Crafting equipment from nothing in old maps - how to start?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Gangia, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Gangia New Member


    Let's say that I'm level 2 in Karana, and I hate those all things and "deviant" equipment.
    How do I craft let's say armour or weapon for my wizard/whatever?

    Is there any class/race which is the best for that kind of gameplay (making own armour and weapons instead buying).

    Is it even possible?
  2. Nennius Augur

    "deviant" equipment ?? Now that is funny. Anyway, level up. Get a merc (if you really want to level up) and get much better equipment later.
  3. KermittheFroglok Augur

    If you don't like Defiant gear and prefer to craft, then it sounds like you should play on a TLP, Time Locked Progression server. They require a sub and the most current one usually has drama. I think Agnar might be a good fit for you since it's frozen permanently at Planes of Power meaning it'll never have Defiant gear. Do a web search for Almar's guides to get basic infor on leveling up trade skills for crafting.
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  5. Grove Augur

    I sense a crafter who needs encouragement. YES, there is armor you can make. For a Wizard, the beginning set is Raw Silk. In every set the chest armor and leg armor are the most protective. Links for the Raw Silk Robe :
    These links will show the full set and some non-related pieces. silk
    There is crafted armor for every class and race.
    To be sure, it pales in comparison to dropped Defiant gear. But it is around and YOU CAN MAKE IT.
    Furthermore each original home city has quests for outfitting its new citizens. Some pieces are relatively easy to make; some are extremely hard because the components are hard to find. You can wander from Crescent Reach to what would have been your homeland an make these pieces. (Excepted are some recently allowed race-class combinations like Wood Elf Beastlord.)
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  6. Gangia New Member

    Thank you man! that's exactly what i asked about.

    I have second question: is it possible to make profit by crafting items and selling them to npcs?
  7. Grove Augur

    Sadly, mostly no. And if fact, often the products are sold at a loss. But there is a combination that I have done for minimal profit, though. As several of my characters forage, we would find Rabbit Meat. Rabbit Meat plus Water Flask plus Pot combines to make Rabbit Stew. The Rabbit Meat costs nothing and merchants will not purchase it, the Water Flask costs one silver, the Pot is not consumed in the combining and is used in other recipes so I am negating the cost. So, cost to make Rabbit Stew is one silver. Merchants will buy Rabbit Stew for one gold 4 copper. You can see that the proportional increase is quite large. BUT actual increase is minimal.
  8. Gangia New Member

    Thank you for information.

    So I made mighty quest to craft my first item, I traveled to Nerniak forest (I died few times) and finally I obtained Silk Swatch (made from Spider Silk) and small tailoring kit.

    My problems:

    • In order to create Raw Silk Robe I need Large Tailoring Kit.
    • Where I can buy Large Tailoring Kit in old maps [PoK is cheating] ?! I have found none in East Freeport - all the info about NPCs selling it are wrong (projet1999 wiki, brawell map and allakhazam). There is no such item or such NPCs.
    • Even if I try to create just Raw Silk Cloak (with small tailoring kit, multiple silk swatch, and Silk Cloak Template Pattern) - the template is highlighted red. Why is that?

  9. Ebine Elder

    So you want to be a craft person. While I like that side of the game it is a time/plat sink time. Can you make money crafting. On live I don't think so but I don't play there. Put in the time on a TLP and at times you can make good money in different crafts.

    Your question why is the template highlighted red. You don't have the right template in your inventory. You have a silk cloak template pattern but you need a cloak pattern. They created a new line of cloak templates for newer craft stuff which as you can see confuses new crafters starting out.

    That was fun back in the day and filled some of my slots for some time.

    The next step in crafting if you really want to dig into it is.

    This is the cultural section. When you click on a race you will look for either old cultural smithing
    or old cultural tailoring. There is also weapons also. They take a higher way higher level to make but they are in there.

    If your a cloth besides making things you can also go and do the Temple of Sol Ro quest off of lava storm mountains.
  10. Ebine Elder

    I started out in Odus so I know Gayle Weaven on the docks has them. I don't play
    project 99 but they may have the original freeport which is different. There
    use to be deluxe tailoring but they have been removed. If you find anything that
    takes more than 10 then you have to find a loom. I know PoK has them but not sure about
    other areas.
  11. Grove Augur

    I spend a good bit of my time coaching beginning traders. Here are more helps in the making of Raw Silk Robe.
    To buy a Large Sewing Kit in East Freeport you will find it on the three following merchants:
    Winsla Tanner (on Find)
    Ilyon Oldtia (standing alone on the docks)
    Malonwen Kaeleius (at the dock area in a cubby in the wall)
    On Bristlebane server, I confirmed each of these. If you are not seeing the Large Sewing Kit: while the trade window is open, place or remove designation in the little block that is marked Show only items I can use.
    This list I found on EQ Traders when I searched for Large Sewing Kit. There are many other options there also, but I checked East Freeport as that is the place you mentioned.
    Furthermore, there are Stationary Tradeskill Containers in various Home Cities. I went to Rivervale and found the Loom aka Community Loom in the container. It is near Meeka Diggs / Armor Merchant. These community trades containers all hold ten Items. A search on EQ Traders for Loom will show other cities where the Stationary / Community Loom is found (but not in either of the Freeports).
  12. MidnightRain New Member

    If you're looking for a large tailoring kit in Neriak, you'll find it in the Third Gate on the tailoring merchant. Just use find to locate him once you're inside the third gate. He should be inside a store called the Furrier Royale in between the Lodge of the Dead and the Hall of the Ebon Mask. There is also a community loom inside that store, and another on in a store named the Silk Underground in Neriak Foreign Quarter.

    Yes, I have spent more time inside Neriak over the years than most. Dark elves rule. :D
  13. Fluid Augur

    Chiming in. Yes, low level crafting is OK on a TLP server, everything else not so much. A problem is the choices you have to make to be a crafter. The way it is done with armor is you hunt creatures that drop materials like [wolves, bears, spiders]. These types of creatures are notoriously broke and don't give anything but hides or silk.

    That being said, you can just go ahead and train with your guild master to get your levels up to where you fail less with low level combines. A SOP is to carry around a pocket full of patterns like gloves or caps, and every time you see a vendor with some 'ruined' hides, just buy them all and convert them. The hides and patterns stack, so you want to be near a vendor to sell them or you will run out of inventory space while converting them to armor. There is a little profit to be made doing it this way. If you hunt the creatures like wolves yourself, there is a bit more profit to be made.

    On a live server you can be taught skills in CR to a reasonable level, just that it is the antithesis of role playing IMHO. What is rewarding is doing the newbie armor quests. I think all TLP servers may be in that stage so it is universal for now. It is more at questing and killing the right MOB and yields some pretty nice stuff comparable to Defiant and better then the standard silk or tattered armor.

    I'm assuming you may be a Dark Elf Wizard? If that is the case look at

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