Crash to desktop when loading character into gameworld.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Turinbar, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Turinbar Augur

    Having issues logging in whereby I remove the character stuck in the world, try to log in with him, then it crashes to desktop. Was in Lguk zoning into upper guk on Mangler.
  2. gamerguy845 New Member

    same is happening to me
  3. Rasen New Member

    same issues here too.
  4. Rasen New Member

  5. Kardinal Journeyman

    Having to delete and recreate my UI file every day is not an optimal solution for me
  6. Disposition New Member

  7. Kevron New Member

    I am also experiencing this crash to desktop problem, but only when attempting to play on Selo's. At this point I am almost certain that it is a Truebox "false positive" issue and not anything to do with UI's or .ini files.
  8. Wooshoe New Member

    I would agree with Kevron.
    I used to multibox on Ragefire, and when i switched over to a live server (forgetting to close my multibox program) I would get kicked exactly the same way.

    Interesting note: in my situation it only seems to happen on 1 of my toons, both are on Mangler.
  9. Kevron New Member

    I mainly play on Lockjaw and do have 4 copies of EQ installed on the problem PC. I also use Logitech software for my keyboard, but I can't think of anything else that would set it off. I know there's probably some server-side logic/tracking involved with Truebox but I'm only loading one instance of EQ when attempting to play on Selo.

    If I copy one of my EQ folders from the crashing PC to my laptop I can play Selo just fine on there.

    If boxing on the old TLP's and doing Truebox on the new TLP's are incompatible with eachother that's really unfortunate. I wouldn't rule out Truebox just being overtuned for the new servers though.
  10. DeseanJackson Augur

    It’s most likely the UI being bugged from last weeks patch. Delete your characters UI files, let the game create new ones, and go. I had this issue on two characters and this was an easy fix I only had to do once.
  11. Moreau New Member

    I am having the same problem on the Bristlebane server. I crashed while my character was travelling in a boat in the Loping Plains. I attempted to log in with the UI reset button checked on the character select screen, but it did not complete entry into the game.
  12. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    Same. SK on Selos. Crash loading into East Cabilis. Can load in fine on Mangler.
  13. Disposition New Member

    Tried this already, works until you camp the toon. Then when you log back into it, instant boot from the game. Deleted all .ini files, deleted every EQ file imaginable and re-installed. Issue persists. Has to be truebox issues with Selos, or UI file bug from previous patch. Either way, need Dev answers.
  14. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    24 hours later, still can't get on Selos with my ShadowKnight.

    Thx DBG ... /sarcasm
  15. Tulerezzer Fujimoto New Member

    Game is unplayable for my main Selo character. Client crashes, cant log back in for several tries.
  16. Wordor New Member

    Same problem here. Except it is on Mangler server.
  17. Disposition New Member

    Starting to feel like a 20th Anniversary scam, been a week since I was able to play properly. I bought in and got 2hours of gameplay and hours of frustration for my buck. Thanks DBG, nothing new from you I suppose.
  18. Flumpy New Member

    Having exactly the same issue, only seems to affect my rogue in Everfrost, never my gnome in Steamfont, no clue why.
  19. boyko New Member

    I had the issue also. Rebuilt my UI and it now works. PITA though.
  20. Trizek Elder

    Happened to me twice on 2 different characters since the new servers launched. As mentioned already, re-doing your UI fixes it, but still, this bug should not exist especially in a 20 year old game.

    Please prevent this from happening.

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