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    Crimson Tempest is an EST-based guild on the Drinal server. Raid times* are as follows: (* raid times may vary depending on external factors)
    • EST - 7:30pm - 11:00pm
    • CST - 6:30pm - 10:00pm
    • PST - 4:30pm - 8:00pm
    • CET - 1:30am - 5:00am
    This schedule is generally for SUNDAY and TUESDAY
    • We generally drop Thursdays during farm mode over the summer.
    • During progression we may need to raid later to get something beat if we are close.
    • Expect to raid full time and any day as needed during BETA, at EXPANSION LAUNCH, and during SPECIAL EVENTS.
    • Friday and Saturday we only raid on lockout days during progression or for anniversary events.
    • We may do AM raids on Sat and Sun during progression. (9am - not 2 or 3am)
    • We don't raid most major holidays as well as Super Bowl Sunday.
    Loot Distribution:

    Crimson Tempest uses a custom point-based auction system for loot distribution. Players earn points (DKP) hourly and may spend these points on items to improve their character. Raid attendance and loot distribution are tracked on an online application. During the recruiting period, recruits earn points equal to guild members but may spend them to purchase items that members don't want. We also offer free twink loot to your alternative characters you may play.

    Alternate Characters:

    If you are invited into Crimson Tempest, you are expected to raid with your main character at all times. You may, at your leisure, play alternate characters outside raid times, but your main character should always be your primary focus for advancement. Depending on class and skill you may occasionally get to play an alt during raid times. We also have been known to split raids some events for extra loot with alt toons. Your primary alt toon generally will get a considerable amount of rot raid gear. Recruits may have alternate characters/twinks tagged during the recruitment period.

    We are recruiting folks who want to play Ever Quest with Emphasis on Druid, Paladin, Enchanter, Cleric.
    To apply go to
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    Still hating on the poor necromancer....

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    Is it my fault the mob's buff box so small? . . You can always give me a tell on drinal.
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    Just a suggestion...

    It's not cool to cold call another guild's raid leader and attempt to headhunt them.

    I wouldn't be putting in all the time and effort into raids for my own guild if I was interested in joining yours.
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    But you love me so!
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    A wise leader picks the best generals ! Whats cool got to do with winning ?

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    Crimson Tempest has cleared CoV with limited numbers. . we average 40 plus folks a raid night. So we have openings for all classes but for Shaman, Magician , and Necromancer. Crimson Tempest raids Sunday , Tuesday, and Thursday night from 7 pm eastern to 11 pm eastern.
    Requirements: 35k AA or higher.
    Knowledge of class.
    Decent augmentions.
    Either magelo or profile.
    Mummble and Gina.
    For information please go to . . to register the password is crimson talk.
    As always you can send {tell drinal.shreds and we can chat.
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