Crash to desktop bug is still happening

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Kakashi77, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. Kakashi77 Elder

    I'll provide a bit more insight to how it occurs for us during our raids on Coirnav. What we have noticed is when there are "a lot of corpses" on the screen/zone, at some point random people will go LD (crash to desktop ie their client just freezes and closes) every 5 minutes or so, until all the corpses are cleared (rez'd).

    However, even after that is done we have noticed strange occurrences where people will still randomly crash to desktop even when there are no more corpses in the zone (aside from 2 or 3 during a fight). But the bug keeps occurring from the point when there is an instance of a massive pile of corpses appearing and gets cleared out. That's my observation of it.

    It also appears to be quite random however looking back at the various tickets raised, this is still a big problem and causes a lot of inconvenience while playing.

    This is still not fixed by any means. Needs immediate attention.
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  2. Darkhain Elder

    We also had this bug since TBS launch on Coirnav ( Solteris raid), each time we had a wipe, people would randomly CTD without notice. And it's still happening with SoF release (MMM and Crystallos raid at least).This is a game breaking bug, making it really hard to raid.
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  3. Holywalker New Member

    This problem continues to occur and caused great troubles in the raid, please help to fix this problem
  4. Sunshi New Member

    Even releasing the bunnies doesn't seem to help calm down the zone while it's crashing people !
  5. Helloitsme New Member

    This bug has been reported since like 4 month, still not fixed.
  6. Ratalthor Developer

    We need more info to investigate CTD issues. If anybody can provide reproduction steps that could generate a CTD that would help us narrow down our search. Specific raids, time of day, cause of raid wipes, etc.
  7. Kakashi77 Elder

    It seems to only be apparent from us when a bunch of corpses just appear and get cleared out or are still left. Right now we are raiding crystallos, just rez'd a bunch of corpses. No corpses left and 2 people suddenly CTD. This is 6:50am EST thursday
  8. Kakashi77 Elder

    Just wanted to raise this again as we see numerous people randomly being kicked to desktop as soon as there are corpses on the screen in a raid zone. Right now for us it seems to be the case in Crystallos.
  9. Sigpa0s Journeyman

    The CTD issue has something to do with the "Group by NPC" check box/feature in Advanced Loot.

    This post by user Qbert back in 2018 helped to stop my crashing issues:

    The following are my best recollection of the steps to reproduce:
    1) Have "Group by NPC" checked in Advanced Loot
    2) Build up a list of loot that is set to No/Never in Advanced Loot (20-50 items)
    3) Next to the "Set All To" button, click the drop down list and select "Leave on corpse"
    4) Click "Set All To button" to cause CTD. Client closes.

    I've played for several years now with "Group by NPC" unchecked, and 99.99% of my previous CTD issues have been solved.
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  10. Darkhain Elder

    I'm not sure we're talking about the same CTD issues.
    The CTD we're experiencing only occurs when the are X (large) amounts a corpse in raid instance.
  11. Ratalthor Developer

    Specifically for the CTD that possibly relates to corpses:
    Can anybody provide additional info we can use to narrow down when/where these crashes happen?
    Which server(s), zone(s), and at what times?
  12. Ratalthor Developer

    We still need additional information to investigate this issue. Please PM me your affected character(s) / server(s) / zone(s) / time affected so we can take a look.