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  1. Sindaiann Augur

    Crimson Tempest on Drinal is recruiting!!

    That is right folks, you heard it here first!

    REJOICE! Come join Crimson Tempest of Drinal, 3rd serverwide for completion of ROS and 1st in the hearts of kicka**ness.

    We currently have an opening for

    BARD x1
    DRUID x1
    PALADIN x1
    SHAMAN x1

    As always we consider exceptional players of any class!

    Our raid schedule consists of Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 7:30 EST til 12 EST - disclaimer times to reflect event learning. Actual raid times generally much shorter.

    Please click here for our application format!

    If you are interested in checking us out, go to Crimson Tempest website. Feel free to contact any of the following for more information:

    Leader : Headboss
    Officer/Raid Leader : Zarzac
    Officer/Raid Leader/GINA : Sindaiann
    Officer/Raid Leader : Galarian
    Officer/DKP admin : Phancy
    Officer/DKP admin : Sanoliene

    To submit an application, feel free to PM to Sindaiann - Thanks!!
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  3. MrMajestykx Augur

    the minute you STOP recruiting and not looking for folks is when your guild dies or you get in trouble. Life happens, summer happens etc.....has nothing to do with people being happy or not, people retire people go awol...if you play EQ you wouldn't be asking that question. Top guilds stay on top because they are constantly keeping the roster fresh. as a recruiter , thats my 2cp.
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  4. Noita Journeyman

    Guild politics, upset ex-CT blah blah.
    Guilds recruit to keep the roster healthy and stay on top. That is why guilds recruit because real life does come first. With that being said.
    We are recruiting players that want to enjoy the end game content and be part of raiding. Our RA and raid schedule is listed. If you think you have what it takes you can always contact one of our officers or any guild member should be able to help you with what we expect.
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  5. Gelido Lorekeeper

    CT is a great guild, Some of the players are from my past guilds. Stronghold of Savages for instance, ive never had any issue with anyone from CT. I cannot raid as often as some thus i am in a guild that suites me, its family orientated with some raiding involved. Everyone is different.
    Friendly bump for CT!
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  7. Noita Journeyman

    We still have a few spots left. We currenty Farm EoK T1- 3 and do TBM 3 for Face augs
    Our raid schedule is Sunday, Tues and Thurs from 630 pm cst to 1030 cst but raids dont usually go that long during farm mode.

    Currently seeking shaman and beast but are always open to high quality raiders that want to raid.
    Can contact anyone of our officers in game. I am also available in game or on here if you need any assistance
    Leader : Headboss
    Officer/Raid Leader : Zarzac
    Officer/Raid Leader : Galarian
    Officer/Raid Leader : Ozimandias
    Officer/DKP admin : Phancy
    Officer/Recruitment/GINA : Sindaiann
  8. Sindaiann Augur


    EoK T1-3 still on farm and getting bull dozed. TBM T3 mixed in for some Right and Left Eye (as well as the rest of loot going to twinks). 17th anniversary coming up again soon and we will farm that again for augs and goodies.

    Now is the time to get in where you fit in folks! Sent me a tell today!
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    Do you feel bored in your current guild? Are you tired of wasting your time and accomplishing little to nothing? Are your talents being squandered?


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    Recruitment needs and application info found HERE
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    Recruitment needs and application info found HERE

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