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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Viekang, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Viekang New Member

    I'm thinking about starting up on Aradune and I have a few questions. I played classic Everquest only until Kunark and have never raided in any capacity.

    -How is it finding groups though out the leveling process? I'll probably solo about half my play time.
    -Is it even worth playing Everquest these days if I can only donate a total of 4-6 hours of playing a week?
    -I doubt I'll have the time to raid. Am I looking at the wrong game?

    As far as classes - I was thinking of starting a druid because I tend to gravitate towards support type classes in MMOs. Will finding a group be a nightmare? I seem to remember them being alright soloers.
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    You can still find some grouping at lower levels, just need to stick to the popular leveling paths. Be proactive looking for people in Paludal, Unrest, Lower Guk, ToFS, Velketor, Grieg's End. If you just /lfg and wait for tells it can be rough.

    Druids are very solid soloers when you only have a short time to play or can't find a group. Snare/root kiting in open areas works well, and in some zones you can charm animals.
  3. Lejaun Augur

    It's getting tougher to find groups now at the lower levels, but they are still there. Once you hit 50+, there are plenty of groups out there. People still grinding out AA's and finishing up alts.

    4-6 hours is pretty low for EQ, at least starting off. You'll want to dedicate at least enough time to get to the majority of grouping range if you want to have the most opportunities. That said, EQ always has a ton of things to do if you don't mind doing it solo more often than not. Solo / boxing lifestyle would probably fit you best at those kind of played times.

    You aren't in the wrong game, unless having the best in slot gear matters too much to you. If just enjoying the game, the lore, the quests, and taking out a few baddies is fine for you, you'll be great. If having end-game raid gear is a deal breaker for you..well...4-6 hours isn't going to cut it for very long unless you are caught up in levels and AAs and just raid during that time.
  4. Zorglub Journeyman

    If you don't play in peak hours, gl for finding a grp past level 50 on Aradune.
    DPS classes like my 53 Rogue may stay for hours in GE or find a group in Velks (not ic/oc) for 0.2x/xp/mob.
    Not a great incentive.
  5. Glowerss Augur

    Is it even worth playing Everquest these days if I can only donate a total of 4-6 hours of playing a week?
    -I doubt I'll have the time to raid. Am I looking at the wrong game?

    Those two things there may cause you some problems.

    I guess ultimately it would depend in what you want to do and how you manage your expectations. There's probably room and stuff to do for a very casual player but you'll definitely run into roadblocks for a single player with extremely limited playtime. Being LFG for an hour or two is going to feel really bad, for example.

    If you have the willingness and capacity to 2box, I think it would make your overall experience a far better one.
  6. Kamog nublet shaman New Member

    eq is bad state with bots. you wont get groups cause of pl. you will feel everything you do is useless cause it would be easier just to setup bots to do it. find another game ;)
  7. Thewiz Augur

    Play on Rizlona instead.
  8. mersting New Member

    I leveled up recently 1-60 on Aradune as a new player to the server with no contacts. The lowest levels of the game (i.e., levels 1-10) are absolutely terrible, but once you get past that it's actually pretty quick leveling.

    I didn't have a hard time finding a group, nearly ever. However, I purposefully chose to play a class that's desired by groups. I'd urge you to consider choosing a stronger group class than druid, or making a second character.

    I also think the sooner you get started the better. Once PoP drops I bet the low level population on the server tails off quickly.
  9. Viekang New Member

    I'm thinking dual boxing on Rizlona might be the better option. How is the group scene there? Does everyone pretty much box a full group or is there room for solo/duo players? Looking at Guild Recruitment forums it looks like Aradune is by far the most popular server for guild shopping. When non-truebox servers come to mind I picture every named camped worth a damn being camped 24/7. Is this actually the case?

    I appreciate all the advice and information, guys.
  10. Thewiz Augur

    I have been on Rizlona since launch. You will almost always find a camp open. I'd say most people on the server 2 to 6 box. There are of course some who 54+ but none that I know personally. In my guild there are only 2 people that do more than 6 box and they do 12 and 24. It is a much lower stress and relaxing server tbh.

    That said if you solo you will be at a disadvantage without a guild. But that is the case on every server I would think.

    The best way to find out is to play on both and decide which server fits you.
  11. brickz Lorekeeper

    You won't find any groups on rizlona and very few on aradune. Your best bet is to wait for whatever server they release in the summer and play that since the pick up group scene dies after a few expansions.
  12. OSRanger New Member

    I started on Aradune a month ago playing very sparse hours as a ranger. Still hit 50 and really never struggled getting groups. Even on short hours i hope to hit 60 before pop lands. Would love to invest more time but nowadays that isn't going to happen.
    I would bet if i was in a guild would be even easier to hit 60 even on limited play time.
    XP in EQ seems easy mode now compared to years ago.
  13. Sebbun Augur

    I play on Rizlona, and I wish people that suggested Rizlona were detailing "why" better. On Rizlona, you can create 3-6 characters, play them on the same computer and level up yourself. You'll level faster, and once you get to max level, can look for one of the many boxing guilds. Items are a ton cheaper (though Krono are more expensive).

    If you're looking to play 1-2 characters, Rizlona probably isn't the home for you. I am sure a lot of people play in that manner, but you'll likely not find a group as others have mentioned.

    Unfortunately, we're probably at the point you won't catch up but PoP is 5 months long.
  14. brickz Lorekeeper

    Yeah rizlona is great if you want to play by yourself for the group game and then raid with other people. OP wants to screw around on a single druid and not raid so rizlona is a terrible choice imo
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