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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Sindaiann, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Sindaiann Augur


    Come join the freight train that is Crimson Tempest. We are currently destroying all content for your main toons loot needs. Eok/TBM gear/augs raid cheevs, heck we even plan on mixing in some PoShadow for slackers and PoWar for augs/currency.

    Apps don't be shy! Come get in on the loot train and stop it from going to alts!!!! HH Seb is starting too! Don't miss out!

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  3. Caemien Lorekeeper

    Cool Vid!
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    Shameless BUMP.

    Needs remain the same
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    Edited top post to reflect current needs.

    Recruitment needs and application info found HERE
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  12. Crondo New Member

    Wow that is amazing ya'll are still around. I used to be a ranger in Assent way back in 2004-06, and I remember your guild tag very fondly. Best of luck with gaining new members =)
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    Adjusted main post to reflect current needs. As always exceptional applicants feel free to send an application, regardless of current needs.
  15. Rcalielie Elder


    BUMP!! Can you smell what Crimson Tempest is cooking?

    Still looking for a few players: Bard(s), Beastlord, Priests and Top DPS.

    If you have what it takes, come see Rcalielie on our forums or in game at ;t drinal.rcalielie!!
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  18. Sindaiann Augur

    The new expansion is just around the corner with Beta starting soon.

    Spots are limited but all talented players please inquire. Come get full EOK raid gear before the new expansion launches!
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  20. Sindaiann Augur


    Spots are limited and the expansion is just around the corner. Do not wait to get your app in! Come join now and get this rot loot before the new expansion hits!

    Send tells to drinal.Sindaiann - drinal.Headboss


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