Cultural Armor on Aradune

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  1. Senlronia Journeyman

    Tried to make Imbued Field Plate (Karana) and still unable to combine them in an Antonican forge.

    Anyone know when these recipes should be in? I could have sworn that they were kunark.
  2. Baldur Augur

    They moved them to Velious fairly recently, within the last 2 years I think?

    Where they are pretty much worthless, but at least blue diamond cultural is still worthwhile in Luclin.
  3. Captain Video Augur

    Any cultural armor recipe using diamond is Velious, except for blue diamond which is Luclin. A forum search will reveal several other threads on this topic.
  4. Senlronia Journeyman

    Wow, that kinda sucks, considering the imbued spells were Kunark iirc. The one i'm trying to use, uses imbued plains pebbles if that makes any difference.

    Thanks for the info
  5. nagash101 Augur

    Yes the change is very silly. The imbued stuff should be combine-able in Kunark and the Enchanted combines should be in Velious . The blue diamond stuff is very nice still for Luclin but what a waste changing the imbued and enchanted to Velious. Odd but the Ogre War Plate can be made and most of the pieces are a few AC better then Fine Plate but it still uses Adamantite. The Dwarven Plate that requires Brellium cannot be combined. Seems like a dev made a mistake flagging stuff. Both Ogre and Dwarf sets require Tempers. I mean even the Imbued stuff should be in Kunark right now and its strange that it isn't. All the none Imbued and temper required stuff should be able to be made in Classic.
    It would be nice if a Dev would chime in on the changes and why they made them or if it was a mistake and someone messed up.
    Should be...
    Classic - Non-enchanted, non-imbued (normal)
    Kunark - Non-enchanted, imbued
    Velious - Enchanted, non-imbued
    Velious - Enchanted, imbued
    But is... Which makes three of the combination of cultural armor all but worthless, for all races.
    Velious - Non-enchanted, non-imbued (normal)
    Velious - Non-enchanted, imbued
    Velious - Enchanted, non-imbued
    Velious - Enchanted, imbued
  6. Tymeless Augur

    yeah i don't know why they keep making decisions that make places or items effectively worthless whether its tradeskill stuff or zone revamps/releases etc.
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  7. Nethys New Member

    It's actually not going to be available until Luclin for the majority of them. They changed a lot of the required items for Human/Dark Elf/High Elf to not drop until Luclin.
  8. nagash101 Augur

    Everything needed to make all of these sets are currently in game right now. Some sets can be made but they flagged the forges so that most combines cannot be completed. The Non-enchanted, non-imbued set for Ogres can be made now.
    Non-enchanted, non-imbued
    Non-enchanted, imbued
    Enchanted, non-imbued
    Enchanted, imbued
  9. Senlronia Journeyman

    All field plate requires is:
    1-3 high quality folded sheet metal
    1 chain jointing
    1 leather padding
    1 mold
    1 sea temper
    1 smithy hammer
    1 imbued gem

    This recipe has been in game since the original Kunark, but for some reason has been flagged as Velious
  10. Baldur Augur

    The issue is the enchanted bricks in original Kunark took a component to enchant, like diamond or blue diamond.

    They removed that component in original Velious.

    So the cultural was flagged as Kunark for TLPs but no longer required the component to enchant, so they were a little overpowered I guess.

    Rather than just flag the armor sets with the enchanted bricks as Velious, they flagged most all of them as Velious. Can't remember exactly when they did it, but it was a few years ago I think.
  11. Uumdano Augur

    This is incorrect, field plate was in with classic and does not require an imbued gem. I had a human smith at 209 on Rizlona in part due to selling field plate before I stopped playing about 4 to 5 weeks or so ago.. The FULL plate, which is made in the qeynos forge, which is basically the same stuff was not in due to essence of sunlight (iirc) not dropping off of giants in south ro.

    Ogre war plate is also in, however the high elven version was not in because the drop from vampires, essence of moonlight does not drop. I think sunlight & moonlight and perhaps some other regents were pulled from game until Luclin when Phinny was released, for w/e reason. (not sure on this)

    It would be great for the game if they somehow figured how to add in all recipes for every race as well as finding a way to make them relevant when they can be made. As it stands, the only race that can skill up past 188 on TLP's making basic armor is human (field triv at 215 for breastplate) while everyone else only has mistletoe cutting sickles which triv at 250. I suppose lore wise this might make sense so I will not make any comment. However having say Ogre War Breastplate (or w/e it is called) that has 25ac and requires temper (huge pita, /rude dwarven blood) and adamantite triv the same as a fine steel bp (188) that has 19ac does not make much sense. This holds true for all the race basic cultural smithed armors.

    I realize in the grand scheme of things this is probably too much work for such an understaffed crew and I know often the reasoning is 'not classic', it just seems to me there are so many people who enjoy trade skilling that having this all make sense and be useful might go a long way to retaining customers. Goodness knows high ac on a bard (field plate customers, go figure) is not game breaking in classic, having some stats (imbued?) in Kunark would not be game breaking either, even if folks could make it from day one of the expansion.

    Alas, having all races having their cultural recipes available at the same time and use-able at a relevant point in expansions is most likely a pipe dream. If I hadn't gone back to work (thank goodness), I would have been trying to make this gear on Rizlona for my crew and of course profit. It is a shame it is such a convoluted mess, it really could add to the game if it was done correctly, even if it would not be considered 'classic'.
  12. Uumdano Augur

  13. nagash101 Augur

    If would be nice to have a developer look at this and at least post a reason why they made all those original sets of armor unmakeable and then all but useless in Vel. Some can be made and some cant be made, seems like a bug to me.
  14. Uumdano Augur

    Found the thread that sort of addressed this issue. It appears Ngreth began looking into it and making some changes but apparently was never able to find the time to follow through. Last post was 6/16...

    This thread does mention essence of sunlight and it being tied to Omens, however I do not believe that is current. I am sure someone mentioned to me while in game that much of this stuff was tied to a particular expansion but I do not recall which, certainly not Omens as that would affect the Luclin cultural recipes. The three essences of sunlight, moonlight and shadow affect human, high elven and dark elven cultural recipes, ie. full plate (human qeynos), koada'dal mithril and teir'dal adamantite respectively. These recipes are the equivalent of human field plate but have a lesser trivial (triv at 188 vs 215 for field) and are currently not able to be made on this current version of tlp's.

    edit: It looks like the Full plate has a few versions based on including silver to platinum bars, stats for breastplate AC 26, which is equivalent to the other basic cultural smithed armors but is said to triv as high as 227 as per eqtraders and p99 wiki!

    This stuff really is a mess, human cultural uses sea (freeport) and royal (qeynos) tempers, sea tempers lead to field plate and imbued field plate and luclin blue diamond chain armor. Royal tempers lead to various full plates, enchanted full plate which seems to be the equivalent of imbued field plate and also used for the luclin blue diamond plate armors, such as fierce heraldic.
  15. Uumdano Augur

  16. nagash101 Augur

    These changes must have been made by mistake, can we submit some kind of bug report about this and hope that someone takes a look at it? I realize blacksmiths are a small portion of the population but maybe some dev will take a look at it.