Damsel Defeated! Inverse Logic Recruiting

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  1. Shiea Augur

    Are you looking for an elite raiding guild to call home? Are you a returning player looking to get back into current content? Are you looking for a change, and a positive one? Then WE are the right fit for you!

    WE are INVERSE LOGIC on the Luclin server. At this time, we are looking to recruit a few new members to add to our roster. Our current needs are:
    Wizard - Medium Need
    Cleric - High Need
    Ranger - Low Need
    Beastlord - Low Need
    Bard - Low Need
    We will of course always consider exceptional applicants but do request that you have an updated Magelo before applying.

    We are currently farming the 4 "entry events", including Damsel of Decay, in The Broken Mirror as well as the revamps of Plane of Hate & Fear.

    You can visit our website at www.il-guild.com and click the Apply banner at the top for more information. If you have any questions of any nature, you can direct them to the following individuals: Luclin.Shiea, Luclin.Ergon, Luclin.Eico and Luclin.Phyros.
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  2. Shiea Augur

    Bump! Still looking for a wizard or two, a cleric or two and maybe one more bard.
  3. Shiea Augur

    Post updated:

    Cleric need is HIGH. If you are looking to raid as a cleric, please contact luclin.Shiea, Ergon, Phyros or Eico.