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  1. Branntick Elder

    You're right, I won't split hairs with you on this because you're arguing in bad faith.

    Even so, truebox servers are where botters play because that is where they stand to gain the most. There is next to zero risk to getting banned on truebox servers for botting, as evidenced by people blatantly using fully automated characters on open world raid content for months at a time.

    To clarify, if being in the vicinity of your PC(s) is the only prerequisite to not be considered a botter, then the word has lost all meaning. Being physically at your keyboard is the lowest bar possible, and that is exactly why they have chosen to draw the line there.
  2. Xanadas Augur

    Bad faith? Tell me where I'm incorrect. I'm simply laying out the facts as we all know them.

    You also must have missed the part in my post where I completely agreed that DBG needs to enforce truebox policies with extreme prejudice.
  3. Branntick Elder

    Singling out the word "modify" and disregarding the entire rest of the paragraph is a good start.

    • You may not develop, share, or use any software, program, macro, or interface that modifies the game play in any way or that gives a user any kind of advantage over other end users
    It's pretty unambiguous to me, but trust me when I say that I am well aware of the subtle wink that Daybreak/Darkpaw/SOE/Verant/whomever has given the playerbase when it comes to using these programs. They don't care.
  4. AtabishiWoW Augur

    Rofl you are trying to argue that bot programs are legal on TLP's meanwhile even seamless software is bannable on the TLP's. Go ahead, petition asking if you can even use something as simple as seamless software on the TLP and wait for a response. I'll give you time. I already know the answer cause I've talked to GM's about all of this before.

    Last response I'll even give humoring your posts as they are just completely irrelevant to TLP's.
  5. Machen Augur

    When they made a deal with eqmule to help create Truebox, for all practical purposess they expressly authorized the use of his software on live.
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  6. Branntick Elder

    Yep, which was also an entirely money motivated situation. They would have to ban 75%+ of the live playerbase.

    Truebox was supposed to be different, but it's headed in the exact same direction of live. The difference, though, is that the power is concentrated in the hands of a small few.

    I'm not sure which is worse, but the fact that they won't at least go hard to police this stuff on servers created specifically to avoid those issues is laughable.

    People have always cheated in EQ but having a literal fully automated army killing open world raid targets is a joke. An absolute joke.
  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    It really is depressing that macaroni and showmaps use is so commonplace on live servers now a days. If they aren’t going to prevent those sorts of things from being used by banning those who use them I wish they’d just update the base game to incorporate some of the most core aspects of these programs.

    For example, a better autofollow and an autofollow for NPCs that is part of the base game would be great. Having updated macro commands where you can tie a log result to an action, “you are poisoned” -> then cast a spell. Having nested macros that allow one macro to lead into another one or allow you to chain them to facilitate easier boxing without assisted programs would be nice. Ending the nonsensical “no unattended gameplay” rule especially when it comes to killing Grey cons with a mercenary. If you’re not banning full groups killing non-trivial mobs 24/7 and pulling large areas, I cannot fathom how they justify banning the guy who AFKs on 5 gray spiders to farm silk. Updating the track skill to have some advantages over those who use 3rd party hackmaps, like when starting to track you can drop an X on your ingame map and bring up a follow golden trail thing, also adding the ability to track ground spawns would be nice. It’s upsetting when rogues and monks are more effective trackers than my druid.

    But I digress. This would all take development time that only a portion of their playerbase would use since most will just keep using their macaroni and showmaps, so I’m not gonna hold my breath.
  8. Accipiter Augur

    I don't think that is correct. There's the blanket, "No 3rd party programs" line in the TOS. DBG can pick and choose what is illegal but macaroni quest surely must be on the list. That their leadership doesn't care enough to actually enforce this rule shouldn't be interpreted as consent.
  9. Alarizod New Member

    Just wanted to chime in real quick and say that I agree completely with the original post. Something more needs to be done about using "banned" third party software. I suspect that they lose more customers than they gain by allowing clearly-not-truebox-multi-accounts & people using other "banned" programs (i.e. warping / ghosting / out of control automation). Two of my IRL friends won't play another TLP with me because of it.
  10. Machen Augur

    It's not that they just don't care, it's that they fairly publicly negotiated an agreement with eqmule to allow it. It's not like they have just been silent on the matter.
  11. AtabishiWoW Augur

    None of this is even relevant to TLP's first off.

    Secondly, the agreement was two parts. DBG would allow them to use it on live as long as eqmule made it not usable on TLP's. The second part of the agreement was that it wasn't to be used on current era content on live. EQmule even had to reiterate this part of the agreement on the last 2 live expansion launches as people were using it in era on live and getting suspended/banned for it.

    Either way, what DBG allows and doesn't allow on live is completely irrelevant to this discussion as the rules are different on the TLP's.
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  12. Krimmz The Lizard Journeyman

    is this the same Atabishi whom on his phinny magelo had a picture of himself trying to look all gangsta and shi... poor mans waffle any day.
  13. AtabishiWoW Augur

    My magelo was an inside joke that you aren't privy to, but thanks for remembering =) as that's the point.
  14. Xanadas Augur

    The entire discussion is predicated on the fight against "botters and cheaters" on TLPs, so yeah it's relevant to TLPs.

    Truebox TLPs have a much different and stricter ruleset - I'm not debating that. I'll point out what I pointed out to the other guy - my entire premise in my OP is that we're talking about non-truebox TLPs - as that is the more likely ruleset of the next server to come out (IMHO). I've said it twice now but I'll say it again: Truebox servers should be policed to the Nth degree for ANY software assisted boxing violators.

    I'm also not lobbying for or against the use of extra tools. I'm simply stating observations over the last few years. Whenever the subject comes up on the forums, they tread very carefully in order to placate both sides. As soon as they say any use of extra tools is bannable (truebox notwithstanding - I made my point about that above), then they will be clobbered over the head by the anti-boxers until they are forced to take action. Instead, they answer the "is it bannable?" question with the phrase "cannot be unattanded gameplay". The anti-boxers don't like this answer, so they continue to complain that boxers are ruining their own lands, and they'll not ruin mine.
  15. Xanadas Augur

    I should have been clearer. I'm speaking not in contrast to their TOS, but in contrast to what they actually do enforce and activity for which they will ban people.

    One thing to keep in mind about their TOS, though, is that a lot of those "Ye shall not..." lines end with "... except where authorized by Daybreak".
  16. KegadinIsGod Journeyman

    PVP solves this problem.
  17. Meridian Augur

    That's assuming that krono bots will go to a dead server with no one to buy their stuff (spoiler : they won't).
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  18. Machen Augur

    Not all the TLP's are truebox...

    But I agree it is not relevant for truebox servers.
  19. Risiko Augur

    It's doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something truly shady is going on when the cheaters do their thing 24 hours a day 365 days a year with immunity while anybody that messes with them get dealt with instantly.

    Come on. Connect the dots, accept it, and move on.

    Either it bothers you enough to quit playing the game, or it does not. Either way, they aren't ever going away no matter how much you complain about it.
  20. Hirbow Elder

    People complain of botters ruining the economy of new TLP’s, but no one complains about people starting the server with their 200-400 Kronos from the last 5 TLP’s that they banked. What is the point of doing a NEW TLP if you come with your banked Kronos from 5 TLP’s ago? Stop being cynical and just transfer the 300,000 Plat also that people have banked ..

    Bringing old Kronos to new servers are just as toxic as the 30 afk botters in Hill Giant Hill ...
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