Daybreak, how about experimenting with nerfing PoK books?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hateseeker, May 1, 2015.

  1. Kahna Augur

    I have never understood the PoK book hate. I love em. Played a druid in classic and I spent the overwhelming majority of my time anon so I wouldn't get harrassed for ports. If I did a LFG shout I knew I was going to get one or two, "Hey, since you obviously aren't busy can you port me somewhere?" tells. When I wasn't on my druid I hated having to hunt someone down to teleport me somewhere, usually I would just run there myself, as I prefer to be self sufficient. Running somewhere for 45 minutes to an hour hugging zone walls and counting how many zone lines I passed until I got to the one I needed wasn't fun or exciting or dangerous or challenging. Spending half of my gaming session hitting numlock and watching tv, oooo fun!

    I imagine a PoK book nerf vote would go much the same way a corpse run vote went.
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  2. Religious Elder

    I'm not sure how this thread even came to be. Previous Incarnations of the TLP servers disabled the Plane of Knowledge as an accessible zone. The exception being at some point during Fippy's early game, it was possible to access the Plane of Knowledge / Guild Lobby and bind. The TLP as it's name states is a Time Locked Progression server. We ....wait for it.....progress through the expansions in order. This is not a classic server. It will never be a classic server. The moment Planes of Power is unlocked we (the playerbase) will most likely have access to the PoK via standard means.
  3. Kahna Augur

    Preeeeeetty sure he means nerfing the books when PoK is released. It is a given they won't be functional until then.
  4. fazool Augur

    Yes you absolutely did. In 1999 you absolutely passed out - they removed that early on.
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  5. Hendar2 Augur

    PoK books were not available on 2.0 until PoP opened. This is a non-issue, as they are already "pre-nerfed".
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  6. Numiko Augur

    Interesting I checked a bit and you seem to be right, guess I never noticed as back then I was a cleric and always had my supply of summoned burnt bread :)
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  7. liveitup1216 Augur

    He's talking having PoP without the PoK books.
  8. Redik2 Augur

    Daybreak can you please make it so when people log in, enter a zone, complete a quest, and reach a new level they get a fresh KEI and Haste please because I hate buffing people.

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  9. fazool Augur

    DBG, I want a "classic" original Everquest experience, just like back in the old days.....except....I don't want to waste valuable time traveling so can we get ports and world-COTH....oh and no meddding....and all full faction......and pointers to quest points and npcs......and spells upon dinging.......and no corpse runs and no XP loss.......and instant spawn mobs,.......and, well can I just log in and click the DING button to win? That would make for a very enjoyable sense of accomplishment.
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  10. Numiko Augur

    they should make it so portal haters can only make druids or wizards with disabled anon and roleplay, have a permanent title "I port for coppers!" over their head and as soon as they log in shout "anyone need a port?!" in every chat channel every 15 minutes they are logged in.
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  11. Kahna Augur

    How on earth is having PoK books when PoP goes live related to any of those thing.
  12. Trosh Augur

    I like this idea. Having a book in the Nexus and then perhaps 1 or 2 per continent would be cool. It was kinda lame when PoP launched just because it got so easy to run places, but at the same time not having to find a druid or wizzy was kinda nice.

    If they did this I'd like to see these books active:
    Great Divide

    And obviously PoT. That would be pretty neat. Would allow ppl to run places if they really needed to, but would also keep the game from feeling like it got smaller.

    Probably not going to happen, because they will just launch the expansions as-is, but I always kinda thought they should have done that in the first place. I think it will be more important for the devs to focus their limited time on stuff like making sure tradeskill recipes and out of era quests are properly adjusted.
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  13. code-zero Augur

    And make them summonable from any zone in the game whenever someone needs a port.

    /summon <ihatepokbooks>
  14. liveitup1216 Augur

    This pretty much sums up 90% of this forum.
  15. Beastro Augur

    Put the book and only portal to Luclin at the NK spires.
  16. Fallfyres Augur


    *Hugs and grins with Redik2 for completely understandable sentiment seeing some of the posts
    recently ^-^.

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