memory modules or testing new GPUs before rolling the dice on one big mega-boondogle of a maint period that we have seen in the past.
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  15. kccarnage New Member

    Great, means their 5 hour patch turns into 8 or 10 or 12 and my one day off goes to hell to try to accomplish anything in game. Guess I'll go RL somewhere. :(
  16. gillert New Member

    Same here Kccarnage, my only day off to, they really need to be more transparent on what they r doing and how long they r doing it and WHEN they r doing it, dont think ill be paying another month
  17. skye New Member

    completely worthless update yet again
  18. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    Most important, will our pets in the game be able to show theirs inventory after patch?! =D
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  19. CatsPaws Augur

    Are you guys serious? You never noticed on your "one day off" that the Monthly patches have occurred on the 3rd Wed of the month for at least the last two years?

    It is also listed in EQ Resource Calendar in addition to the in game Calendar, notes in these forums and some other places I am missing. Yeah everyone will say they don't have time to check any of those places. Not sure what other kind of notice you want?

    Edit: or better yet take your phone calendars, word or work calendars or sticky note it on the frig with every third Wed as patch day till the end of the year.
  20. TooLo New Member

    Sounds like Ambiien
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