CS Mission - The Crusaders still too difficult

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Razorfall, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Tegila Augur

    Nope. Wasn't here last year.

    But, as I said, if there's a way to avoid this as then awesome, it's probably fine. If there isn't then yeah...
  2. Kamor Lorekeeper

    3 of the missions are a bit over tuned. By that I mean that they are unfriendly to groups with any combination of weak tanks, weak healers or groups with mercs.

    Add in members that might not be attentive; or not fully geared and aa'd from last expansion and it just makes it less friendly to casuals. Not impossible by any means, just a bit of a challenge.
  3. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I am excited to try this mission this weekend!

    I don't want easy missions. I want difficult but achievable.

    No more Griklor 8 second missions please and crank you.
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  4. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This is where the argument goes off the rails. In what world is every mission supposed to be complete-able with weak tanks, weak healers, or mercs on the first go? I'll answer it for you - none.

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  5. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    You're wrong.
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  6. KrakenReality Augur

    In a world with only 4 missions...
  7. Geko Elder

    This has become the theme for this thread - here is the issue. The AE's are not avoidable by any emote. I have tried the mission about 20 times and I was not emoted at all.

    As for a weak group....
    Warrior: Full TOV Raid Gear ( Buffed: 475K HP | 11.6K AC | Max AA at COV release )
    Monk: Full TOV Raid Gear ( Max AA at COV release )
    Zerk: Full TOV Raid Gear ( Max Useful AA ... only TS stuff left )
    Bard: Full TOV Raid Gear ( Max Useful Group AA ... Dotting AA not completed )
    Sham: TOV Group Gear ( Max Useful Group AA )
    Cleric: TOV Group Gear ( Max Useful Group AA )

    This is not an issue of "Weak Tanks or Weak Heals or mercs" ... this is an issue of the events main mechanic being "Burn before Burnt" - To win this mission you burn all 4 dragons so fast that they do not get their AE's off.
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  8. Kamor Lorekeeper

    Eh, you're reading too much into what I posted. I'm suggesting that it's punishing for sub optimal groups but not impossible; hence the use of casual. If the missions remain unchanged it won't effect me or my group of friends and guild mates. However, it may effect the health of the game if most players are unable to beat more than just the Zlandicar mission.
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  9. Petalonyx Augur

    How do the other missions rank in terms of difficulty?

    Without outside knowledge, people will think CS is supposed to be the easiest, as it is in the entry zone.

    Easiest to hardest, based on statements in this thread:

    1. WW Zlandicar
    2. ??
    3. ??
    4. CS Crusaders

    I'd prefer to tackle them from easiest to hardest.
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  10. Geko Elder

    Oh I can believe it. This mission is just a DPS check. How many Zerkers did you have?

    That was the point I was trying to make above. It is a "Burn or be Burnt" - 100% try to avoid any mechanic. For the average person, my group has a lot of DPS... and this event requires a lot more DPS than I have lol. Seems to me like a "bring 3 zerkers and alliance it down" type of event.
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  11. sojero One hit wonder

    Seems to be that they want you to have higher dps. To get the ach you actually have to slow down which makes them harder. going slow to get ach last night we did avg of 2 mil dps, ie no burns, 2 sk shm bard rng clr, so not an optimal group, but not a poor group either and we had no issues at all. none of us were optimizing, the rest of the missions look the same. Looking at some of the named we have taken down in CS they hit even harder and can have even worse DD.

    One thing you can do if your having issue with it resetting, when the dragon you are on gets to 3% have someone that can invul/weaponshield/deflect etc go tag the next one.

    Also it can help to start on the right dragon, we go in order of:
    Susarrak the Crusader
    Charayan the Crusader
    Jortreva the Crusader
    Grendish the Crusader

    Hope that helps.

    /GU Combined: Charayan the Crusader in 307s, 636.7m @2073891 | bard + pets 150.2m@489.4k (494.2k in 304s) | ranger 146.8m@478.1k (479.7k in 306s) | Sojero + pets 135.0m@439.8k (439.8k in 307s) | 2nd sk 120.2m@391.6k (392.8k in 306s) | shm + pets 51608k@168.1k (173.8k in 297s) | 2nd sk pet 14793k@48185 (48821 in 303s) | shm pet 13477k@43899 (44333 in 304s) | Reverse DS 3166k@10312 (10518 in 301s) | clr 1389k@4524 (4708 in 295s)

    /GU Tanking summary for: Sojero | Total Melee | Damage: 6402726 | Avg hit: 22786 | Attempts: 281 | Hits: 281/281 [100%] | Real Hits: 281/281 [100%]

    /GU Tanking summary for: Sojero | DirDmg | Damage: 650356 | Avg hit: 81294 | Attempts: 8 | Hits: 8/8 [100%] | Real Hits: 8/8 [100%]

    /GU Tanking summary for: Sojero | DoT | Damage: 1444322 | Avg hit: 80240 | Attempts: 18 | Hits: 18/18 [100%] | Real Hits: 18/18 [100%]

    /GU Tanking summary for: Sojero | Bite | Damage: 1905739 | Avg hit: 31762 | Attempts: 60 | Hits: 60/60 [100%] | Real Hits: 60/60 [100%]

    /GU Tanking summary for: Sojero | Claw | Damage: 4387085 | Avg hit: 21400 | Attempts: 205 | Hits: 205/205 [100%] | Real Hits: 205/205 [100%]

    didn't include kick and bash as they were minimal
  12. Biggho Journeyman

    wuahahaha... 2M SDPS? sustained over 4 dragons? wuahahahaha..
    now I am getting crazy..
    I was in a couple of groups and I always run gameparse in the background. I remember having 2M in Velks with a raid crew only one of the 3 mobs in burn.

    But honestly, I am interested it sustained normal DPS and burn DPS of casual, extreme groupers and raiders. I have gameparse running always in the background, esp. when I am grouped with other guys. I had one raid group who had in burn 2M on 1 of the three Velks mobs, the other 2 were lower. I get in burn up to 2M SDPS but with lower DPS classes in ToV. In CoV it feels that everything is extremely mitigated, like killing through a thick pillar. All dps numbers are off there. Also perhaps Gameparse 1.x gives different numbers than the new 2.x beta. But 2.x beta never gave such numbers regularly. Which version do you use for that? Perhaps I miss something in the configuration.
  13. Sancus Augur

    2M burst DPS for a full group (group or raid geared) is very low. Multiple classes in ToV can, themselves, hit ~2 million burst DPS with proper support. Here's a random parse I found of one of the faster Velks runs I've seen (all three mobs):

    Combined: Icebound Bledrek in 31s, 266.1m @8583936

    If you check your parses from Velks, they should have around ~260 million damage for all three minis combined. I'm sure everyone is using the beta version; 1.5.x won't parse most things at this point.
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  14. Tegila Augur

    Idk, if you read some threads and if you can't do that without trying you suck and should go back a few expansions or something. At least that's what's being spread around as normal average group gear and aas not minmaxed everything in burnmode.
  15. Nizadenn New Member

    Again people seem to forget that missions are supposed to be doable for "group geared" people. Many have stated its difficult for many raid geared people. Moreover, others suggest you wait until your fully geared in CoV gear before judging. To that I say that while you should not be required to have full T3 crafted CoV gear to do missions... even if you did, that would still be worse stats (lower hp, lower ac and lower dps) then previous raid geared toons. Really a moot point. The reality of it is this expansion was far from tested, rushed to make end of the year deadline and under promised at a full price package.

    - Poorly tested missions (even though there are only 4)
    - Next to NO AA's
    - Copy and past zones
    - Tons of bugs
  16. FawnTemplar Augur

    The whole "if you can't do it then you suck" thing is unhelpful, rude, and generally not needed.
  17. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Re-read Sojero's post. He said his group did not burn. WIth the Bard and both SKs hitting 500k sustained over 300 seconds there were definitely burns used.

    Sustained with no burns or HT used that group is in the 600-700k DPS range if the Shammy is DPSing too, which she wasn't on that parse. 2M sustained over 5 minutes of fighting with that group makeup? Yup, burns were used.
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  18. sojero One hit wonder

    First day of xpac:

    /GU Combined: Charayan the Crusader in 333s, 639.3m @1919841 | ranger + pets 213.4m@640.8k (646.6k in 330s) | Sojero + pets 207.8m@624.1k (626.0k in 332s) {H} | bard + pets 173.6m@521.3k (522.9k in 332s) {7} | Jubilant Strike 41521k@124.7k (185.4k in 224s) | Reverse DS 1580k@4744 (5337 in 296s) | clr 1396k@4190 (4416 in 316s)

    3 (4 but clr didn't do any real dps) players and a merc that wasn't turned on for part of the fight, ranger had a long day at work :) yes we are raid geared, so with a full group of group geared you should be able to hit that.

    I am using gamparse beta 2.x

    I would say my normal group which has 2 spots that vary, we always try and get real people when we can is casual performance with raid gear, we sustain over a night, having fun not being to serious around 1.1 mil ish dps.

    this was doing CS and WW merc/partisan:

    /GU Combined: A brood hatchling in 6736s, 8,269.9m @1227711 | #1 Sojero + pets 2,647.1m@393.0k (393.3k in 6731s) | #2 ranger 2,059.0m@305.7k (307.1k in 6705s) | #3 bard + pets 1,357.1m@201.5k (219.8k in 6174s) {7X} | #4 2nd sk + pets 1,347.6m@200.1k (222.4k in 6060s)

    There were other people caught in our parse, so total number is accurate and left out the shm and clr.
  19. Szilent Augur

    You have miscalibrated expectations. That's definitely sustained output from AA'd out SKs with raid swords, grouped with a bard & shm.
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  20. Wanuven Journeyman

    I just wish they’d go back to missions that were actually like little instances group quests. You could take breaks in between steps and they involved some zone exploration at times. The reason we had griklor and velks missions taking matters of seconds is because it was just that; a single event.