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  1. Tuffgong New Member

    "Recruiting is open for all levels - providing you are the right fit.

    If you are of raiding level, our class needs are a bit more specific.
    We are looking for a shaman and dps of all kinds. And wizzys (mains - I'm dreaming I know lol)"

    Wizard Main 58 - 100s raiding hours (maybe 1000+) - Walterr/Lebowskii/Jackii is a friend and former guildee. I like to raid more than he does. I like to group as well. Pacific time zone. Evenings and weekends.
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  2. Valencia Lorekeeper

    They DO exist!! :D
  3. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Fun times last night! We got Severilous, Talendor downed on the first pull and Gorenaire to 50% ish. Rounded out the night with VS, VSR and Phinny for epic stuff.
  4. Valencia Lorekeeper

    We are happy to report that Vindi went down to us on Monday 8/1 and we killed Tormax, Vindi again AND Statue on 8/4!! We thought to practice on the Statue - Had a bad pull, it came with two guards, tanks ran out of discs... but we managed to keep our cool and take him down. Even had the support in /ooc from FI - cheering us on. There was EQ bonding happening last night. Great night and made new friends!!

    Meanwhile the search goes on for raiding bards - wtb some bards!!
    (all levels and classes welcome though) :)
  5. Tesani New Member

    We are happily recruiting all classes on Lockjaw server! We try to be a low drama, high fun type of guild. Last Thursday, 9/1/2016, we killed Dozekar for the first time and looted some precious tears from our kill. Tonight, 9/5/2016, we killed Trakanon for his teeth and looted a Cloak of Piety which we hope to have many more of in time. Come join the raiding fun! Though if you're not interested in raiding, then join us anyway because we enjoy casual grouping as well.

    If you're interested please send tells or in game mail (preferred) to Delylah or Tenasi with times when you might be available. Thank you!
  6. Tesani New Member

    Hello! I'm glad to report that we had a flawless Trakanon pull this past monday! Congrats to all that got teeth for their Veeshan Peak keys. I'd like to welcome the new and returning members of our guild and I hope to see more people soon! To those of you reading this post, we are a high fun and low drama guild that likes to help guildies be the best they can be. We raid twice a week but it is NOT mandatory attendance though we hope you'll join us in time.

    If you're interested in joining our guild please send an in game mail to Delylah, Tenasi or Valencia with times you might be available for a chat! Thank you!
  7. Roxxanna Augur

    Is that Tennessee?
  8. Valencia Lorekeeper

    I think she pronounces it Te NAS ee. Roxx :)
    Just bumping our thread to include recent activity: We are doing Ring Wars, Doze, Trak, Vindi as often as possible. We don't just do raids, we do group events, quest stuff and epic stuff.
    Wtb Mages, Bards, and a Cleric.
    ALL raiding types are welcome though - we will make room or dust off an alt for balance. Look up Valencia or Delylah in game if you want to learn more.
  9. Roxxanna Augur

    I know, I like to tease her, and I'm still working on LJ, after Luclin hits I should accelerate my leveling as I'm more familiar with that expansion.
  10. Exmortis_MT Elder

    Just a friendly bump, we are still going strong on LJ!

    Come check us out.
  11. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Just a friendly bump! We are still recruiting and going strong. We are plowing NTOV through Vulak, killing all of Velious mobs and moving our way through Luclin bosses. Recruiting is open to all levels and classes though. When not raiding we are heavily into groupage. Come grow with us - we often have our noob alts on during weekend morning hours.
  12. Coffee Journeyman

    Hey coming back to the game. Going to roll on Lockjaw as the idea of slow progression sounds the best. I dont hate boxers. Thinking about duoing to help me level as I imagine groups are hard to come by at low levels. Are enchanters overcrowded? That is what I would like to play but not if there is already plenty.
  13. Siffo New Member

    Greetings and well met.

    Thank you Undercat for sharing your time (and buffs) with me.

    We both shared an interest as to whether I would be interested in becoming a member of the guild and if we were a good fit. Unfortunately RL intruded before I could share information about my self.

    Siffo was my very first character in EQ on the Firiona Vie server (it was a RP server and you could only have one character per account.) I first entered the world of EQ when the Kunark expansion came out. Siffo was a Halfling Rogue. I spent 21 levels in the Misty Thicket ( I had a really traumatic experience the first time I tried to go through Kithicor Forest...at night.). It wasn't just all the corpses of Quea my friend the druish princes (long story) who had left a day earlier to see more of the world....it was just down right terrifying.

    My first guild was Saga, a heavy RP guild. Fun but I wanted to see more. I think it was Tribulation next where four of us formed the the Horsemen. From there it was on to Fire and Fury a hard core raiding guild.

    I restarted as a Wizzy to try something new and still ended back in Fire and Fury a second time.

    The Horseman moved on to EQ2 when it came out.

    Since then I have played Vanguard, Rift Both Star Wars, Rift, Tera, Guild Wars 2 but I always end up back up at EQ.

    I am not into drama, I enjoy RP as game play but rarely get into it for the RP it self (I am RP lite).

    I don't do drama (maybe a little as RP if that is what the scenario is.). I am an adventurer, gear and loot is nice (As an HC raider I have had some of the best over the years) but I am more interested in going, seeing and doing things the most.

    I have never trained or griefed anyone on purpose, although as part of a HC raid guild I have been part of disrupting entire zones as we moved through during raid calls. My friend Shissahop (Froglok Shammy) once managed to aggro the entire zone of Mons Letalis. I have never seen so many mobs chasing one player.

    Personal info: I am male, 56 years old (yes I am ancient for a gamer), I live in SoCal with my wife, daughter and two and half dogs. Penn and Teller are dogs, the jury is still out on Mazzy. I have an odd work schedule. I work 12 hour rotating shifts, three days on three days off and it swaps from days and nights every ten weeks. Makes it hard to arrange regular groups.

    There is a lot more but that should give you a general idea.

  14. Valencia Lorekeeper

    Hi All!! Just a bump to let you know we are out there, and still recruiting. We are going strong. Both group centric and raiding 3 nights. (not mandatory attendance)
    Just killed Emperor last week! Working on getting into Candyland and PoP stuff!
    Send anyone a tell if you are interested in learning more about us.