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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Soulbanshee, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Soulbanshee Elder

    I have been running To The Brave, Go The Spoils in Crypt of Decay to finish up An Ounce of Fetid Flesh collection as it seemed like it was the easiest/quickest. In previous zones there was always 1 collection that was dropped in the HA even if it was also dropped in the mission. I ended up running the HAs because missions also seemed to lack quantity of mobs to kill.

    I know I got one in the Fetid Flesh set to drop because I have only been running Brave and I had 2 left to collect last night, now one. I just noticed in this run that I was looting the Raiments of Rot collection. Could one of the devs check into the HA to see if its supposed to be dropping Raiments or Fetid Flesh and also if different HA variations are set to drop different collections (or both)?
  2. Anastasis Lorekeeper

    I did the "The Bokon High Council" and "The Head of the Snake" to got mine for the set "An Once of Fetid Flesh" . These two has no ground spawn, and the collectible pieces are from mob drop.
  3. Soulbanshee Elder

    Yes, but it seems like the open world mob drop set may have gotten wired up to the HA instead of the HA mob drop set, or it has only been mixed up in certain HA IDs, or HAs got two sets wired up.
  4. Dewey Augur

    Why do you need a dev to check it? It has dropped this way according to Allah since the beginning.

    There is a mission that drops both.

    Then 2 missions that drop an ounce of fetish flesh. I've done the collects on 5 toons now and this is not the only sets that have different sets drop from the same mission.

    Why would we need a dev to waste time and check into it?
  5. smash Augur

    Gotta agree with Dewey on this.

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