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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Elemental, Apr 4, 2022.

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  1. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Or you just can't play the game.
  2. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Oh I hope there are lawsuits on that!

  3. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    When I see this happening, I'll actually have fun splitting up the autobots to watch the mechanic self distruct. :)

    Sometimes I will hit mobs to 55 % and 'let them get away' while the autobots finish it off auto pulling my mobs and I get exp. Easy killing.
  4. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Instead of wasting your time, you should just change servers. You must have a reason to stay durin this long evolution of issue to cause players to get banned.
  5. Elemental Augur

    Just wondering is it illegal to not allow subscribers to log into their suspended accounts and cancel their subscriptions? 5 of my 9 accounts I was able to cancel, the 4 that were suspended, Everquest does not allow you the ability to log into them, and just so happens they auto renewed. Everquest you are really pushing a thin line here that will cause some legal issues.....
  6. kookoo Augur

    there should one or several servers where you can use 3rd party software to help you to box, since they greatly advantage those using them vs others who box without 3rd party software .

    easy to see who are using them, they are all attacking , casting , sitting at same time,

    and since it help a lot using them , ( faster killing , missions being much easier using them ) , kronos could not be transferable to other servers,
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  7. Svann2 The Magnificent

    You should petition!
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  8. Elemental Augur

    Some servers have full populations where finding groups is more relevant. Other servers that don't have this type of population (Due to neglect of any type of enhancement, improvement, or any type of attention from the Developers) what exactly are you supposed to do. Your options are very limited, you can stand around doing nothing, hang out with your merc and be very limited. You can box a character to have 2 mercs(Woweeeeee). The reality is some of us want to be able to log in and actually play this game so we have multiple accounts we subscribe to. The reality is that if everquest didn't neglect their servers that need the most attention then there wouldn't be a need for players to invest in 6+ accounts just to have the same everquest experience as someone who can only play 1 account and have the same type of experience.
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  9. Elemental Augur

    Or I could just file a lawsuit because I guarantee and know 100% its illegal for a company to not allow its customers the ability to unsubscribe from their subscriptions. The alternative would be a charge back which I would make sure my bank went back as far as possible. This charge is unauthorized as it states and the post previously shown my intent to cancel my subscriptions on my accounts, as well as the subscriptions on my previous 5 accounts have been canceled so the intent that is displayed in my original post shows true.
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  10. Corvo Accidental Puller of Dracoliche

    I thought you were leaving?
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  11. Cicelee Augur

    Automation allows one person to potentially play six characters at once with a high level of efficiency and success.

    Now, compare that to alt Tab (which I do). If I was to play magician/enchanter for example, I would have to be tabbing back and forth a lot during a battle. Yes I could create a hotkey that casts a couple spells in a row, but I would not be able to react to a situation on that toon. It can do some things, but not a lot.

    Now compare that to mercs, which are fully automated. However, mercs can perform basic tasks. They don't have the player reaction, they don't have the player toolkit available to them. They can do the basics, but clearly are not as good as what a player can do.

    As I have mentioned multiple times before, I box a max AA/raid gear magician and a bard. With two healer mercs, I can pretty much do anything in the group game outside of missions. Mercs are my automation. If I did not have mercs available, I would HAVE to group up with others in order to accomplish anything current content in game.

    I see how powerful four characters are (2 PC 2 merc) together. Now take 6 PC together. We have already established how much more powerful and better a PC is compared to a merc. We also know how much easier and better automation is compared to alt Tab (imagine trying to alt Tab six toons at once). Now go and automate 5 of the 6 characters with software or hardware. That six player group can now do ANYTHING in the game group wise. And all of it being done by one person controlling one character.

    And that is the crux of the issue with automation and the hardware/software that allows it. One person now can do the work of six, they don't need anyone else. And in a MMORPG that was designed for people to work and play together, automation clearly defeats that premise.

    I am glad you say the automation botting community looks at AFK botting/boxing as wrong. Cool. But that community doesn't look at automation the same way. And they should, because automation in any sort is detrimental to the game. Yes, even my mage/bard/merc/merc is detrimental to the game- if I want to not invite anyone into my group, I can still do anything in the group game outside of missions. If I did not have my mercs, then I would have to invite people in order to accomplish things.

    And that is what the creators and developers of EQ want.
  12. Elemental Augur

    I seen a guy on twitch 28 boxing with isoboxer and this is not considered automation give me a break here.
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  13. Elemental Augur

    Besides the fact almost 10k views in less than a week obvious this is a very relevant topic
  14. Cicelee Augur

    Or a lot of of people were just coming back to laugh at some of the responses in the thread. This isn't a YouTube video that someone watches 100 times because they like that 2 minute long clip. This is a thread that is changing daily, even hourly. So you have to view it multiple times to catch up on the responses.

    It is probably 145 people coming back to this thread 80 times on average. Or something like that.
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  15. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Just do a chargeback at this point. The action will get your accounts banned but you don’t seem to mind based on your comments.
  16. 666DPSweDeliver Augur

    You will lose this lawsuit, nothing they are doing is illegal. There is no US law requiring them to allow you to log in and cancel an account. Even suspended you have 2 legal methods of cancelling, directly contact customer service to cancel the accounts or dispute the charge thru the credit card company (and be perma banned for doing so). Judge will laugh you out of the courtroom and you will be out legal fees which well exceed the cost you could potentially recoup.
  17. Chikkin Augur

    Just silly Joke:

    I just want to know if ShowEQ is allowed? Did they remove the message in Plane of Hate yet? -- Just being silly, not serious. is SEQ even still in existence? lol.

    Unecessary Intro/disclaimer/life story/TL;DR bloat:


    Came here to read about Vaniki server after seeing it on MassivelyOP website. One of those on again-off again players since 2003, mega hardcore 99-2003. Anyway, saw that a "good bye post" was getting a lot of comments, so read up on it.

    So! All this "isb is allowed now, as long as you use common sense" is new to me.

    The last 3-5 times I played over the past 5 years, I have always played 1-4 accounts, and usually a sweet spot of 2-3. But i do the old school way, no, not multiple PC's (though I did have that in the early 2000's lol)) but multiple windows.

    To be able to manage this, I usually just play a class that can tank/snare whatever as my main, even if I don't wan to, and my other windows are more like heal-bots or buff-bots. -- Fortunately, as we all know, this is manageable, but a lot of hard work. Clicking*

    The real question, seemingly maybe a good thread idea?

    Perhaps this is the year, that I learn how to use ISB? I think the other one that is bad, is still mack-row q right? Dont need confirmation, was just trying to figure it out from reading the posts. If ISB is allowed on non-truebox servers, and/or any other stuff that helps with multi-boxing that I'm out of the loop on, is there a good post somewhere in this forum, or a website that has a Dummies Guide to using it, and what "legal" things you can do with it?

    I went ahead and bookmarked the May 25th date, and probably pay for 2-4 gold accounts (and make it 6 with 3 mercs, this is my usual way) and just play solo (because of real life time, and not being tied to groups/people depending on you) and such, but if there is an allowed program, that I can use to handle mob placement or taunting or healing, or snaring, or sit/medding or all the other stuff that causes you to have to quickly alt-tab or click another window on my 2 screen setup (ya, i still do it the hard way) ... can someone point me to that post, or make a reply here?

    This thread seemed to be talking about ISB being allowed now, and what is and isn't cheating, so that's why I wrote it here, but if you think other people would benefit from this before the new servers come out, please either make a thread, or tell me to, and I will.

    Much love to all you fellow players, and much love to Absor, and JChan (wow, I can't believe you're still bringing the positive energy since Holly left) and maybe (probably) see you guys in May!

    The real TL;DR: Hi, What all can a person do to help their boxing of 2-4 accounts on one pc, with ISB and not be banned? aka, what makes it worth it, and how do you do it?
  18. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    At the end of the day some people want to be social and some don't. I realize this was made as a social game, and I played back in the Kunark-LoY days and really enjoyed the social aspect when there was time to do it (still in HS, no job, etc). I barely have time to talk to my RL friends these days. I am sure many others are like me and just want to log on for a bit, enjoy the game and log off. I got from 1-100 without any social interaction using no 3rd party assistance and would have just quit if I had no other option.

    I am not saying it is right, or how it should be, just trying to give my point of view on the matter.
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  19. Gormgeous Elder

    I'm not 100% but you can't use ISB on Vaniki. It is truebox and ISB is for multiple accounts per PC.

    Well I guess you could use it 3 times on 3 machines to run 1 instance each to use the quality of life features it allows but that wouldn't be much point?
  20. Kovachs Lorekeeper

    It wouldn't be a proper farewell if I didn't ask -- Can I have your stuff?
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