Crisis of faith

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jonny Panic, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Jonny Panic Augur

    103 berserker
    7.4k AAs, including a relevant rank of decap
    8.9k AC
    103k hp buffed
    using Darksoul Staff
    J5 healer merc, no AAs but full set of Heal Amount gear
    all tanking tools used, including riposte disc, Uncanny, Juggernaut's Resolve, even Armor of Experience
    all DPS tools used, including war cry, Rampage, Furious Rampage, Brutal disc, even Intensity of the Resolute
    and I STILL can't kill the T3 ***VoA*** named I've been trying to get a drop from for months.
    This is the game now; attenuated and mudflated to hell.
    So why am I still playing?
    Why am I still paying for All Access?
    Why did I buy TDS?
    Where is the fun?
    Where is the escapism?

    How is this "worth it", SoE?
  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I feel your pain.
  3. Laronk Augur

    Listen here,

    If it was "mudflated to hell" you wouldn't want a voa item and the mudflation from the recent expansions would allow you to kill this named.
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  4. Edrick Augur

    If you're mudflated but can't kill a T4 named from 3 expansions ago are you sure you're mudflated?

    Are you just mad you died? I don't know how to answer your questions. if the game is fun, play it. if it isn't, don't
  5. Jonny Panic Augur

    At what point did I say *I* was mudflated?
  6. Edrick Augur

    what was mudflated, then? did this voa named get mudflated during the tds launch, since you specifically mentioned it?
  7. segap Augur

    Don't a lot of VOA named have mechanics that take more than just tank and slaughter?
  8. Sancus Augur

    Yeah they do. Unlike some more modern named (CotF T1, anyone?), they were designed for full groups, especially the ones from higher tiers. They have some of the most unique mechanics I've ever seen, which means they often can't just be overpowered.
  9. Edrick Augur

    VOA named were great, a majority of the time you had to pay a tiny bit of attention to the fight instead of treating them as a regular trash mob that hits harder. I wish all expansions followed that model.
  10. Serriah_Test Augur

    People would love this idea if the UI and chat feedback wasn't so terrible.

    Hurray for emotes that I miss if I don't have 12 chat windows up /chatfontsize + 5'd and a slew of 3rd party things running for audio alarms AFTER I find the emote from a log file by working my way up the text file from "You have been slain by...".
  11. Laronk Augur

    It doesn't matter if you are or you're not. You use mudflation as a complaint but then you want to be able to molo a named for a piece of gear off a named that's supposed to take a group.

    You cannot have it both ways, you cant want no mudflation and want content to become 100% trivial.
  12. Sancus Augur

    To be fair, I didn't judge the mechanics beyond calling them unique. I was attempting to explain why Jonny Panic was having trouble; wasn't looking to debate the merits of named from 3 expansions ago.
  13. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    Interestingly, there are other people playing this game at the same time, on the same server you are. I suggest inviting some of them.
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  14. complexication Kassina


    1. Running around with a j5 mercenary that has absolutely no beneficial mercenary aa's applied is utterly dumb.
    2. 7.4k aa at level 103 is on the low end of the spectrum for a zerker.

    You're crying mudflation and attenuation because YOU cannot kill a t3 named in Alaris when most nameds in that expansion were tailored to full groups and yet you're running about with a 103 zerker who is weak as all get out.

    If you're that buttmad then quit, or stop your whining and beef up your mercenary and your zerker.

    or the novel idea, actually group with people instead of trying to pretend you're a tank.
  15. Garanle Elder

    I love how you get all types to answer these forums from the nice to the not so nice just shut up people.

    As some have said there is a major difference between the T2 and T3 Named in Voa. Most of the T3/T4 named in Voa have a big AOE (avoidable to most) or a single target high DD every 30 seconds that a full group can get ready for. There are some T3 and T4 Named in VOA that are not worth the trouble if you are going for hunter (Yea even at 105 you may need to break down and get a group)

    It is alot like the T3 named of HoT where some of them had a 30-40k Aoe that you had to be in position for. People I knew would opt out of the T3 and wait to get to T4 because the named there were more straight forward.

    On a side note, Mercs are not that bright. You need to block a number of spells in order for them to work at a decent rate. What that will mean is reading through the logs to see what spells they are using at the wrong times (One thing they love to do is cast a Group HoT then follow it up with a Single Target Hot on you which ends up killing you because the time required to do that is longer than the big hitting abilities). Another one to try is block the entire promise line.
  16. Sheaffer Augur

    Which named are you going for?
  17. Vlerg Augur

    As garanle said.

    blocking Heal over time and the promised line of spell will help your merc alot. I actually wondered why my merc got so crappy in TDS... until I figured out I had to block the new version of promised / hot.
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  18. Marshall Maathers Augur

    It's been a long time since the last level raise, a lot of people have forgotten to do this.
  19. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    This is like that post claiming that CotF group named were horribly unbalanced because they as a dps class couldn't molo Vorovelze in DH, because their merc spam cured the disease and set off repeated bad ae's.

    Many VoA named have crazy mechanics and are harder than the majority of later expansions named even now. I've been farming t3-t4 for alt cantrips lately and as a raid geared max SK many are still a little rough, especially going in blind. Died to the Pillars shadow Infuser named eating a 200k dd for example due to merc curing, and came really close on the Timid due to his mega ds.

    If you tell us what named you're having issues with can perhaps help. Otherwise not everything is easy mode burn on decap molo kill able, even a few levels old.
  20. Vlerg Augur

    if you are looking for cantrips, mission would be the way to go.

    city of bronze mission 1-2, beast domain mission 1-2... windsong 1 isn't too bad if you are good at training-fading mobs away.