Fixed Internally Counting Shadows

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Zantor, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Zantor Augur

  2. Zantor Augur

    Tried giving it to LeBounde, he wouldn't take it and for me to talking to Eron in DSH. Good idea though, was worth a try.
  3. Absor Augur

    I have made it so that it should be just about impossible to get blocked by doing things out of order on this task. This won't help anyone that is already stuck. Sorry. That will have to be handled by CS.
  4. Zantor Augur

    At least it shouldn't happen again then, redoing the SoF quests, I want that Artisan's Aug before I get brain surgery on Monday. Hopefully if all goes well I will have the aug today.
  5. Zantor Augur

    After 1.5 days, got it done much faster this time, finished the 7 SoF quests, had the seals and finally got my Artisan's aug :D
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