Crestra earring bug, "Measure of the Dead"

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dagum, May 10, 2018.

  1. Dagum New Member

    So I made the earring for this "measure of the Dead" Then I got returned to the group back into Sathir tomb to be with the group. I didn't know it, but the quest reset the following steps:

    Bring the Purified mana to the central teleport
    Bring the purified mana to the yellow energy
    Bring the Purified mana to the blue energy

    The three steps reset in the quest because I returned to Sathir's tomb. I turned in the earring, it stated that the quest "measure of the dead" was complete. The earring was removed from my inventory. I now have no earring and the other people in the group that left the zone and returned after making the earring also have to redo the above steps as the quest everyone's quest reset.

    So it appears that if you have made the earring the quest resets if you return to Sathir's Tomb with a completed earring.

    Because it talked to Cresta with an incomplete quest, she took my earring.
  2. Dagum New Member

    So just an update. I went back to Sathir's tomb and regot the different items. This completed the task and gave me back the earring.

    It stunk having to do that part of the quest over thou for no reason.
  3. Flatchy Augur

    It also stinks when you fail the combine and have to go back down and redo the steps in Sathirs. I am glad after I made it (the earring) I did not go back down there lol.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It's there to allow you to re-do those steps if you fail. Will see If I can do anything more. At least it's reasonably doable.
  5. Dagum New Member

    Wow I never imagined I would get a Dev response, or a response that quickly. My original post was when the earring was not in my inventory and the quest was done, but still in my quest tab. So I thought I was just done for on ever completing it.

    Thanks again for the response, and as you stated it is doable.
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Fixed internally. This takes a full patch, so it will not go live until the June patch.

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