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    Greetings everyone!

    Darkfires is always recruiting new members of all classes and levels.

    Darkfires isn't your average guild. We are not elitists, we do not tolerate drama, we do not use mischief, deceit, or any other malicious methods of recruiting, we do not operate on greed, we do not promote or condone hate, and we are not a place where folks can join and immediately start demanding free stuff or power levels.

    What is Darkfires?
    1. Darkfires is a casual progression guild that also has weekly events ranging from the occasional raids and roleplaying to PvP tournaments and more. We all have lives, therefore our events are not promised. We are casual above all. Our primary focus is gaining cheese (achievements) in all content both old and new without skipping over things just because the reward isn't beneficial.

    2. Darkfires is a guild that welcomes players from all walks of life and never discriminates. Those that do are removed. Are you black, asian, gay, lesbian, transgender, or anything else and have trouble finding a home in EQ that welcomes you for who you are rather than what you are? Darkfires is a home for you! Racism, bigotry, bullying, and the like are not and never will be welcome here.

    3. Darkfires is a small guild that prefers skill and loyalty over numbers. We'd rather have folks that take the time to get to know their class and play it like a pro and be loyal to us. We're not just guild members, we're friends who would never desert each other just because some other guild is "better" or offers more. That is what being loyal is all about! Not a pro? No worries! We'll turn you into one if you're loyal.

    4. Darkfires is a patient guild. We are not about getting to the end of the game as fast as possible. We are not about getting all of the best stuff and having that mindset that anything below the best is worthless. We are not about gaining the fastest experience possible by frequently visiting the same places all the time. We enjoy mixing it up! This is Everquest, this isn't a race to see who gets to the end first. If you're all about raiding, getting the best stuff, fast exp all the time everytime, then we're not the guild for you.

    5. Darkfires is a guild that operates solely through its website. Want to know our schedule? It's on our website... Want to know how much raid currency you've earned? It's on our website... Want to know anything about us at all? It's on our website... Members who join and use the website regularly are the ones who don't have to ask questions that are already answered on our site. A lil bit of reading goes a long way. We're not here to spoon feed folks who don't feed themselves.

    Come join me and take a ride through my world! If you're not an elitist, in a rush, or someone who grades every aspect of a guild expecting perfection that you'll never find, you will not be disappointed. We do have a target type of player, our rules weed out the rest. :D


    Llux aka Cloeyy aka Chanelle aka Angelyz
  2. Raludar Apprentice

    What expansion are you looking to start in?
  3. VZRetro Lorekeeper

    Hello Raludar! I've revamped my OP to reflect new changes. Number 4 answers your question (SoD) :D

    I would like to thank those who read my OP and chose us as their new home in EQ. We are doing very well! Currently we have 14 raid target wins and only 2 losses (3-24-16), and our members are learning and performing very well! I am humbled and appreciative to have as much support as I do. Without you all, I could not have brought my vision to life. So thank you!

    As always, more people are welcome here. We are not just a guild, we are a home.
  4. VZRetro Lorekeeper


    We are now over 300 total members (this includes alts), current raid record is 28 wins and 6 losses, our official website is up and running, we have a Mithril Point (MP) system in place for raid loot bidding, special raid team rank with perks for sticking to the requirements for that rank, a member of the month program, and more!

    Best of all, we do not require new members to fill out an application just to join the guild. You want in? You're in! There are rules to follow once you're in, and they are not anything hard to follow or anything out of the ordinary. And we do enforce them to keep our home free of troublemakers and drama so that our home is enjoyable for everyone. Skeptical? Come check us out and see! We are not just another guild on the server I assure you!

    Already have a small guild that wants to expand its horizons? Check out our merger policy located on our public forums along with the rest of our guild information.

    Join us! http://darkfiresfv.proboards.com

    PS. Currently seeking more level 90+ Bards, Enchanters, Clerics, Shamans, and Wizards for raiding.
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    Sounds like a wonderful guild.

  6. VZRetro Lorekeeper

    OP updated on 7-6-16

    Edit: Current raid record is 32 wins and 6 losses. Current expansions focused on are Underfoot and House of Thule.
  7. VZRetro Lorekeeper

    Updated some of the guild info located within our public forum.

    Seeking more raiders lvl 90 or above. We are currently raiding House of Thule content as well as progressing thru group and solo content.