CoV Raid Item Vendor Cost - Is this for real?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rylak, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This is exactly what they were aiming for. In order to continue using said armor, those accounts have to remain gold status.
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  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This isn't the way to go out chaning it. They need to stop doubling/trippling the amount of coins we get per raid and stop doubling chest loot.

    We start off with 3 raids for a month then 6, then we go up to 9. Before we have 9 raids the coins have been doubled (at the 3 month mark from expansion launch), why???? Then it gets increased again after we have had 9 raids for 2 months, 3 months after that it gets its final increase. By the time we hit the final increase most don't need extra coins as they have the gear they want/need.

    This change won't stop people having too much coinage at the end of the year.

    Lower the prices, stop increasing the amount of coins we get and for the love of all things fluffy do not double the loot from the chest. It shouldn't take longer to do the loot than it does to do the event.
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  3. Tappin Augur

    There’s a difference between ToV T1 and CoV T3 group gear. The raid gear is better, but the difference between isn’t worth spending the DKP or coins on it. That’s primarily the reason it’s going to alts long before the messed up the loot tables.
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  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You missed my point which was that people complained about getting too much loot. If you lowered the coin drop people are going to complain that it takes to long to get coins to get loot. Either way it was changed because people complained.
  5. zoycite New Member

    Me from the future:

    My dragon companion consumes too much platinum and eats all my food. Neverminded increases all my stats and dps.
  6. Celephane Augur

    The alts already have the T1 raid gear. Explain to me why CoV T3 group gear is even part of this equation now. A lot of people already spent DKP on T1 raid gear for alts, so your continued statement that no one will is absolutely false.
  7. Triconix Augur

    Every single year we have people worried about gear and every single year it ends up being there is a plethora of rotting gear that is given away to alts of the alts. People really need to stop worrying about gear. Remember the days when you almost never fully outfitted yourself with current expansion gear? Yeah, I do to. With the amount of coins and chest loot increases, there will never be a worry of gear. It's pretty much handed out to anyone who has a pulse and shows up to raids. Stop with these The Sky is Falling posts about gear every expansion. By mid summer you will be fully outfitted in T2 gear as long as you show up (unless you for some reason refuse to loot anything). I guarantee it.

    The amount of loot that TOV offered was stupidity. I hope to never see that kind of behavior again, but I'm sure it will happen again this year. At this point, T1 raid gear shouldn't even be created/itemized. All chests should give is RK3 spells and T2 ores. Nothing else. T1 raid gear is absolutely worthless. It will be replaced within 4-6 months tops.

    This same mentality can be used for group gear. Lower tier group gear should not exist at this point. If you don't already have T1 (or better) ToV raid gear, I'm not really sure what to tell you. Raid guilds were essentially handing it out to the entire server. But anyways, group content should just drop the TS ores, spells, and augs. There is absolutely no point of lower tier gear. It's a waste of time in terms of development.

    Edit: It also doesn't even make sense having tiered gear because you can get "T2" gear in T1 raids...wut. Another reason to just have 1 tier of gear for all raids. If not, you shouldn't make it possible to get T2 gear in T1 raids.
  8. KrakenReality Augur

    Agreed looking at my year end sales, my revenue was down. I sold a higher quantity of items than previous years, but the value was lower. Now, I'm looking at another year of potential lower sales with CoV group gear having less value, since so many geared up ToV raid gear.

    It's total BS and I hope to never see another expansion like ToV again.
  9. zoycite New Member

    in ToV i think i looted maybe a total of 7 non-spell items and just used currency on everything else. seems pretty dumb.
  10. Tegila Augur

    As far as group gear goes, leave it out of the discussion please. What YOUR server does or doesn't have or do have nothing to do with everyone else in the game. People come and go and aren't necessarily sitting around waiting g for rotloots to be called out in general chat, they may not be max level and therefore t3 group gear is unusable, and then there are those that need nonprestige. Whether or not you're on a server with too many raid guilds over farming raids and gearing up alts of alts of random in general chat does NOT dictate how the rest of the servers work. Out server barely has any raiding at all, and again, many returnees who have not been collecting rots all year, or people not around 12 hrs a day to watch for rots or anything of the sort. Toons not 115 need something to wear too, and you're saying what, t1 gear shouldn't even exist so they should be wearing what exactly? TBL t3?
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  11. Triconix Augur

    First off, wow. Please format your response other than something that doesn't resemble verbal diarrhea. Anyways, let's break this down.
    No, I don't think I will. The same problem exists in both the group environment and raid environment, bu may be even worse because there are three tiers of loot as opposed to two.
    Easily fixable. Make all group gear Req level -5 of current max. Make Recommended level the max level. What you're worried about it purely cosmetic. Also make all group gear NonPrestige. Why do you need two tiers of Prestige group gear? You don't. It's a complete waste of item to develop and itemize. At absolute worst, have your wonderful nonPrestige T1 group gear and your Prestige TS gear. There is absolutely no point of having a middle tier of gear between those two. Just make the named mobs and missions drop the Prestige ores and spells.

    So is this referencing raid gear or group gear? Because I honestly have no idea. T1 ToV raid gear had a required level of 115 so newly returning players would have to wear...T2 TBL? Your so-called problem existed last expansion already so I'm not sure why it's any different now over a year later.
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  12. Sancus Augur

    One thing to note is that chests are currently dropping two ores (rather than one), and presumably will double to four in six months. It's hard to see how anyone will be hurting loot-wise.
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  13. Rylak Journeyman

    I'm actually a bit surprised that the discussion took the route so focused on alts. When I highlighted the data broken down by quarters, it was intended to show people how backloaded the premier gear gain will be this year based on the higher vendor costs. (min/maxers wanting full TS)

    Again doing the math, It will be not be until WEEK 10 of raiding (assumption of not raiding lockouts - clearing all events during the week) that a person will be able to buy their first ore. I'm assuming that the cost is in the range of ~650 coin, based on the current cost structure for T1. That puts us into the back half of March for that first buy.

    Previously, you were buying your first ore in the middle of February. That is a big shift, and really devalues the effort people put in early in the calendar year to learn and beat the events. Couple that with how people choose to do their looting (do they min/max), where they stand in terms of likely hood to win a dropped ore based on their guilds looting system, and its very likely that a person with 100% percent attendance could see very little reward for their effort in the first 3 months. This new vendor cost structure devalues the most important time of the expansion.

    The points made by other people about the number of alts now running gold because of the extra loot are also relevant, but perhaps a bit exaggerated. Dropped T1 loot will still rain all year. The biggest difference is people probably won't have 1 or 2 alts in full TS gear besides their main. I'm actually okay with that.
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  14. Marton Augur

    It seem the amount of coins in CoV could be revised - it does seem low when compared to last year.

    ToV loot: I don't know why having too much loot is a problem for some people. If your guild cannot handle/doesn't want to handle low quality raid loot, leave it rot and move on to another event.

    As far as raids go, I don't really care how much stuff we get in chests, but I would like to see spell runes on raid vendors.
  15. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

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  16. Tappin Augur

    There’s too many trolls on this forum.
  17. Astral64 Augur

    I believe this may explain the higher vendor prices.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Maybe I didn't explain myself very well.

    People complained at the loot being doubled at the 6 month mark. Price increases will do nothing to help this complaint if they still double the loot at the 6 month mark.
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  19. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Guess some may have to spend their dkp on their mains instead of saving it for their alts.
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  20. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Guilds will hurt in the early months, players will have less gear before they hit T3 raids. Last expansion every member of the guild could purchase 1 item from the vendor before hitting T3.

    This time you are looking at
    T1 = 120 (1st month)
    T2 = 240 (2nd month)
    Total coins earned if you are at every raid 360 coins. That is a long way from purchasing a piece of loot from the vendor at current prices.

    An extra piece of ore in the chest (36) still leaves a defisit of 18 pieces of gear, which leaves guilds in a worse position when gearing up to beat the final round of raids, which look harder than those from ToV.
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