<Cult of Chaos> on Phinigel is recruiting!

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  1. Vanrau Augur

    Cult of Chaos is recruiting!

    Who is Cult of Chaos?

    We come from all over the place. Most are veterans of Everquest since it first launched. With that, we have a very experienced core of raid leaders, members and officers. Our guild is comprised of mostly adults so guild chat is of PG13+ nature but restricted in regards to DBG policies regarding communication.


    We are a US based raiding guild that raids instances Monday 7PM CST, Thursday 7PM CST and Saturday's at 5PM CST. We do have some off day raiding in open zones if you want to attend.

    Raid Loot System

    We have swapped over to DKP and have only been using it for less than 30 days. Everything that is looted is posted on our raid tracker site (EQDKP Plus). This includes what is in our guild bank.


    We have a raid tracker and use Teamspeak for raids. Website is http://cultofchaos.com.

    What classes do you need right now?

    Right now this is what our classes needs look like.

      • Bard - high

      • Cleric - high

      • Druid - medium

      • Enchanter - low

      • Magician - medium

      • Monk - medium

      • Necro - medium

      • Paladin - high

      • Ranger - high

      • Rogue - high

      • SK - medium

      • Shaman - medium

      • Warrior - medium
      • Wizard - high
    How can I join your guild? What is your requirements?

    If you would like to join us, we ask you to be level 30+ or if near max level at least have some resist gear. You can contact the following people in game for an invite: Ptah, Bodegas, Pottz, Raneen or contact any member and we'll have someone get you an invite.
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    Bump. Cult of Chaos is recruiting everything, but high priority on dps classes. Specifically necro, monk, rogue, mage and wizard. Starting to drop kunark content now. Hit us up there's plenty of room to be a valued member here.
  5. Sincro New Member

    Still seeking dps! All classes welcome. cultofchaos.com
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    Still crap members taking things.
  7. crunkmonk New Member

    Everyone welcome. We had a few hundred members join this week. Come get in on the action!
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    Likely 50+ for recruiting purposes soon unless you are friend or family.

    Visit our website for more info: