Critique of Coirnav TLP

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    · Server was actually live at 11:00am PST but did not show as "UP" until 11:06am. As I have stated in previous posts, there was a “guaranteed access” scheme going on involving 11:06. This was to assure access to certain guilds and others who needed "guaranteed access" and a head start. The flipside was, guaranteed access wouldn’t start at 11:06, rather, that nobody except a certain VIP group would be able to login before then. The rest of the masses would be allowed in at 11:06. This is backed up by endless reports from live streaming players that they were getting an "unknown connection error" during this time. After these VIPs were out of the shoot and leveling, they slowly allowed in other players to keep the population maxed out.
    · XP rate was increased for those who are in max group of players. Any soloing character would earn next to no experience unless they were in a group. This seems to have been another means to speed up leveling of guilds and groups pre-organized to max level efficiency and in the race to end game.
    · All prime leveling zones were camped by large predefined guilds/groups. Any smaller groups or soloists would simply be wasting time to try leveling anywhere except in some useless outdoor grindfest. Even when checking pickzones, all available zones were camped by similar groups. No ability to create custom pickzones for smaller groups. Competition turned into KSing and general toxic behavior and "we own this attitude".
    · Not really a "truebox" except by technical definition. Plenty of instances of multiboxing using tools that communicate across different computers. No point in enforcing a "truebox" rule when there is software that can mimic manual commands to 5 laptops via 1 master computer. Nobody is breaking the rules this way, but it end up being the same action for them. So why force players to buy extra computers for the same thing that can be done from 1 computer? Pointless rule. If you need a sub for $15/month anyways to play on this server, then why does it matter? Multiboxing will always exist and never go away in a game that requires a party to advance. Why not get rid of mercs and add a feature that allows control of another player-created toon that can be controlled like a pet? This would cut down on much of the need to multibox.

    Multiboxer gonna multibox...dont hate the player, hate the game.

    Overall, pointless server with no benefit in playing unless:
    • Players multiboxing using 5 "truebox" laptops controlled from a master computer; leveling is not a waste of time in this case.
    • Players are in a large guild with predefined DPS groups with the goal of owning all prime leveling areas.
    What really is the point of Coirnav? Besides certain aspects of the overall game being locked out until a certain time, and a slower leveling rate, there is nothing "Classic" about it.
    While I like the idea of these servers outside of the norm for different types of playing, this server certainly isn’t for everyone, rather, it’s for a niche group of players.

    Time for a true Classic EQ Server!
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  2. Hateseeker Augur

    Definitely interested in seeing Daybreak answer this. Not the boxing part, the part about using multi-PC broadcast tools.
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  3. Candystore Augur

    Multiboxing was far less of a problem in EQ when EQ didn't have krono.

    Now that EQ has krono, the 6-boxing-krono-farmers make money from multiboxing.

    They prevent casual players from being part of the EQ economy, unless they buy krono themselves.

    Casual players can't get to the loot camps because they are permacamped by krono farmers. The only way to get good items for them is to be either exploited by Daybreak by buying Krono, or be exploited by the krono farmers by buying Krono.

    The only solution is to stop krono or be ruthless against any form of boxing, or actually begin TLP in expansions that aren't krono magnets like classic.

    Otherwise this issue will get worse and worse. The Cornaiv stream I watched where you saw hordes of 6 boxers run around with their mage armies was seriously sad.
  4. Critt Augur

    I'm curious what advantage you think a 6 minute window would give? I hate to ruin your theory but i hit login before the 11:06 and logged in and created my character I did crash zoning in but after a couple minutes was able to get in zone and grouped with 5 other random players not in my guild. Seriously i don't understand the obsession you guys have with new TLP's and the conspiracies and negatives..This game is a zillion years old and if you don't want group and play why even play? There so many other instant gratification mmo's out there throw a rock and you found a newer one that has pretty graphics and tons of solo content and no krono farmers and no box armies and blah blah infinitum
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  5. jaybee7090 New Member

    There's no real point to any of these servers anymore, imo.

    Me and my small group of friends started back in '99 and have been off and on since then, mostly off, however we came back for ragefire just to see how it was. Needless to say it's just toxic, the game does needs some kind of instance system, ala- WoW, so that if people want to go do dungeons they can and now have to contend with other people killing everything in the area. They did a good step forward with instancing raid content, just need to go one step further and do the dungeons.
  6. Critt Augur

    I have to disagree, instancing is what changed mmo's for the worse.. sure instanced raid content is fine but instanced single/group player content just removes you from the world...While it sucks losing a camp or not being able to get a camp it adds to the flavor of EQ... I can't think of another way to say it...Of course it's just my opinion but I can't imagine anyone plays EQ these days because it's a great solo game.
  7. Ickybudz New Member

    Wow. Take some of that analytical skill and apply it to something that matters.

    This post, along with every other TL;DR whining about how this or that is stupid or even better, unfair, are just a waste of time.
  8. Numiko Augur

    Truebox was never meant to stop people boxing 2-6 characters, what it was meant to stop was the 24-56 man box armies we saw on Ragefire from taking over entire zones.
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  9. Candystore Augur

    I made my best friends in EQ expansions with instanced grouping content. LDON and DoN were extremely social expansions, just hanging out in Lavastorm was a blast. DoD was great too.

    The ability to buy items with LDON points (LDON), Radiant Crystals (DoN), or group rewards (DoD), also removes all the drama and issues with people fighting over spawn camps.

    That doesn't mean I would like all content being instanced, of course not. But instances have been nothing but a blessing in EQ.
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  10. SterlingSilver New Member

    Ya know .. after reading the forums about Coirnav over the last few weeks it made me think .. any new folk wanting to find out a little about the famous EQ they are about to set out on adventure in, might just want to hide under the bed rather than face all of you .....
  11. Critt Augur

    Makes sense that we have differing opinions I never much liked LDON and stopped playing in Omens.
  12. Candystore Augur

    DoN is LDON but better. The design of the zones is beautiful.


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  13. Horathmir Elder


    I cant imagine for one second you were serious about what you wrote. This was sarcasm right? No way on earth you would ever think a company would "Fast Track" imaginary VIP's for 6 mins? I mean come on, that's a pretty wild claim by any standard, probably the wildest anti-DEV / Company claim I have heard in a decade about Everquest. 6 mins? Really?
  14. DruidCT Augur

    Conspiracy theory much?
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  15. Jenarie Elder

    Are tin foil hats being handed out when entering this thread? It would totally match my outfit!
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  16. OldMan New Member

    I am about as far from a VIP or hardcore player as you can get, just returned after years away, and I was able to get in at 11 to make my character. I didn't have any issues going from character selection to zoning in, aside from lag and a long load time. Not sure how you think 6 minutes would make that big of a difference but who knows.
    Just seems to be a little over the top for me.
  17. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    For the millionth time, these progression servers have never been advertised as "classic".

    Also, your wacky guild head start conspiracy sort of invalidated the rest of your post. How are we supposed to take anything you say seriously after that?
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  18. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Daybreak's own Livestream people couldn't get into the server for awhile, I don't think they even have the ability to fast track an account.
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  19. New guy New Member

    For a new person or an oldie coming back what is the best server to jump on if you want to start at 1 and level up.
  20. Wazzat New Member

    I believe the XP change is to encourage grouping. It sure seems to be working for me so far.