Could We Please Implement Autogrant Merc AAs

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by menown, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Metanis Bad Company

    Obviously the solution would be to add 5 more tiers of mercenaries that come pre-leveled with AA. Since it's Everquest there should be some really uber quest arcs to obtain these. Or 2500 Daybreak Cash. Each
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  2. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    I just want spellcasting haste of cleric mercs; so many times mobs take 3 melee rounds to kill me; and the merc never finishes casting a single heal.

    I can have 2 healer mercs, one reactive, one balanced, spells blocked or not, and a single blue con can kill a raid focus, max AA earth elemental pet while they never drop below 95% mana.

    More mana or heal amount is useless if they don't actually use it.

    Maybe make 'Reactive' grant 50% cast time reduction and +100% mana cost.
  3. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Are you even reading the thread? Autogrant for merc AA would grant ALL Merc aa up to whatever was available at the same point the regular Autogrant AA were, do try to keep up.

    Regardless of whether you play on a TLP or not, my point stands that Merc AA are set to specific expansions, because that is a demonstrable fact.
  4. Captain Video Augur

    One of us is reading. The merc AA count has only been bumped twice since the AAs were added in CotF: the first bump came after EoK launched, and the second is now on Test. There is no point in the game where the merc AA count goes up in sync with a regular AA auto-grant. So, you're asking that merc AA be auto-granted from zero to max in one fell swoop, and that isn't gonna happen.

    People are getting confused because specific expansions have added new merc >equipment<, which is a different sort of upgrade from adding new merc AA lines.
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    No thats not what we are asking for. Players have just had EoK AA's auto granted we are asking for Merc AAs to be autogranted to the same point. Then when CoV AAs get auto granted, that the merc AAs we are getting in next weeks patch also get auto granted.
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  6. dwish Augur

    I agree with this. Overseer already gives a nice little boost to merc AA exp. While it does take awhile to max merc AA, a lot of them aren't absolutely necessary like regular AA. I was actually never a fan of auto granting regular AA, and I think it's a laughable that new characters with less then 10 hours of play time being PLed will instantly have 20k AA, but I do realize it's "probably" good for the game. I still don't like just giving out character progression in a game that is all about character progression.
  7. Tatanka Augur

    Don't fool yourself. Plenty of the regular AA aren't all that big of a deal, either.

    Of course, I'm sure class will make this vary quite a bit, but for the few classes I'm leveling, once auto-grant is done each year, it doesn't take me very long (and I'm SLOW) to get the "must have" AA's done, and then they go down in priority pretty quickly. Either the AA is no big deal, or it adds such a small percentage boost to what it already does.

    Of course, for mercs, it's even more pronounced, if you only regularly use one class of merc. Everyone wants/needs the main four AA's, and then for the remaining 8 categories, you only need 2.
  8. GoneFission Augur

    Merc AA experience from Overseer moves very slowly until about level 110, where the value of 1 or 2% player experience translates to an enormous amount of merc XP also. Otherwise merc AAs always come slowly.
  9. Micker Elder

    I rarely use mercs, so my merc aa is REALLY low on my toons. I wish they would change it, so that you could take your normal aa and put it into merc aa.
  10. Goranothos Augur

    How about: Potion of Mercenary Experience - Increases the experience gained by your mercenary by 50% for 4 hours. Persists through death. 1500 station cash
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  11. Vumad Augur

    Mercs need several updates...

    - XP/cost sharing... All players that Opt IN share the cost of the merc and receive a division of merc XP. A problem that occurs is that the best merc is the one that is used, leaving players who are behind to lag behind further. There is no better example of this than tanks with maxed out clerics, but clerics with a mostly useless merc tank. XP/cost sharing would ensure that, in a group of 5, the best merc is hired, everyone shares the cost, and everyone receives merc XP.

    - Autogrant... Yes, we need autogrant. It wouldn't be hard to go back and tie AA to expansions, and add 1-2 AA per set for each expansion that doesn't have a level cap increase. I'm sorry for the people who ground out merc AA as they went live, but as a person who found a limit on available teachers at each of my work places, I had to earn that knowledge by hunting it down on my own. I don't tell new co-workers to go figure it out on their own like I had to. I offer them a hand up, because I'm not a selfish prideful jerk. Sorry/not sorry if that digs a little, but catchup mechanics are good for the game (and I disagree with Overseer as the solution for this).

    - Tuning... Mercs need to be tuned every expansion that does have a level cap increase.

    - Armor... Mercs need a new armor set every expansion that doesn't have a level cap increase, the armor is the tuning for the non-level expansions.
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  12. Petalonyx Augur

    Just gonna highlight this, since it's a very useful fact for anyone who wants easy merc AA. I think collection exp might function same way.

    Bonus exp affects the reward, too, so bank your 24h overseer quests, and claim those as regular exp during a bonus exp event, with merc out.

    Make sure you UNSUSPEND merc when claiming mission/quest/collection rewards. Especially ToV missions.
  13. Iven Augur

    I would appreciate it if we players are not dependant on Overseer for maxing out the merc AAs. Overseer was ok in the first few weeks but actually it very annoying now after thousands of missions and the daily grind. Just multiplicate the mercenary experience factor for killing mobs and doing quests.
  14. dwish Augur

    Overseer takes less then 5 minutes each day to get rewards and choose 5 new quests. I hate Overseer as well and honestly think it was a stupid addition to the game, but it literally takes me 2-3 minutes when I log on to sort it out and it's set for the next time. People just want free stuff like normal so they can max out their box number 1232323232321301232103 in a month.

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