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  1. Vizhip New Member

    I have a computer running an Intel I7 6700K processor (Skylake) @4.00GHz and have 32GB of DDR4 memory installed. I am also running a NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 video card that uses DDR3 memory.
    I only have a single account logged into the computer at this time and my character is sitting in the Guild Lobby. Using task manager, I show that eqgame.exe is using from 4.8% of the CPU to 5.1% as task manager cycles through the system processes. The process is using 1,883.x MB of memory. A few times (less than 10) while running the game, my CPU has become hot enough that the motherboard shut down the system, but I have added another floor fan outside the case and that has helped the situation somewhat. I also lowered the A/C in the house by 3 degrees to insure it stayed cooler in the room where I play.

    Obviously the game doesn't really push my computer too hard, but it is interesting to note the resources used when I am not doing more that sitting in the Guild Lobby. Of course, there are some bards that like to play now and then in the Guild Lobby and use the songs that are AE within a certain range of them, so that can cause more memory to be used, though none are playing at the moment. Also anytime a MGB is cast, it too will increase the usage. If I use a computer with 6GB of memory, I do notice a lot of lag and slowdown when even logging the characters on, but I attribute that to not only less memory, but slower memory as well (DDR3). With the graphics turned down a bit, it still uses just under 500MB of memory.and about the same CPU usage though that computer is also using a slower CPU (Intel I7 960 @3.20GHz).

    Hopefully this will add a little more information about the game resource usage and provide a system configuration that you can compare it to.
  2. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Id be concerned with the cpu getting hot when its such low usage. Id check my cpu cooler and grease. Maybe not seated correctly or no grease. You can also find a utility called HWINFO64 that can read the temperature sensors to see how hot cpu is getting.
  3. Vizhip New Member

    The grease is rather old as I built this computer 7 years ago and didn't upgrade to Windows 10 Pro until 2020. I agree it shouldn't have had a load on it for what I was doing, but I wasn't looking at the CPU percentages at the time it shutdown.

    Still, definitely happy to see another utility that might provide a little more information about the CPU as it seems my current selection of tools does not have the temperature information like my old set did, and of course, the old set no longer works on later versions of Windows.

    The times when it did shut down, I would not have expected it to have a tremendous load on it and rarely see the game reach 10%of my CPU capabilities. Maybe I can see what effect the game has on the temperature of the CPU, which would indicate it is working a bit harder than I have been able to observe so far. Thanks again for the information.
  4. Ratalthor Developer

    Additional CPU usage with the new UI is expected but 100% on a single instance is not! Can you share your PC specs with me via PM?
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    You expected increased CPU usage with just 4 windows converted? Are you expecting the usage to go up even more as you release new pieces of the UI, or are you saying that the new UI engine itself is using more resources, regardless of how many windows have been converted?
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  6. Angahran Augur

    Why would increased CPU usage be expected ?
    Shouldn't the opposite be true ?
    A modern UI rendering engine should be able to render the same UI more efficiently than a 20 year old engine.

    And as was said, if CPU usage is expected to increase with only 4 windows converted does that mean the game will basically grind to a halt once the complete UI is done, when/if that ever happens ?
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  7. Riou EQResource

    If you spam open and close the inventory window or sort alt currencies and such you should see your cpu (and iirc gpu) spike in something like task manager every time they are done, it should coincide with the game basically lag spiking (fps wise) for some portion of a second (can tell if you run while doing this)

    Question is what happens when permanent windows are open and "updated" constantly (like chat windows and such)
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  8. Cannikin Elder

    I'm no dev, but I would assume running an old UI engine and a new UI engine simultaneously necessarily uses more resources than just the old alone.

    Once the whole thing gets converted and the old engine can be dropped entirely, overall usage might go down.
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  9. Dewd Journeyman

    I don't know why it was "expected" because it certainly was not welcomed or needed. Older mini pc's which worked perfectly fine before the patch with the UI update, now takes a literal minute to camp off one character and log on another character on the same account/server, something that took maybe 20 seconds before. Even my main PC feels the difference and thats an i-7 10700k 16gig mem rtx 3060.

    Instead of forcing this on players, why not make it optional, something that you can toggle similar to old/luclin models?
  10. Svann2 The Magnificent

    IIUC no one is getting 100% for a single instance. Some people used to be able to easily run 6 accounts and now their total cpu usage is hitting 100% when they try to do that.
  11. Fanra

    I'm going to guess that it will not be optional because when they finally finish I expect they will no longer support the old UI engine.
  12. Windance Augur

    The old UI code was written to run well with on the hardware available at that time. It is going to be very efficient at doing what it does.

    The new UI code was likely written using multiple software layers, all built on top of each other. You get additional features, but at a cost of performance.
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  13. Angahran Augur

    So you're saying that the old UI engine is more efficient and runs better than the new one ?
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  14. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Has this new engine been fully implemented? Perhaps, and I do mean perhaps, it will be more efficient when fully implemented and optimized. On the other hand, it could just be another mistake. Time will tell.
  15. Windance Augur

    You need to define what you use to measure 'better' and 'efficient'.

    I've seen a several projects that were 'new' and 'improved' perform worse than the old code they were designed to replace.

    With out seeing the actual code all we can really go by are reports of CPU usage spiking, zone times worse, more lag and crashes than 'normal'.
  16. Angahran Augur

    1. better - the old UI actuallty works, then new one doesn't.
    2. efficient - the old UI doesn't cause excessive CPU spikes, apparently the new one does.

    Just an idea, maybe the new UI project should be taken back to the drawing board, or at least back to the test server until it is at least somewhere close to being a working item ?
  17. JasonS_EQ New Member

    So I just reverted back to the old UI and my CPU usage per instance declined from about 10% per EQ instance down to about 3%. Kind of silly how much these small changes to the UI increase CPU usage.
  18. Slasher Augur

    What kind of increase are we going to see when all of it is eventually converted over and not just 2-3 windows ? This is crazy you should not see a noticeable difference in CPU usage with today's CPUs.

    Also everyone the new UI is html based so turn hardware acc on in windows if you haven't already you may be able to offload some of the CPU usage to your GPUs.
  19. Iven Antonius Bayle

    I don't think that your problem has much to do with EQ. Your computer has a heat problem and the new UI was just the cherry on top which caused your system to collapse. You would have to check all the other processes for their CPU usage. Software updates, background virus scans, and hardware problems that are causing interrupts are much more likely the source of the problem. The CPU grease has to be renewed too after so many years and maybe the CPU fan is just about to fail and does stop to rotate sometimes because the rotation speed is set to low.
  20. Fenthen aka Rath

    Everyone who has severe problems since the last patch:

    Are you using logging?

    If you turn off logging, or put it to something untenable such as /loginterval 30, do the problems go away?