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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yukface, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Yukface New Member

    Announce that you are going to make an Agnaar version of every expansion(group of expansions), that you can transfer a character to (ie "REAL" progression servers) whenever you want for a fee...

    people like to max out their characters...most of us old schoolers are 40-60 now. I am happy to be back here @48 playing the best mmo ever created. However, 1 and 3 months are barely long enough for my full-time job a$$ to even level. I love(d) experiencing fully geared maxxed out characters during POP on Agnaar. But now I am feeling sort of dead-ended.
    Knowing that there was an Agnaar (GoD) version would alleviate that feeling. The idea that I could transfer there... (for a fee) and play to my heart's content, and then follow on later... at some point when i was ready, and transfer on to the next expansion (for a fee) would be AWESOME-SAWCE.

    The TLPs you are currently creating are just too fast for those of us who are "do everything'rs"

    Lumping some things together .. ie POP,LDON, is probably even logical.

    You guys could be making more money!!!!
    #carrotonastick - please change the way you think about TLPs... I think people will gladly pay to transfer... allow us to play at our own pace. 8 or so servers specifically setup for a "moment in expansion time" that we can transfer when we want for a fee.

    Whose in favor?
  2. MaxTheLion Augur

    "A big issue with this server is: Server and server maintenance is not free. As players suggest, we don't foresee this having a large population. Likely not enough to support the cost of the servers." - Ngreth
  3. Roxas MM Elder

    well, i am 49 with a full time job and an active social life. I got a wife too. Playing on phinny i feel that 3 months is long enough in an expansion to do everything. Do i have the best possible gear from 1 expansion ? Of course not, but after 2.5 months the content does become a bit boring and i am glad a new expac opens.
    So no, 3 months is more then enough.
  4. yerm Augur

    The heroic server needs to have like a 1 day warmup with literally only pok+gl open so people can spend the hours required to set up an 85 ui and aa set from scratch without feeling rushed to jump into the larger world.
  5. That0neguy Augur

    People can log onto test and do that and copy rename the files.

    I think people will be lost with heroic 85 characters. Especially if they have not played them to that expansion before. There are so many abilities and AA's that people will have no idea how to use them, let a lone use them effectively.
  6. Yukface New Member

    Thats cool if everyone wanted to start on Phinny, at whatever expansion its on. But for those that discover the tlps at an odd point... they do not have a logical place to start... grow... then progress. one server locked in velious... would be that. then a transfer to pop locked server... would be their next choice... then a transfer to oow.. etc...

    the argument that the population would all leave instantly and leave an empty server is illogical, as we see today that deadlocked progression servers remain viable. Guilds like that expansion, they know how to run it... their leaders remain/ or change over time... and their is a logical place for new players to gravitate too. but those servers get boring.. when you are BiS... and you want to move on.. to the next logical spot to get BiS.. AT YOUR PACE... not the predesignated speed that the community feels you should progress at.

    Its 100% logical... the point is... Roxas, you and I can both have our cake with my method. In the current TLP process... one of us finds a different game to play.

    on that note... City of Heroes is back! - google COH Homecoming!
  7. Yukface New Member

    isnt that whole,.. MAD DASH.. to be the first annoying AF anyway? it feeds the chrono farmer the chaos and greed they need to make their money. this idea eliminates that as well
  8. Accipiter Augur

    Agree to disagree. We don't get actual numbers but is Agnarr any more populated than Coirnav?
  9. Yukface New Member

    "viable" meaning - it isnt shutdown. and P99 is a very logical example.
    The argument that people do and dont remain is kind of the point.... if people were allowed to trickle in... the server would be more populated with those that are moving up and on from servers like mangler but currently there is no place to trickle in from.
    Honestly I dont even see how it is illogical. If people want the Mangler experience... it would ALWAYS be there (in this model).... clearly they want it. If some want to move on... they can to a server like agnaar... if they dont.. they can stay as long as they want. Mangler will leave 3/4's of its player base behind... as they cannot keep pace with the top guilds.... those paying players are being forgotten.

    This has always been an issue with everquest... even in original release... more than half of the players never even got to raid... as they just couldnt afford to "keep up"
  10. Machen Augur

    You guys keep opening new accounts to post this same line of arguing. I'll just refer you back to the previous 20 threads for all the reasons it won't work and would lose DBG a ton of money in the long run.
  11. Yukface New Member

    lol @ opening new accounts. dude. This account has been an account since the beginning of the game. I just haven't posted since whenever daybreak took over.. which is probably
    Member Since:

    May 14, 2015
    that date. And conveniently, if you thought it through, you may realize that what you are experiencing is all of us "returning players" finally coming to the forums after "returning" to give some much needed logical feedback

    And more to the point... it would have zero negative effect on anyone currently doing their thing... other than the chrono farmers. And a huge upside for all of us "real" returning players who have come back with the idea that we may be able to actually enjoy playing the game this time around.

    but to be fair... i did miss the post that was in the top 20 posts that was virtually the same thing. I'll defend myself by saying.. that is because i am a mmo player... not a forums troll.
  12. Darenzor Elder

    FV TLP TRUE BOX / Non True Box let the boxers box let the true boxers play on 7-15 pcs! Revamp all the loot in Classic-POP Raid gear , group gear , quest gear. You know improve crafted armor so people freak out when they get it? I hear VPs raid items = dumpster fire along with killing most dragons.... nothing like a DRU 2 hander!!!a total revamp of everything up to pop along with FV rules! I would even increase the raid mobs difficulty based on how powerful you choose to make the "revamped items"! I would even be for changing all the raid events to give ti even a fresher spin!

    Revamp all group , quest , raid gear from classic-pop
    FV rule set
    Have a true box and a boxing type of this server.
    If possible revamp/tweak all raid events
    Un nerf GOD/OOW EDIT
  13. Accipiter Augur

    No, because P99 is very different than DBG TLPs. Different itemization, different goals, different RMTers, etc.
  14. code-zero Augur

    There is absolutely nothing at all that prevents you from playing at your own pace and completing everything in an expansion before moving on to the next expansion.

    I'd say that the idea of expansion locked servers would be way worse for what the OP professes to be. He can dawdle along at his own pace and soon discover that people he'd been grouping with have all fled to the next server in line and he's sort of stuck on a dead server.

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