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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Noteefs, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Explicit Augur

    There's always a choice with armor, people pick cultural knowing the downside. Some are lucky enough to still have class-specific armor and through some error are granted full stats on those types of charms
  2. Battleaxe Augur

    Getting raid T4 armor requires beating T4 raids. Getting cultural doesn't.

    Going cultural has intended advantages and disadvantages. I have to believe if it was intended for that charm to work with cultural armor it would not have had the restrictions it had. Usually there's even charms that say, gets more powerful during daylight hours. Obviously they would be better if it instead said, maxed all the time.

    Had you wanted to appeal to a developer's urge to be "even handed" (Iksar have an advantage in this case - they have disadvantages in other cases) you coulda PM'd one. By posting publicly you run the risk that some will disagree with your points - I for example think cultural is far to good for how early it's available especially given the lowish cost for producing it. I'm kinda grateful that I had less competition for that charm.
  3. tn_war Journeyman

    OK, I understand what you're saying. But there's always been pros and cons to almost every race and/or class and some race/class combos (in your case). That's just the way it is. I like your idea personally. I've worn cultural since it released up until just a couple months ago when I got the opportunity to use ostentatious so I've felt your pain.
  4. Noteefs Journeyman

    I am glad I posted it here for everyone to have a say in it. I don't believe in secret communications with devs about issues everyone should be a part of. If the idea is bad and the population doesn't want it then so be it.
    Disagreement is not bad. It opens the forum for new ideas and even though I disagreed with Fatbuk and he disagreed with me, I am happy to have his input on the subject and others may agree more with him. Open dialog is the way to go.
  5. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    Another example of this is for barbarian warriors. That is the only plate class for barbarians yet other races with warriors are not as fortunate.
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  6. tn_war Journeyman

    I don't disagree with your idea, like i said just above this post but Im also not so sure it should happen due to the ease of obtaining the gear + raid aug (and group version) vs the ease of obtaining the t3+ raid armor (and group version).
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  7. gnomeboss Augur

    the difference in stats is negligible and doesn't prevent you from doing your job on any content.

    more importantly, the real solution to this problem is to let iksar be berserkers.

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  8. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Give them another expansion or two so they can finish making it as undesireably as possible to use any cultural armor and you might be able to get the Dev's to consider it. People tend to ignore the fact that with the exception of the charm, the drawbacks to cultural are built into the armor and its creation. Raiders who use cultural armor should have access to a T3.5 quality charm which is constant.
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  9. Kathylynn_Unity Augur

    I enjoy using cultural armors if only for the fact that I get to craft it myself. There is a sense of accomplishment in it for me. I do wish we didn't suffer the penalty from the emblem and that there were more charm choices, but everyone would appreciate more good charms I am sure.

    One way I look at the charm is that at the start of each new expansion there is a new cultural charm awaiting that approaches the stats of the previous expansion's raid charm. So at least for a few months we get to have a pretty good charm.

    Definitely in favor of a change, but I don't lose much sleep over it. Except tonight, where I am apparently posting this message and not sleeping.
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  10. Khoza Augur

    Or, we could ask for something that benefits everyone: stop making charms with ridiculous requirements for stats. Personally, I hate charms that change under circumstances I can't control. I'd rather use a lesser charm with constant stats than a better one with random stats.

    Now, I'm not saying cultural charms shouldn't have a raid aug. I'm just saying that a large chunk of charms have restrictive qualifiers to max stats. If they didn't, players like Noteefs wouldn't be in such a bind. (And many charms wouldn't rot so often because nobody wants them.)
  11. Gnar Augur

    I love the idea. I allways wondered why they didnt have a cultural raid charm. Fyi cultural isnt exactly a piece of cake for everyone. I maxed all my tradeskills and trophys. I camped all the ingredients and I made all my own armor and symbols. I raided and paid dkp for my raid augs. I had help with the aoaa's but i camped alot of ingredients to give to friend and plat to pay for them. Its still not a walk In the park. Yes i know some people with large amounts of plat buy everything but not everyone, and you still have to raid for the augs.

    It is frustrating that the only non fluctuating raid aug is blocked to cultural users who allready loose out on chest emblem stats and, purity, and bp focus and clicks. All the other raid augs fluctuate to an extreme well below group charms. People have suggested an easy fix using type 3 augs in non visables, but its all on deaf ears. The devs dont care about the crapy raid augs of VoA.
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  12. Ronthorn Oakenarm Augur

    I never really though about it but they may have there reasons for no cultural raid charms
  13. Randragon Augur

    I agree with Noteefs.

    This last expansion especially was ill planned when it comes to charms. The person who did the development and the itemization should really go back to being a janitor.

    With that said, people who say its easier to get cultural rather than tiered really should look at the amount of time it takes to get to a point to make cultural. Couple that with having the possibility of having a sphere drop as opposed to always having tiered armor drop, then you will see they both havetheir highs and lows.

    The charm issue should be addressed in regards to the cultural penalties as well as the effects you need to make them max stats. I mean really, you have to be drunk to get max stats on one charm. Please!
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  14. Crystilla Augur

    Cultural = easy as pie. You don't have to make a single thing to wear it, just find someone else who has done the necessary legwork to make it.
    I wear some cultural for the same reason Kathy mentioned (feeling good about wearing something I myself have made), but I do a reasonable (and more than fairly priced) business since DoN came out for those who want to wear cultural as well.
    I use Ladry's Bloom as it's the closest to static charm that isn't totally out of the ballpark and that's with cultural.
  15. Noteefs Journeyman

    I make my own Armor and It is not easy as pie for me. For me, going the cultural route as I have done for several expansions is a LOT of work. Getting T4 armor would have been easier for me than going the cultural route.

    But none of this is the point. I am merely suggesting / asking that the cultural group charm get an aug slot that will allow the shifting sphere raid drop to be placed into it. I don't see how this is outrageous or makes anything out of balance.

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