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  1. Healiez Augur

    If it took you 6 hours to get 30% of 50 you were in a absolutely horrible group...

    With the bonus I did 59-60 in about 3 hours 30 minutes... That was WITHOUT an "optimal" group...

    Monk, mage, paladin, shaman, rogue, bard. That would have taken me just under 6 hours without the 70% bonus....
  2. Olden New Member

    I want to complain about the exp but I think it's fair. It's just that I don't want to play the game as much as I used to. I signed up a few days before bonus exp ended. I still had to kill around 600 bats, wolves, and wasps to get level 7. I don't want to spend 3-4 hours a night killing hundreds and hundreds mobs, scraping a few pp to get the next level and do it again. I find nothing exciting about old world exp grinds so have to concede Phinny is not for me.
  3. Wintermalo Augur

    Well killing level 1-3 mobs at level 5-7 wasn't a great strategy there champ. Might want to reconsider that next time.
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  4. Fhiele Augur

    XP rate sucks. voting with feet.
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  5. Olden New Member

    Sorry, and Orcs. News flash genius, no one is grouping up at level 1-6. I have a few pieces of cloth and a rusty sword just what the f am I supposed to do.

    Don't need to answer because I've moved on.
  6. Tulgin Augur

    Can I have your rusty sword?
  7. Balorf Journeyman

  8. Mashef_8013 Elder

    point is i had a bunch of quality player friends sign up during double exp and they already quit again. DBG for some reason does not understand simple business model. Boost exp to what RF/LJ was .. You will still sell a exp potions and have more subs = good business. Smedley and his crew were released because they fought instances. After his release the team was forced to created instances. Soon they will be forced to increase exp. just get it over with already.
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  9. Balorf Journeyman

  10. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    There's really no right answer on this. Too slow and the casuals can't get up in levels. Too fast and the casuals log onto a server that is exclusively max level (even twinks and alts), lowering the longevity of the server in terms of attracting players who didn't roll at launch. A good middle ground gets the best of both worlds, as opposed to the worst, but one person's middle ground is another person's poorly-tuned XP.
  11. nicemace Journeyman

    im a super casual. play a bit in the weekend but each night probably a couple of hours at best. a lot of nights dont play at all.

    i missed all the double xp weekends, only got about 5 days of the bonus xp just been.
    i play in exclusively 3 - 4 man groups that are FAR FROM optimal.

    im just about to tick over to 58.
    the exp isn't BAD. its not easymode but its not even close to being as bad as classic.
    you just need to change your mindset. stop thinking you need to be the guy at the top of the server farming all the loots with naggy on farm mode collecting dem CoF's or something.

    find something you enjoy. and do it.
    if raiding end game and collecting all the loots is the only way you enjoy the game then maybe you should check out WoW. this is not a dig at you. this just may not be what you want.
  12. Zhuge Liang New Member

    I have no problem with the exp, cause i actually remember how it was back in the day. This is faster.

    However i think the exp, in relation to the quick unlock-rate of expansions, is making lots of people think twice.

    I just lvl'ed my first char in years 1-30 on this server during exp week, and i was slacking and soloing quite a bit, but most of the people i played with has either quit since the bonus stopped, or just stopped playing those alt characters.

    There's still lowbies around to group with, but i've seen 5-6 people just stop logging in, in the short time i've been playing. So there's certainly some people that can't take the exp rates. I have also logged in only a few hours after the exp bonus went away, a bit hard to get into it now, for some reason.

    Alot of the guys playing from the start of server might not know how bad it is for lowbies now, as you had exp from quests still whilst lvl'ing i believe, a central part of the game's design, basically useless now.

    I kinda want to keep the exp rates, as things will matter less somewhat if everyone just got max lvl easily, but there is no question that it is causing a stream of players to leave, meaning the lvl'ing environment on this server is not great, and that's not conductive to the servers long-term health.
  13. DuchessElindra Elder

    Define slow.

    1- It is faster to do 1-60 here than 1-105 on live.
    2- It is much faster to do it on Phinny than it was on 1999.
    3- It is incredibly faster than on other "official fan emulated servers"

    Now yes, it is much slower than... I dont know, faster things.
  14. Kiani Augur

    Phinigel is slower than Ragefire and Lockjaw, I think that's the main issue. If they had started out that slowly, nobody would have really minded or noticed, but people rerolling on Phinny from the other servers noticed the difference.
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  15. Weverley Augur

    I play during the bonus xp.I play yesterday without the bonus xp.I was in unrest during bonus made it to level 29 from level 10 during that time.Yesterday i was in lower guk in some good groups and some non optimal groups it was bumpy but i'm sitting at level 34 atm.Could be worst in my opinion.I can see myself in the mid 40s for the next weekend.Seems like enough xp to not run out of things to do before velious come. Might have the time to level a few more characters too.
  16. Kiris Journeyman

    Care to enlighten us about how geared the players were (epics?), where the camp was, and if everyone was pretty much 58-60?

    I was in a good group at king during 59 and even at our fastest killing (enchanter charm pet, epiced rogue, chain pulls) I was getting about 15% / hour . Maybe more like 12-15%.
  17. Numiko Augur

    The question is, are you having fun playing on the server or are you not?

    If you are, who cares what level you are, there are plenty of people to group with at all levels still and many fun places to explore and camp, lower end raids to do and many guilds you can join.

    If you are not having fun, I would say try another server, lots to choose from, some like Firona Vie even have Bonus exp over the other live servers!
  18. Dalinair New Member

    While I most of the bonus xp days due to a holiday, I actually think the XP rate is mostly fine on phinny and I dont mind that it's slow, plus I also work and only have a few hours a night for a group as well.

    One thing I do think they should change though is the XP rate from levels 1-10, it is horrible at that range and you can rarely get into a group especially before 6, 2-6 are utter hell levels it feels like any new player would run a mile at. I see no reason why the first 10 levels or so should be so painful, after that you can group up and its how the game is meant to be played, when you are level 5 and hunting blue trash in your newbie gear for hours on end, that really sucks.
  19. Healiez Augur

    Juggs, 59 shaman, 58 mage/monk, 57 rogue, 56 paladin, 54 bard... all epic except bard.

    Just to answer your question, see my magelo to get an idea of the gear the group had
  20. Finchy Augur

    i'm not so sure about can get to 105 pretty damn fast. you can get to 92-94 in under a day...the last 10 or so lvls actually aren't all that bad either....granted this is if you know people and not just grinding it yourself ;)