Crowd control?

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    Been working my team sk/shm/mage/druid and I've started to run into a little problem of mobs hitting harder and not being able to react fast enough to get agro. druid is really only for ports tracking and maybe a couple nukes. I don't bother to heal with the druid since shm is so much better. I been thinking I need a mezzer. I know bard can basically replace the druid with everything but ports and add a bit of adps. but I haven't a clue on how to play a bard. the songs confuse me on what should be played and when. I'm loathed to give up tracking. my only other option would be to make another account and add a chanter. any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Bards can track from level 35. Bards can lull and also mez, but that might be a little tricky with a box.

    /melody is how you can get the adps buffs without a lot of effort.

    A bard can be boxed 'decently' but to taking advantage of all their abilities, including pulling for single pulls, crowd control via mez, and charm is often a bit more than possible in a box.
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  3. Iuwene Augur

    Don't discard the druid so fast. At higher levels they will be your main DPS source, often outdamaging the mage.

    You could use a tank merc who grabs agro quite fast. Admittedly their survivability isn't too great unless AA maxed, but they will give you time to react yourself.

    Of course, a chanter is always a worthwile addition for buffs, adps and crowdcontrol. Your SK will love the chanters Night Terror line.
  4. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    You don't say what level your group is at, but the druid should definitely be dotting the mobs, that's their best source of DPS. Even if you just cast the one "Wrath" dot on every mob, that will make a huge difference.

    I box Druid/SK/Mage, so similar to what you do. Admittedly, the Wrath dot is a huge mana pig, but having an SK in the group helps. Have the SK cast the two "Bites" (spell and AA) whenever they're up. That helps a lot.

    Having a chanter and beastlord on a separate account just for mana buffs doesn't hurt, either :) With that, I can have my Druid cast the Wrath dot on every mob, and basically stay at 95-98% mana.

    You do also have a shaman in group. Are you fully taking advantage of slow? That will help a lot.

    Also, for the SK, make full use of the two AoE hate AAs. One is centered on the mob, one is centered around the SK. Whenever I pull and expect to get more than one mob, I pull with the AoE hate AA, and that seems to help a lot. If it's a matter of getting adds in camp, then use the PBAoE hate AA, and grab the mobs quickly that way. Both of those AAs are insta-cast, so that helps a lot.

    If it's more a matter of noticing quickly that you have an add in camp, two things help. I always play in 3rd person view, so if a mob jumps into camp, I can usually see it. The other thing which helps is, keep your extended target window where you can easily see it with your peripheral vision, and make sure you have plenty of auto-hate slots in it. When an add strolls by, it will often appear in that list before you even see it (the mob itself) on screen.

    Also use the AoE lifetap/hate spell while fighting multiples. If you do, one, it helps survivability, and two, you will build up so much hate on the mobs you don't kill first, they will be guaranteed locked onto the SK by the time you focus DPS on them. SKs also get an AoE nuke, sharing a timer with the "Spear" single-target nukes. I use the AoE version whenever there's more than one mob in camp, and that also helps build agro.
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  5. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Also forgot to add, make good use of the SK's defensive/mitigation AAs. There are three, "xxx carapace", "xxx mantle" and I forget the third one (I'm bad with the names, but I know where the hotkeys are :)

    Those will make you tank better. Try to fight where you don't need them for singles, and maybe even doubles. Then, when you get 3 or more in camp, pop those, and that will help get you through the extra damage you'll take from keeping agro on that many mobs.