crash or what?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by shadowknightfever, May 26, 2020.

  1. Aanuvane Augur

    Just happened again.

    Povar 5:01pm eastern.

    Was camping one character to character select

    Was zoning a second character from PoK to PoT

    Third character who was running across PoK just complete froze and crashed to desktop.
  2. Maxamos New Member

    Not sure if this will work but I am a crash sufferer (and worse because I have been trying to enjoy this game on stream with my community). I found a guide in the steam community pages that is worth a shot -
    will let you guys know if it works out but the devs should be addressing this. Tons of forum posts.
  3. Maxamos New Member

    UPDATE - everything running better than ever and no crash after 3 hours of gameplay. Will let you guys know if something changes but this might be it!!!!
  4. Maxamos New Member

    UPDATE 2 - crash happened just now in North Ro. Same as always. Will not be resubbing. This game is a waste unless they can address this.
  5. Transporter Lorekeeper

    Yepp it will freeze for a moment then crash to desktop and toon has to be kicked from world. Has been happening since patch
  6. Petalonyx Augur

    I box 4 on Bristlebane. One PC, using alt tab. No programs whatsoever, not even maps, gina etc.

    Since the last patch, ive experienced upwards of 50 crashes, seemingly random, except they do seem to strike when my characters are idle, especially in PoK. Going idle in the guild hall reduces the frequency of crashes by a large margin (this is based on about 5 overnights in GGH vs the rest in PoK).

    Ive changed no settings in a long time. These crashes are very clearly associated with last patch, based on what ive observed.
  7. Schadenfreude Augur

    Just crashed straight to desktop while standing in bazaar and tabbed away from the game.

    Third crash since the last patch with three different characters, two in PoK one (like the bazaar example) while I wasn't focused on the client so didn't see exactly what happened and the other while running across PoK which caused a complete client lock-up followed a couple of seconds later with crash straight to desktop.
  8. Palloma New Member

    This is happening to me too. I have three gold accounts and cannot keep all three logged in at the same time. It is occurring with each account, not just one in particular. This is particularly galling when it is my trader. I did see someone say elsewhere to make sure you run 'validate game' in the advanced settings. I have done this multiple times, still having the crashes.

    Please, please can we get a response from the devs as this is getting on my last gay nerve!
  9. Drathese New Member

    Just crashed out as well. Subbed acct, F2P acct, doesn't matter. They are just randomly closing out. No message, no nothing till desktop. Check logs, no messages there either.
  10. Khur Sed New Member

    Played fine till Friday night, and now today, 3 crash within a few mins of logging on just one toon.