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    Crimson Tempest on Drinal is recruiting!!

    That is right folks, you heard it here first!

    REJOICE! Come join Crimson Tempest of Drinal, 2nd serverwide for completion of EoK and 1st in the hearts of kicka**ness.

    We currently have an opening for Bard, Beastlord, Cleric, Druid and TOP DPS! As always we consider exceptional players of any class!

    Our normal raid schedule consists of Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 7:30 EST til 12 EST

    With EoK now complete and on farm mode, now is the time to get in, where you fit in! We only raid Sunday and Thursday currently.

    Please click here for our application format!

    If you are interested in checking us out, go to Crimson Tempest website. Feel free to contact any of the following for more information:

    Leader : Headboss
    Officer/Raid Leader : Zarzac
    Officer/Raid Leader : Galarian
    Officer/Raid Leader : Ozimandias
    Officer/DKP admin : Phancy
    Officer/Raid Leader/GINA : Sindaiann
    Recruitment : Rcalielie

    To submit an application, feel free to PM to Rcalielie or Headboss. Thanks!![/quote]
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    Still looking for a few players : Bard(s), Priests, Beastlord and Top DPS

    For more information, contact Rcalielie in game at ;t drinal.rcalielie or on the Forums.

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