Crashed and could not access the game

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Elkar Headhunter, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    Last night I was playing 4 accounts on four different desktop PCs when at the same time all four accounts crashed. I tried to log back in by starting the launcher but it wouldn't appear until about 3 minutes after starting it and then it would give me the message about cannot connect to patcher and to check my connection.

    I was still in teamspeak with people I was playing with who did not crash. So I tried to go to the forums to see if people were posting similar problems and could not access the forums from any of the desktops.

    I restarted modem, router, and all four PCs and had no success. I called my ISP who claims they have no blocking abilities of the sort. I was able to get on the forums from an iPad where I could finally do a petition. About 15 minutes after the petition the problem resolved itself and I was able to get back on and access the forums from all desktops.

    Now I am just curious what could have happened to block me from only eq and the eq forums only on the four desktops. I could do anything on the internet on any other device in the home. My eq folders are all excluded from my virus protection programs. I thought possibly I was gonna be one of those stories where I was banned from the game without knowing why but I didn't have any emails about it.

    If anyone has any ideas what may have happened it would be great to know. So I might know how to avoid it or fix it if it happens again.

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