Crying for the Dead

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Cannaway, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Cannaway New Member

    Just did this partisan in Degmar on my chanter and necro, all went fine till the combine 10 dwarf bloods in the inkwell, got the 10 bloods and combined, got the result but no update. Same thing happened to my druid friend. This happen to anyone else today? Is a good combine we even made the clicky announcement for the final stages.
  2. Rapitiss New Member

    same thing happened to me. Tried doing the quest twice.
  3. Cannaway New Member

    Going to try to finish that quest on my necro and chanter after raids to see if it will update then or actually still get credit for it.
  4. Edrick Augur

    I'm... really glad I completed that step last night.
  5. Cannaway New Member

    Yeah, just completed the Partisan, got last hail in, got that update, but nothing else after that, task won't complete till that 10 blood one is done i guess /bleh
  6. Edrick Augur

    GMs can alter quest steps for you, I would recommend petitioning. I've had them do this for me before. Include the quest name, the step that you are on, and show that you've done the step that would update it - the filled ink quill in this case. You'll have to wait a day or so but GMs are (usually) pretty good about these things.
  7. Ruven_BB Augur

    Happened to me and a guildmate last night. Petitioned, hopefully it will be corrected.
  8. Zantor Augur

    I petitioned this last night and GM got back to me and fixed it, now onto Dino island :)
  9. Rapitiss New Member

    /petitioned and got an answer :

    Thankfully the quest is pretty quick.
  10. gcubed Augur

    The temporary fix is real nice, IF you haven't used the inkwell in the combine with the scroll.
  11. Bigstomp Augur

    Find someone else working on the task and see if they'll let you loot a new one before they pass that step.