Cannot Reproduce Crash to Desktop

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Fightmilk, May 29, 2020.

  1. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    Hey there so a minute ago I was playing on aradue, went to cast a spell and was kicked to desktop.... tried to log in and met with a 185 minute Queue.

    If this server is going to continue to be on a 3-4 hr queue, It's not the experience I signed up for and I'll gracefully exit the game. I was logged in, got crashed for no reason, my char was still in, but now i have to wait 3 hrs to play with my other char again. This is not even close to acceptable.

    My character is still in the world... WHY do I have to wait hours again to get back in? I never (willingly) left (nor did I physically?)
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  2. eorzea Journeyman

    It's happening to a lot of ppl... there is no safe guard like there used to be for other servers... When you used to crash you had like 5-10minuts to still be ahead of the curve and that seems to have been removed.
    It's also risky when you zone... I think you should have 20minut safe guard if you crash or go ld to log back in
    There is like 100k ppl or more trying to log into something made for maybe 20k or so players maybe more or less... This is what i think at lest but I could be wrong...

    We just need more servers with aradune's 2 chars per person rule and allow us to transfer to them
    This would help a lot of the problems.
  3. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    Even at 1/50th of the volume you imply they have made more than enough money to make this reasonably scalable for 100,000 people.
  4. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    There is less than 20k people playing EQ regularly.

    100k trying to log into Aradune would be a miraculous thing indeed, more like 1k

    I hope the crashing gets fixed though. added a like to the OP, and so should everyone else who wants the bug fixed.

    Like the OP = moves it up the list of things devs need to look at.
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  5. Duke Duane New Member

    would be nice if they just booted everyone from the server every 3-4 hours... call it a server "refresh". so everyone would have a chance to log in and play, not just the ones that haven't crashed or logged out while they went to sleep or to work.
  6. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    Before the Queue even started today there were well over 500PCs in G-Fay, 400 in Commons, and nearly 600 across picks of unrest, but again, Okay.
  7. Kyllvyn Journeyman

    I've had this happen to me twice today. Something needs to be done.

    One of the issues about having way too many people on is that people are afraid to log off. You log off for any reason and then when you're ready to play again, you're stuck in a 2+ hour queue. Answer: Don't log off!

    I think about 10-15% of the server population is people that are AFK just for this reason.
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  8. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    What relevance do any of those numbers have to how many are in the queue?

    Answer is none.
  9. Zapford Elder

    Just happened again to me while fighting a yellow. Sure I an back at my bind. Was also still in game. This has happened about 8 times to me in the last 3 days. Never any lag, just screen lock, and bam desktop,
  10. Desaro New Member

    I play on FV and have had the same issue, Standing in PoK then POOF! game closed. While I understand most of the players are annoyed with the Que problem, but the client crashing should be addressed so you only have to wait once.
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  11. Diani Augur

    This randomly closing of EQ is just silly and happening too often to be funny anymore. Sure it happened in the past but atm it is rather silly. So what was I doing when it happened this time? Just sitting in the bazaaar, nothing else.
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  12. Savagefist New Member

    This crashing to desktop is absolutely infuriating. It happened to me 5 times in one hour a couple of days ago. It happened 3 times last night while trying to raid. Then again today while sitting in the bazaar. Has anyone come up with a temp fix? Deleting eqgame.exe seemed to work for a day, then it all started again.
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  13. Teylana Elder

    Happened to four of us 5x on a Kael raid today. Someone suggested that it could be a ornamentation issue on our screens. The fourth time I crashed to desktop I was in 1st person looking straight down. That wasn't it.
  14. Lilybeme Lorekeeper

    Same thing happening on Cazic-Thule
  15. Febb Augur

    Whoever crashes to desktop, go into your eq directory and then the logs directory. There is a file named dbg.txt in there. In that file contains the crash message, scroll towards the end of the file if the crash just happened. Post about the last 20 lines or so with the crash message in it.
  16. Azuro New Member

    Today I crashed twice on my main PC randomly it just quit to the desktop, it also done the exact same thing on my laptop, 1st time the laptop quit out about 10 mins after my pc and the 2nd time, the laptop went off about 10 mins before my main pc.... and having to wait 2+ hours in the queue is terrible when this happens! on arazune btw.
  17. Whiskeyfists New Member

    This is the second day in a row I've crashed out of Aradune while zoning or just walking around and actually playing, then I get placed in a 170+ min queue.


    If you were logged in and get booted because the server sucks because it's not stable to hold X amount of people, the customer shouldn't be penalized.

    I understand and agree w/ AFK timers and potentially capping the server pop, but if you're actively playing on the server, you shouldn't be penalized because the game decides to crash.
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  18. Savagefist New Member

    It seems to happen more often if I'm boxing. They need to fix this.
  19. Azuro New Member

    Would like if an eq official would at least acknowledge there is a problem so we know they are looking into fixing there game.
    Known that you wait hours to get into a game for the client to close down instantly to desktop is so annoying.
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  20. Velisaris_MS Augur

    It might be helpful if people posted their operating system and video card, to see if there's a pattern or commonality to the crashes. And post whether they are going through the patcher or not.

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