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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. wingz-83 Augur

    They have altered the deal, pray they do not alter it any further.

  2. Celebairn New Member

    One way that this might be a bit more palatable would be to change the one item restriction slightly. As it stands it appears to be a fairly big change in the benefits of a gold account, and not for the better. As some previous posters have mentioned, I know people who are not currently active who keep their account paid all the time because they'll be back when they're done whatever game they're on right now, and they'll have a little nestegg when they return.

    I would suggest at least this small change: make it so you are allowed to claim one item per month over a 500SC limit (items tallied by descending order). So if I want to buy 150SC items, I can get 4... because only the 4th one exceeds the 500SC threshold. If I buy a 1200SC item, that's my one item for the month. This system would at least not be a step back for people who like low-cost items, although it doesn't address those who prefer to save up for larger items.

    Implementation of this idea would require a basic shopping cart function in the store so that people could put all their items for the month in one transaction. The cart would simply start tallying up from most cost to least (300SC, 150SC, 100SC... etc) and validate that only the last item breaks 500. Without a cart, it would be possible to game the system by buying 450SC of items and then buying a large item last.

    ~Celebairn of Fennin Ro
  3. Melanippe Augur

    Quoted from the OP by Piestro, emphasis mine :

    "Nearly all items within the games’ Marketplace will be available for this selection. Players Studio, bundles and additional exclusions may apply."

    It would appear that the change WILL exclude Players Studio items in addition to bundles and , as yet, unnamed additional exclusions, therefore one wonders why one would even mention them as having anything whatsoever to do with the coming change.
  4. Tyranthin Journeyman

    The new system will benefit me more than the current system does. Therefore, I support it.
  5. Kezlek Journeyman

    Ooooo we finally got a look at the 2nd part of the expansion, Hate Rising. Very apt name I might add, but having a nerf as a part of an expansion seems a bit Verantish
  6. Nadiil Journeyman

    Way to go guys. Instead of trying to make your product more attractive, entice new players, new money, let's create bad feelings in the existing player base by trying to squeeze a few more dollars from them through some shady change in contract and underhanded tactics.
    My opinion of SOE is getting worse by the minute.

    Please, give me an example. Maybe it will help to ease the anger I'm feeling right now.
  7. Mrkek Journeyman

    Thanks alot for this change.

    Can add ornament and mount for new chars every 1 max 2 months.

    You have 2000 Points TO START WITH if You need to buy that one item. Which is 4 months saving up in the first Place.
  8. Phoebes New Member

    Max Bayle Marks you can presently buy is for 1000 SC. Double the amount and charge 2000 SC and I suspect a lot of people would be happy with the new system (I most certainly would :) .
  9. Fendy Augur

    There are some wall sections on the marketplace for 25SC. Under the current system I can buy 20 sections all at once (20 times 25SC = 500SC). Under the new system it will take 20 months to buy the same amount of wall sections. Imagine how long it will take to decorate a house or guild hall for frostfell buying only one item a year since the items are seasonal.
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  10. Claan Elder

    I do NOT like this change.

    Nadiil said it well:

    "Way to go guys. Instead of trying to make your product more attractive, entice new players, new money, let's create bad feelings in the existing player base by trying to squeeze a few more dollars from them through some shady change in contract and underhanded tactics.
    My opinion of SOE is getting worse by the minute."
  11. Lejit New Member

    ok so if i bought krono from in game i would not get the SC am i correct?
  12. Lejit New Member

    I honestly don't like this either. They already ruined everything great about EQ.Sigh... Miss xev server :(
  13. MasterMagnus Augur

    Reposting this as it got one less like (on page 39 of the PlanetSide 2 forums) than the initial SOE post did.

    And it contains my suggestion which seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

    my suggestion: Do not give ANY SC per month. Yes that's right 0 SC grant.
    Don't de-value your currency by giving it away for free.

    Make all SC purchased with real dollars and let the player speak with their wallet. Allow the players to buy player made items if they want, not 'throw away value' on a coupon with a value 'up to' xSC.

    @Luperza I didn't mean to miss you in my initial post, as it's obvious you've been doing hard duty all weekend also.

  14. Hawklight Yandli Elder

    As a paying customer I would prefer to have a choice ("play my way") of what I would like to choose:

    a) continue to get 500 SC / month


    b) a reward once a month that does not carry over

    Taking away choice reduces value. Both have benefits and drawbacks, let me choose what's best for my play choices.
  15. Trazzlo Elder

    Lots of people gave examples, me included. *IF* SOE were to give me the choice of which system to pick each month, I would most likely go with the new model each month. It depends on how they iron out issues with low priced items and which items can eventually be bought, and whether it includes sales and that sort of thing.

    But, overall, if we can buy character slots, hero's forge, bale marks, experience potions etc, and the occasional bags on sale then I think I am pretty much set and will get a fairly large net benefit.

    Also, I don't demand to maximize my benefits each month. Anything near 500sc is fine, anything over is gravy.

    Plus these perks are simply for people with recurring memberships. That isn't a terribly high bar to pass.
  16. Draego Augur

    Notice that at the very end, Lando finally shuts up accepts the deal and it stops getting worse. Nice double edged post Wingz.
  17. Draego Augur

    According to everything that has been said, that is correct. You would not get free SC on a monthly basis.

    The issue concerning Krono and its consumption is this: Krono is not a reoccuring charge, should you exceed the amount of days available from a single Krono purchase your account would automatically slip to F2P standards.
  18. Axxius Augur

    WOOT! We have somebody who likes this new change!! After 400+ posts of overwhelming disapproval, there is a player who actually wants this to happen. Whew, now SOE marketing can summarily dismiss all the protests - at least 1 person approves of their work. :)

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  19. sojuu Augur

    Just wanted to add my name to the list who are not in favor of this
  20. Hoosierdaddy Lorekeeper

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