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Discussion in 'Casters' started by strongbus, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. strongbus Augur

    anyone know how to tell what your crit chance is with just gear/aa not counting spells?
  2. mackal Augur

  3. Brohg Augur

    are you looking for to critical dot&class=Necro ?

    It's 62% by AAs, +18% for epic 2.5, for 80% without help

    common boosts are:
    Intensity of the Resolute +50%
    Curse of Muram +40%
    Auspice of the Hunter +33%
    Fierce Eye +13% / Illusions of Grandeur +13% (these two conflict)
    Spirit of Vesagran +12%

    The epic's 18% is unnecessary while Intensity or Curse run, or while the necro has Auspice combined with either of the other boosts.
  4. strongbus Augur

    I knew what the aa/epic was but was unsure if there was any other things that gave a passive boost to it
  5. Jumbur Augur

    I think all casters got a passive 2% spell-crit-chance around late velious(not AA-related)
    The DON-AA adds 1% passive spell-crit-chance too.
  6. Sancus Augur

    No, that's only Wizards.
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  7. Fohpo Augur

    Chanter 3rd is up a good bit too (9%)
  8. Brohg Augur

    That is direct damage spells only, not dots.
  9. Brohg Augur

    That was counted above.
  10. Fohpo Augur

    Fair enough, wasn't sure if this was speaking in terms of dots only though
  11. mackal Augur

    I should have checked the sub forum this was on lol, whoops. But I'm pretty sure Beimeith knows how it works exactly :p WIZ have an innate crit chance, no one else does. The SPAs that increase chance to crit are just flat AFAIK.
  12. Mookus Elder

    Played with that raidloot link up top the thread.... I think there must be a big bug on the wizard Fury of Magic passive AA line that every other class gets.

    It seems that most other casters have been at 57% since the COTF expansion? and only now in the latest ROS expansion have wizards been bumped up to 50%?

    I seem to recall that the addition of a critical boosting AA was a wizard only effect when it was created. How did this get upside down?
  13. Fohpo Augur

    58 with DoN progress completed.
  14. Beimeith Augur

    Not quite correct.

    Original EQ only Wizards could critical because of their innate 2% chance. However, due to a bug / stupidity in the code, criticals actually did nothing. Instead of being 200% damage, they were 200% - 100% = 100% damage, or exactly the same as no critical. This bug wasn't fixed for over 15 years until I convinced a dev to actually look into it.*

    *EDIT: This might have been a change made in Luclin when they added crit AAs, but I don't know for sure. I do know it existed for over a decade based on what the dev said. I didn't play in classic->Velious so I don't have any logs from that time for comparison.

    They did somewhat compensate for this by making crit damage boosting spells/AAs do an extra 100% so to get a 10% crit damage boost a spell/AA would have a value of 110 instead of just 10). If you didn't have ANY crit mod (Classic -> Velious) then your innate crits did **** all. When they split crit damage from crit chance to allow crit damage to stack, they removed the extra 100% from every spell/AA.

    As far as crit chance goes: when AA were introduced in Luclin, all casters got Spell Casting Fury under the Archetype tab. Wizards alone were given a second tier of critical chance AAs called "Spell Casting Fury Mastery" under the Class tab. No other classes got additional crit chance.

    In a later expansion, the other caster classes were given "Fury of Magic" as a second tier of critical chance AAs under the "Archetype" tab. Wizards did not get this line but kept their "Spell Casting Fury Mastery" line in the "Class" tab. Still later, non-casters such as hybrids were given access to "Fury of Magic."

    Over time, they kept upgrading Fury of Magic, but stagnated Spell Casting Fury Mastery. It usually played out something like this:

    Wizards: "Can we get more critical chance?"
    Devs: "No. It's too high already."

    Mages: "Can we get more critical chance?"
    Devs: "No. It's too high already."
    Clerics/Enchanters/Necromancers/Beastlords: "Can we get more critical chance? Our nukes really suck so it doesn't matter."
    Devs: "Yeah, sure. Have some more Fury of Magic."
    Dev gives ALL classes with Fury of Magic an upgrade, even those classes that were denied before. No upgrade for Wizards because they didn't have Fury of Magic.

    Later, around the level 90/95 eras:

    Non-Wizards: "Our nukes suck, can we get boosts?"
    Devs: "Sure, have a ~50-100% upgrade in damage."

    This created the situation where non-Wizard classes have nukes that are similar in base damage to Wizards, but with a much higher crit chance. (There is a lot more to it than this, I'm simplifying it quite a bit here but I don't want to derail this into a discussion of the ebb and flow of class power).


    Originally Wizards had a special AA line for extra crits. Then they gave a copy with a different name to everyone else. They upgraded the copy more often then they upgraded the Wizard one so we got left behind. Then they renamed/combined them all into the same AA line, but Wizards were still stuck with the lower values. They have slowly been rectifying this by stagnating the other classes while Wizards catch up.

    L100 was the greatest division with Wizards at 38% and others at 57%, a 19% difference, lol. We're almost caught up now ~5 years later:

    Wizards @ 50% vs Casters/Priests @ 57%. (Not counting DoN or Wizard innate).
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  15. Mahlhavoc New Member

    I took a 10 year ish break... wizards were top of the game and the reduce hate AA were premium because we actually had to tone down our dmg or become the main course. Now I have come back to not only NOT being the most damaging caster in the game, after all, thats all we do, but we are far behind the other classes. When an Enchanter can beat you on parse, thats an issue. Not to mention a monk or rogue who can almost dble or output. We, as wizards, have no real other enduring quality other than an Evac now and again.. and now they give us AA that actually assist other classes in out parsing us.. What in the blue blazes...?

    It sure would be nice to be the pure damage caster class that we once were, where our game was "Keep agro behind the tanks or die". But now it seems, for the most part, every class that does dmg has an advantage on us. Rogues can go anywhere, Monks have pulling and FD abilities etc, Necros can still solo, have pets, feed mana, can pull and fd at will, mages can also solo and these pets, btw, can tank mobs like an almost raid geared tank can, Enchanters are loved all around with the buffs and mezzing and also have a pet, or can make one. Wizards... we have ports that are useless since really before PoP, and offer nothing else other than dmg and an evac. I have not seen such nerf in my life.. sorry for thread jacking... the above post got me riled up lol
  16. menown Augur

    That is what Beimeith does, whether he is intentionally doing it or not. = P
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  17. Beimeith Augur

    Truth hurts sometimes. <3
  18. kizant Augur

    It wasn't as bad the last couple expansions. Mages got a silly upgrade in ros and enc dots are a bit op. They're both broken more than wizards being bad.
  19. Fohpo Augur

    Bit off topic but still dealing with crit, for wizard burns you typically hold FD/AD until after Auspice right? Other burn abilities would be utilized during the Auspice, IoG, Haze, etc. phase? I know the concept is to maintain 100% or as close as you can get for as long as possible.
  20. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Innate criticals were added 3 months into Luclin. I'm fairly sure they also capped at 50% damage increase, but I'd need to check my logs from Al'Kabor. It wasn't until you actually got Spell Casting Fury that they were double damage.

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