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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ArtleyHare, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. ArtleyHare New Member

    Hello. I used to have my crits, both melee and spell, plus Slay, go into a separate window. I also had slay set up as an audio trigger. Can I not have this now?
  2. TarewMarrForever Augur

    If the new consolidated combat text doesn't honor the filters, that sounds like a regression that needs to be logged. I recommend you do so here:

    Posting bugs here in the forums doesn't get them fixed because no employee seems to be reading these forums and creating defects for tracking in Jira. Logging them into Jira has the best chance of getting them fixed, especially if you write up detailed steps to reproduce, include screenshots and/or videos, etc.

    Last month I logged two bugs, one of which was YEARS old. One had been discussed in these forums over the last 18 months in at least 3 threads. It wasn't fixed until it was written up into their bug database.

    This shouldn't be so, but with the skeleton live team they're running, it just is.

    Help them help us all, and write up good defects for every obvious bug you find.
  3. niente Developer

    You can still make a GINA trigger for slay - the messages looks like this now:
    You pierce NPC for x points of damage. (Critical)
    You crush NPC for x points of damage. (Slay Undead)

    As part of - Duplicated log messages for spell/melee, the extra line for certain messages like critical hits and Slay Undead were removed.

    Some of these messages were the ones sent to the critical hits filter. The problem now is since most special attack types are indicated on the same line of text, it doesn't always make sense to send them to that filter. For example, if I get a critical heal, it goes to the heal filter. If I get a critical DD, it goes to the DD filter. If I get a critical melee hit, it goes to the regular melee filter. If I put them all back in the critical filter, it would be less organized (critical DoTs, DDs, HoTs, etc). Before the changes, some of these weren't indicated (critical HoTs/DoTs) some went to my spells, some went to non-melee hits. Putting them all back into the same filter would remove the purpose of creating the new filters in the first place.

    One idea to fix this is to make separate critical DoT/DD/etc filters. The problem is that in EQ's current (really terrible) chat filter system, there is a limited amount of space. Right now there are few spots left, and the system needs to be fixed so that we can have more and don't have a limited number of filters that can be created. If I made new critical filters it would use up the rest of the space until the system is fixed, which may never happen.

    We do read the forums and some tickets are created in our internal JIRA, not the DGC Issue Tracker. When there is time, we will link DGC Issue Tracker tickets with tickets that also exist in our internal system. It isn't updated frequently. I wish everything on there was linked internally. I try to look at the issue tracker when I can, because I think it's important for players to feel heard. It isn't that simple to fix everything listed there. For example, the above ticket for duplicate chat messages was made in 2017. I requested to write an internal ticket for it in June 2018. In November I was able to work on it. It has been live for 3 days. In the future, there will probably be an adjustment to the Flurry/Rampage/Critical filters, but I don't know when or what will be changed.

    Sometimes DGC Issue Tracker requests are not that simple to implement. They might require a lot of work before it can be done, and then implementing it could be spread out over a long period of time. Sometimes things are really simple but other stuff takes priority and it still takes a while to get done.

    It certainly does help a lot to have detailed bug reports and testing steps, we do appreciate it.

    I'm sorry that it sometimes feels like no one cares about bugs, I promise that's not the case and we do our best. Sometimes bugs get lost and never fixed in a given patch and we really do need to fix them. For old bugs the best way really is to make a ticket in the DGC Issue Tracker - I don't think anyone sifts through old bug threads for things that weren't done, the issue tracker is a much better tool for this.
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  4. Qbert Augur

    Audio triggers in game got all wonked up, which I think was that particular question. There are still lots of us that will not use third party software :)

    All in all, I'm sure a lot of people are thrilled by all the clean up, but for some old fogeys like me that rely on visual cues (color changes to specific messages/filters and/or removal of filter functionality) in the chat windows or in-game audio triggers, a surprise change can be . . . surprising! :)
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  5. ArtleyHare New Member

    Thank you for the replies.
    I do not have GINA, will look into that.
    I suppose one just gets used to how things are set up, I'll get used to it.

    Edit: I have been able to set the audio trigger up by changing the 'holy blade cleanses her target' trigger to '(Slay Undead)' I do miss the holy blade message though :)
  6. Inagaki Lorekeeper

    I heavily rely on a separate color for the crit DD line. I have normal DD and crit DD in the same chat window, but in a different color. Since the change, the line with (critical) at the end can no longer be changed to another color.

    Even though crit DD can not be filtered to another chat window, is it possible for you to pre-set (at your end) all appearances of the word (critical) in a different color? It can be {critical} , with a rarely used symbol so that it won't interfere with normal chat messages.
  7. Imukai Augur


    I guess it should be mentioned that Hitsmode Abbreviated does not include the extra information at the end about (Critical) -- which is fine in itself but if there was a middleground option to show abbreviated extra information (Crit) or even (*) would be good to see that things are still happening without resorting to seeing the full detail line. Maybe call it Abbreviated Plus ? :)
  8. Elitsoh Sar`Daukar New Member

    This so called fix is stupid, as a melee class I used the verbose crit spam as a benchmark or baseline because I can see it quickly at a glance and for nearly 20 years it was fine or to use a classic EQ term it was "WORKING AS INTENDED". now suddenly last year someone submits a "bug" that you causing the crit and receiving a crit message are somehow a there's no feedback at all to melee classes without parsing or running 3rd party software (IE Gina).

    revert the changed please. this so-called fix sucks. It makes playing a melee class feel deaf and blind to whats going on.


    (ps Im not some old bitter player, I actually recently came back to the game since underfoot release and this really feels like a step backwards)
  9. Coffee Jitters New Member

    Crits were always presented as special, important, stood out and made one feel powerful. Now that they are harder to recognize in the chat window, they seem unimportant and not special. Taking away some of that powerful feeling.

    Since cleaning up the log is also important, I suggest changing the color of the crit line so something like:
    A chokidai wardog has taken 4848 damage from Blood of Drakus Rk. II by Joe.
    A chokidai wardog has taken 11265 damage from Duplicitous Blight by Joe. (Critical)
    A chokidai wardog has taken 2242 damage from Dire Strangulation Rk. II by Joe.
    A chokidai wardog has taken 4562 damage from Bond of Xalgoz Rk. II by Joe. (Twincast)l.
    A chokidai wardog has taken 12205 damage from Plague of Hemofax Rk. II by Joe. (Critical)

    This way crits can be easily identified and filtered better.
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