1. ARCHIVED-katieannikins Guest

    Tring to install the game and after the download has finished from the patcher I am getting the message that d3dx9_30.dll is missing.

    Any ideas?
  2. ARCHIVED-Sarkaukar-Povar Guest

    1. Get the February 2007 DirectX 9.0C redistributable version (Caution: Download is about 52 MB) at: February 20076 Directx 9c Redistribution Package 2. Run directx_feb2007_redist.exe. Extract the files to an easily identifiable directory. This is the 1st most important part, getting the right file. Create folders like these, c:\directx or c:\download\directx, then extract the package into it. 3. Go to the directory the files were extracted to in step and Run "DXSETUP.EXE" from that directory. This is the 2nd most important part, going to the right directory and actually running setup program. 4. Accept the license agreement. Allow the installer to update the DirectX components.
  3. ARCHIVED-katieannikins Guest

    Ok thanks for that, seems to of worked :)

    However have a new problem now, as soon as I get to the EULA page the mouse pointer shoots off to the top left of the page and wont move. I use control alt and delete and I get control of the mouse back but when I press on either Accept or Decline the EULA nothing happens, in other words I'm stuck at the EULA page.

    Any suggestions?

  4. ARCHIVED-Sarkaukar-Povar Guest

    If using XP, make sure it has been updated to SP2. To try to get into game before that, use tab key to cycle through selection and then enter key. Other than that, will need the dxdiag/msinfo as requested in sticky at top of forum.
  5. ARCHIVED-Klotar-SoF Guest

    Oddly enough, new computers were still being sold with this dll missing (not super recently, since all new pc's come with Vista now). Worse yet, Windows update doesn't add this missing dll to your installation.
  6. ARCHIVED-WingRider_01 Guest

    [p] Not surprising, unless the end user is a gamer they will probably never know that these optional modules are missing. Normally on a stand alone game, the game will automaticly load the optional modules during the setup process, this can't be done by eq, since people would start screaming privacy violation when they realize the game is placing files outside of the install directory. [/p][p]As far as Vista goes it is missing also you have to run the install to get it and the other missing optional modules - again, Vista ships with a different version of Directx 9 - DX9 .0EX rather then DX 9.0c, again the same senario is present as in the first example. Since they are optional modules for directx 9, neither Windows Update nor the newer Microsoft update will load them, since they are not normally used, or loaded with the application when it is required. The full directx 9 contains the option modules, just like the dxwebsetup.exe from the www.microsoft.com/directx link. The update program is smart enough to understand that it is being installed on Vista and adjust itself accordingly.[/p]

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