Crestra's Earring

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  1. LadyQuake Lorekeeper


    The end combination Jewellery skill.
    If you fail that, will you have to do EVERYTHING again from beginning?

    I am trying to find something easy to up the jewellery skill but cannot find anything, I am a NEC.

  2. Conq Augur

    Having done several, I have only lost components other than the earring component itself on any of the combines - subcombines, final or raid. I cannot guarantee my results are the rule, that's just what I've seen in 6 completions.
  3. Yimin Augur

    Cut gems ! You'll need Jewelers Glass , Cutting tool this can be changed to the 7 different cutting tools in a Jewellery bag or do what I did and just make 7 , and any uncut Gems , here is an example ...

    Square Cut Black Sapphire
    Jewelcraft Components: Jewelers Glass, Square Cut Tool, Uncut Black Sapphire
    In: Jeweler's Kit, Trivial at: 300 . Depending on the gem you'll get a different trivial ...

  4. Goodn Augur

    Huh? I'm not sure I'm understanding the issue the OP is having.

    The easiest thing to do for JC to 300 is just march up the gem/metal lines. The sellback on the completed pieces are very close to vendor cost so your total outlay for the project will be lower. Obviously if you have farmed a ton of uncut gems or other things, then those might be an option as well. But I'd never recommend starting those until you reach the end of velium ruby combines.

    Velium Ruby Veils trivial at 282 and are as high as you can go store bought. You can then switch to Diamonds and Blue Diamonds to get the rest of the way (diamonds and blue diamonds are plentiful on PoK and Guild Lobby vendors on most Live servers).
  5. LadyQuake Lorekeeper

    Thanks all, and that veil one is good you can sell back for alot.

    Don't suppose you know an easy pottery one 270 + :) , spent so much on that so far on distilled mana and other things.

    Pottery and Jewellery are only ones need now high.
  6. smash Augur

    Star ruby for pottery, find recipe at eqt, search recipe.
  7. Rickate Augur

    For your consideration, in 6 weeks the Crestra Earring will be obsoleted by a T2 TBL group drop with Luck. You don't have to do anything unless you don't purchase TBL, Luck is added to Crestra, you want to complete the earring for a reason other than the end result or you prefer high Magelo stats over in game performance.
  8. Gialana Augur

    The star ruby stein is easy and is not much more expensive than the cost of a star ruby, 68 pp. It can take you all the way to 300.

    The Unfired Idol (Tunare) will take you to 282. It requires 2 emeralds, one imbued by a Tunare-worshiping cleric, and one for the vial of clear mana. If you're on Emarr, I can help imbue the emeralds and make the vials of clear mana.

    If you have a bunch of Cosgrove Powder, Dream Dust, Essence of Alaris, or Planar Energy Shards that you don't need for other combines, you can get to 300 very cheaply. You can find recipes on EQTraders by searching for "infused clay." For instance, you could make Unfired Ball of Sunlight Ornament for around 1 pp in vendor-bought materials plus a planar energy shard. This cost assumes you can enchant the clay. I can also help enchanting clay if you are on Emarr.
  9. fortuneteller Augur

    Sure, you can get it cheaply, but then Again cheapy can be too expensive. And what do I mean with that ?

    Well, the ruby stein all vendor stuff, and cost around 68 pp. This is around 68k in total.

    The dust thing is around 1 pp per combine, in total 1k. That is 67k saved, however, if i make the rubys and sell the powder/dust thing, I easily get 300 per thing, and that is around 300k pp, so I will end with 230k pp, doing the ruby and selling the dust/powder.
    But if you do not have those, you need to farm all those, and that takes a lot of time.