Creating bard now, look forward to ksing your giants, named, etc

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Greensealilly, May 15, 2019.

  1. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Heard about the bard charming other's mobs when near dead then hitting for that last few percent and getting the kill and absolutely had to head to rathe to check it out and yup, guy was there doing it and dbg appears to be allowing this max-cheese-(awesome)-strategy. If they don't fix it there's no need to grind and level some other class, no no no. Just make a bard, get like level 40 and hell you can let other full groups do the work and just take their kills, let's all be bards! Can run fast too, nice!

    Possibly a name change for the game is in order though, bardquest? (taken), hmm bardcharmyourmobquest? That may do, of course when we get our bards going it's going to be so much fun to charm back and forth. Look forward to seeing you in game fellow cheese-charming bards!
  2. Elemenopi Augur

    Is this the new Fansy the Famous Bard?
  3. Meridian Augur

    ok, cool.
  4. forbes77 Elder

  5. Captain Video Augur

    One of the golden rules of ForumQuest is that the most nonsensical threads get posted on patch day.
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  6. Racci New Member

    to start with there hasnt been a real group in RM since 2003 and who cares if a bard KSs the Mag Bot Army and necros who are KSing everyone else?
  7. Greensealilly Journeyman

    All naysayers, oh-so-clever insults and salty dogs. So sad.
    Get on board fellow charm-cheesers. Don't think small, this applies to any charmable mob/named, not just the overcamped hgs and clops. I'm not saying you can't have your mage-wiz-necro-whatever-bot auto follow you and help get that last 1% of the kill. Flexibility! How fun is this!? Frenzy(check), lord(check), <insert named here>(check). There are so many possibilities. Just wait til pop with this strat plus aggro drop woohoo, bards ftw!
  8. Captain Video Augur

    I see you got bored with your last New Member forum ID. As far as charm-cheesers go, I'll alert the media.
  9. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Off the original awesome topic, for the record, when I went to rm there were no bot armies there, just a bunch of other players, apparently soloing or maybe duoing, running around killing hgs, in many cases up to the point where the bard would run over and charm-ks. Possibly something has been done about the bot armies? Or, maybe there's no need for a bot army anymore, just make a couple bards and done. The subscription savings would really add up, wtg bards!
  10. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Lol, no. You imply that I actually care enough to do something like that. This is just randomly the last account I logged in with for acct maintenance and I have never posted any complaints about this (on this or any other acct). I'm not aware of the other complaints about this issue that you mention but if you're going to make accusations at least post a link to what tf you're talking about.
    Also, why on earth would someone need to create a new account to post a topic? You honestly think the other hundreds of players this is happening to in rm and apparently other zones are totally cool with it and it's just one person that thinks it's an extremely cheese strat?
  11. McGuinness_001 New Member

    Problem is human piles of waste who can't be bothered to actually put in any work have been allowed to delay other players level progression for the entirety of this games life. I've literally just given up and logged out to play something else at times over the years. Its caused me to cancel my sub a few times and halt the flow of my money into whoever owned EQ at the time.

    As for me it'll be a cold day in hell before I lose enough self respect to act like that online or in RL. Your actions define you. If you act like garbage, then you're garbage. Don't want to be garbage or called garbage?? Its as simple as not acting like that. Show a little respect for someone who isn't you, ya know, DON'T act like a sociopath who cares nothing for others. Taking the kit gloves off and speaking frankly like this is far less toxic than actual actions like preying on the work of others.

    Honestly if you need to KS as a bard you're doing it wrong... Socially as well as mechanically...
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  12. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Right! Maybe we're a dying breed of people that think that your actions, regardless of venue, define you. Maybe, if this were a true role playing game where people were acting out their medieval character, that would possibly be an exception, but, it's not-at-all. Even if it was, you're not going to have some rp reason to use broken game mechanics to grief others and profit yourself. This is people playing and conversing as themselves and players using a game mechanic absolutely in a way that it was not intended to be used.
    I do have a sense of humor, though and really posted this thread as a bit of a joke. I have to laugh a bit at how out of touch with the game dbg seems to be on this and other similar things. It's a principal of human nature, if these types of people can do it and get away with it then they absolutely are going to. If there's a shortest path to profit without doing any work that's able to easily take the reward from others efforts then of course there are going to be people that are going to take it. This is not even some guy that worked up his toon and strategies to ks by outdamaging you. A bard that can do this could be created in a day and there's really no skill at all involved in it.
    Imo, this particular issue is going to spread this time and it will be present much more commonly going forward into expansions and new tlps because the devs don't appear to have a fix or even care and they haven't even come out and just simply said "this is against the rules" which I think would go a long ways towards ending the problem by itself.
    I'm also thinking a bit about the possibilities when you add fading memories in pop and box another toon that has a good fast casting dps and aggro drop. Likely they will also be using some banned mapping software so they know when a named is up and can just pop in, get the kill from a group and move on to the next target. Plenty of time to come up with a fix for this but nah, won't happen.
  13. McGuinness_001 New Member

    I mean... the name change potion allows you to pay some DB cash to change your name and shed any negative impact your actions might have had on your social standing... Sort of seems like they've facilitated rather than discouraged it as long as you pay them.
  14. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Agreed with this post but just saw the "as well as mechanically" on your previous post and have to disagree with that. Certainly, socially, it's sociopath level but mechanically, no, this is the best way to ks in the game, period. There is no way to combat this. Ex: 2 boxes - #1 bard charms at low health range that other box can dps half of in one hit, #2 second box begins casting and bard begins cancelling charm, #3 charm is cancelled within milliseconds of dps spell landing. There is no way to combat this. This is the meta for ksing currently in this game. Haven't seen this 2-box version yet, probably because it's working fine so far with just the bard but it will happen.
  15. phaeril Augur

    The greatest part is that the best defense against a bard pied pipering off your mob is another bard since we can run fast and cast cancel magic while running fast. Plenty of people are timing memblur and nukes already, it's not that uncommon and doesn't require running the mob off first. You can just stroll up to anyone fighting something and do it.

    Bard charm drops off pretty quick once mobs get to be higher than level 51, or even before that with the slow mana regen. Not sure why you think you'd use FM to break charm (charm breaking is already a memblur, which is what the actual problem is) when invis pots work just as well without eating into your tank of mana.

    The real fix is to not make bard charm dropping reset the DPS race, also not make memblur reset the DPS race.
  16. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Yes, agree with your solution, it's the only real fix.

    As for the rest, they won't use fm to break charm. They'll use it to walk into camp that may have multiple mobs or mobs in the way, ks the group's mob, fm and then leave them to clean up the rest of the mess.
    Also, no, there's no way to combat the strat I posted, not even with another bard. 2-boxes. Whoever charms the low health mob first wins because they can time the charm break exactly to coincide with the dps cast. Their second box is already casting the dps that will get the kill when they cancel charm, not real hard to synchronize that. Yeah, it'll take a tiny bit more skill than what's currently being used. More than likely casting cancel magic will only help them :)
  17. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Remove the memory wipe from charm and the bard cheese-charming problem is fixed. The original dps will still go to the owners. As for enchanter mem wipe, that's a more tricky one because it's a feature of the class. I guess make it only mem wipe the enchanter's actions. Not sure what all scenarios that would break.. Oh, maybe it only wipes actions of the enchanter and his party members, that would make total sense and would fix the issue.
  18. McGuinness_001 New Member

    Wasn't saying that it wasn't a great way to KS... I'm saying if you have the need to KS at all to progress as a bard then you are doing something wrong with the actual playing of your bard... I watched my wife solo her way to the 50's fairly easily in Luclin/PoP era the first time around... Bards can be insanely useful in groups giving them a leg up in actually getting one... Named KSing not withstanding there really is no need to KS for xp other than pure laziness while devaluing those around you to the point of triviality. The behavior says a lot more about the individual than it does the class. That type of behavior is a detriment to RL societies as well as online.
  19. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Another idea for a fix. A spell and an item clicky (fast cast buyable like pumice stone kinda thing) that causes a mob to be uncharmable or mem-wipeable for a duration. Make it only usable on a mob that hasn't been charmed in the past 30s to prevent it's use to grief legit charmers. This would solve the problem. How could people exploit it or would this do the trick? Is there a way this could work? Seems like it would be a pretty simple solution to implement since it would just be adding a spell with normal buff/debuff/prevent kinda stuff. Pull mob, cast this and for say 30s the mob is uncharmable and unmemwipeable.

    Posted this in a new thread also because I feel like it would be a really nice game improvement.
  20. Grailer Augur

    From what I saw the Hill Giants were spawning in so fast and dying to a necro group + some mages very fast but a bard might steal some kills using the charm steal method.

    I was pulling HG’s from the bottom of hill away from everyone to root rot with a druid but the bard called (no name and shame) would come over and easily steal.

    After 2x I left zone ...

    But if more and more bards start doing this do you think that people will stick around working for nothing?
    Do you think the bot groups are going to keep running bots if there is 10+ bards sitting around like leeches waiting to steal?

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